My girlfriend fucks me just like a man…

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Her cock drives me wild. Podcast written by Rose MyErotica, read by Bitsy la Bourbon

It turns me on when my lover plays the man. She’s more butch than me, and it makes me feel like such a girly girl when she manhandles me and orders me around like some stereotypical strutting cock. I’d never let a real guy treat me that way, but our power games get me hot.

We’d been working opposite shifts and hadn’t seen each other for a few days when she texted me to say she’d be picking me up in a few minutes. She knew I’d only just finished work and wouldn’t be ready; sometimes she’ll create a situation to put me off balance, just to ramp up the tension to the point where I’ll willingly let her take control.

When she arrived she waited in the car, refusing to come in. I could feel the irritation rolling off her in waves as I climbed into the passenger seat. She was wearing baggy jeans and a plain, mannish shirt, her short hair untidy. Next to her I felt petite and frivolous in my skimpy skirt and halter top. My attempts at conversation petered out under her withering gaze.

I resisted the urge to ask where we were going as she drove out of town, but when she parked up on a track leading into some woodland I couldn’t help whining a little.

“I thought we were going to the mall?”

“I can’t fuck you at the mall,” she replied, deadpan.

“Well, you could…” I smiled, remembering one time when we’d fingered each other in the changing room of an upscale dress shop.

“Not the way I’m going to fuck you today, baby,” she grinned, raising an eyebrow. “You’re going to ride me until you scream, and there’s no one here to hear you. Now, move your sweet ass.”

Her cocksure attitude piqued my interest. “Okay… Paul,” I said, looking at her carefully to gauge her reaction. Her name’s Paula, but when I saw how her cheeks flushed, I knew I’d judged right.

She took my hand and led me up the track until we reached a clearing with a fallen tree. Without preamble, she sat on it, unzipped her fly — and pulled out a big, realistic looking fake cock. Now that was something I hadn’t been expecting.

“Suck it,” she said, spreading her legs and leaning back expectantly. It was an order, not a request, and I felt a surge of wetness between my thighs at her gruff tone. She’s not into guys at all, but she knows I am; and while I willingly gave it up when she said she wanted an exclusive relationship, it had been six months since I sucked cock and damn, I missed it*. The sight of her posing like a stud, fat boner jutting up from her crotch, made my mouth water and my legs tremble.

Dropping to my knees on the dusty ground, I slid my hands around her hips, looking up at her with a wicked smile before licking a stripe up the underside of her cock. It tasted faintly of her sweat where it had been squashed inside her jeans, but underneath that was the tang of rubber. No matter; I spat on it to lube it up, then wrapped my lips around the head, gripping her hips hard enough to bruise as I took it deeper, inch by inch. Her gasp as I started to bob my head made me realize the end was grinding against her pussy, held tight by her jeans and underwear. Discovering how responsive she was to each stroke of my tongue made me forget it wasn’t a real cock I was sucking. She was going to get the best blowjob I’d ever given.

My eyes were watering, mouth stretched wide around the thick shaft as I swallowed it until my forehead was pressed against her stomach. She thrust up a little and I gagged, but rapidly regained my rhythm, indicating with a little tap to her hips that it was fine for her to continue. With that she started humping up into my throat like the most macho man I’d ever encountered, groaning with each stroke. The buzz it gave me to know I was getting her off just like a guy was a powerful aphrodisiac; my panties were drenched, my pussy throbbing with the need to be touched. I went to slide a hand down between my thighs, but Paul grabbed my wrist.

“Up you come, princess,” she said. “Time to ride my big cock.” It should have been comical, but it was almost unbearably arousing. Lust made me clumsy, and she had to hold me steady as I wriggled out of my wet underwear and straddled her lap. She wrapped her hand around the base of her dick as I rocked my pussy over the head of it, getting it even more slippery-wet with my juice. The hard rubber nudging against my tender flesh felt incredible.

I leaned heavily on her shoulders as I edged down slowly, gradually spreading open to take the full length of her cock. It was bigger than any real cock I’d ever taken, and the unyielding hardness made me feel stretched and stuffed. I took a moment to adjust to the girth before I started riding, my whole body vibrating with pleasure.

Before long we hit the perfect cadence, Paul rocking her hips up slightly to meet me as I sank down on her. My juice was streaming down her shaft and soaking the crotch of her jeans, my sticky fingers rubbing my clit as she pulled up my top to suck each of my nipples in turn. Locked together in this tight embrace, my bouncing slowed to a hard grind, stirring the cock around inside me to rub against my G-spot, driving me crazy with lust.

“Fuck me harder, Paul,” I begged, leaning back and bracing my feet against the log. She grabbed my forearms to hold me steady as she powered up into me, hips pumping. Her cock surged into me again and again, the overstimulation making me moan incoherently until I came with a loud, primal cry of ecstasy. I stayed slumped there, impaled on her cock, for a few minutes before I stopped shaking enough to climb off.

“Lick it clean,” she told me, and I lapped my cunt cream off her cock. This time I used my hands around the shaft, pressing down hard as I sucked so the base rubbed against her. I felt her shudder against the friction, cumming with a groan.

She tucked her cock back into her underwear and zipped herself up. I wiped off my pussy with my damp panties as best I could, and she stuffed them into the pocket of her jeans like a trophy.

*Just kidding! I enjoy a little role play as much as the next girl, but I don’t do exclusive relationships, and I wouldn’t agree to go six days without cock, never mind six months

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