A hunger for the forbidden

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This was the first time I was meeting Tanya in person.

Before that, we’d spent hours in discussion about experimenting sexually. Both of us seemed to be on the same page regarding our sexuality: we thought we were bisexual, but had never tried out anything to be sure. I’d had boyfriends in the past, but I’d been fantasizing about full breasts and soft curves a lot lately, and the only people I crushed upon were women…

When Tanya knocked on my door that night, I was already a bundle of nerves — excited as well as apprehensive. She smiled at me, her eyes lighting up. She had a cute round face and her dark hair was loose. She must have been an inch shorter than me, and her slender frame was draped in a black tank top and red shorts, which left little of the swell of her breasts and her curves to the imagination.

Damn, she’s hot, came the inadvertent thought in my head.

We started talking, and I found myself opening up to her nicely. We started out by swapping stories about our quirky classmates, but soon found ourselves talking about the naughty stuff we’d done with our ex-boyfriends.

There was a definite chemistry between us, and a tension of not knowing what would happen next rent the air. Mid-conversation, Tanya brushed a stray strand of hair from her face with a flick of her finger. She held my gaze and smiled slightly. I saw the glint in her eyes, and couldn’t help wondering for the hundredth time that night if that look was meant to be flirtatious.

“If I asked you to give me just one piece of life advice,” she asked, “what would you say?”

That made me think. “Well, I believe life is best lived without regrets. I’d say that whenever you find yourself torn between choosing what is right and what is easy, it is best to follow your heart.”

“Live life with no regrets, hmm?” she asked, her tone an alluring mix of timid and sultry.

“Yes?” I said, waiting. I didn’t know why I held my breath.

“You know, I’d really regret it later if I don’t kiss you right now.”

Those words!

My fluttering jumped straight to my throat with pleasure. A hunger for the forbidden added yet another shade to the cast of my impulse, to what I chose to do next. I leaned in close and felt her hot breath on my skin. She raised a hand to my face and held my cheek. I cupped her face in my hands and drew her closer.

And in the next moment, her lips were on mine.

I was surprised by their softness, enticed by her warm body pressing against mine. I found myself opening my mouth to let her tongue wander in. The kiss felt strange, yet familiar, and it sent waves of pleasure through my body.

She grew impatient, demanding, and pushed her tongue in deeper. I felt my pussy twitch in anticipation, and it was in that moment that I knew we were going to go all the way tonight.

I was going to have sex with a woman for the first time in my life.

The thought excited me; I’d never dared to hope that I’d be in a position like this in this lifetime. I moved my hands along her back, taking in her curves. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I slowly let my hands settle on her chest, cupping her soft breasts in my palms. I gave them a squeeze and heard her sharp intake of breath. Emboldened, I explored her body further, slipping my hand under her tee. Her skin was smooth to touch, the nipples hardening as I pressed them. She was now moving her hands over my body, finding my boobs, fondling them gently. I drew in a breath as she pressed my already-excited nipples between her fingers.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned softly as her motions sent small ripples of pleasure across my body.

She was kissing my neck now, her warm tongue making tiny circles on my skin. I arched my back and closed my eyes with pleasure. Slowly, she let her other hand wander down from my breast, gently caressing my cleavage, tracing the curve of my waist and lightly touching my navel. I breathed, knowing what was coming next.

Without waiting for me to say anything, she thrust her hand inside my shorts. I drew a long, soft moan as her fingers found my clit. She continued kissing me, her fingers making frantic movements between my legs. She removed my tee and took a nipple in her mouth. The tip of her tongue reached out to tickle the sensitive skin on top, sending a flicker of delight through my body.

I gasped when she slid a finger inside my pussy and started fingering me. In and out, her finger went, while her mouth alternated greedily between my breasts. I could feel the pleasure building up inside my body, my senses craving more. I held her wrist to stop her hurried movements and grabbed her hair. She looked up at me, my nipple still in her mouth.

“Get naked, I want to see you,” I said.

Her eyes were suddenly timid again. “I’m not sure if you’d like me,” she said. “It’s not much…”

I got her out of her shorts and let my gaze rest on her sopping, lightly haired mound. I stopped her mid-sentence. “Shhh… You’re beautiful,” I said.

Apart from porn and my own nudes that I’d sent to my previous boyfriends, I had never seen a naked woman before. Her pussy was beautiful — its soft folds delicate and intricate. I could see her wetness oozing out from her cunt. I gently massaged her lips, while circling her clit with my other hand. Seeing it protrude and grow stiff, I rubbed it. The harder I rubbed, the more Tanya moaned.

I motioned her to lie down as I ran my fingers lightly over her wetness again.

“Uh, I’m not sure if it’s…”

Without waiting for her to finish, I brought my face closer and inhaled her sweet musk before burying my mouth against her lips. I felt them open for me, exposing her waiting cunt hole. A long moan swallowed up the rest of whatever she was going to say. This was the first time I ate a woman’s pussy, and right then, in the heat of the moment, I thought she tasted wonderful.

I flicked my tongue all over her pussy, lapping the sweet wetness up greedily. I gave her soft, wet kisses all the way from her pussy to her clit, feeling her hips quiver and roll over my tongue. She had closed her eyes and grabbed my hair, her head up the air, urging me to go faster. I clamped my lips down on her clit and inserted a finger inside. I started pumping it in and out aggressively, my tongue tracing wild patterns over her throbbing clit. She pressed her eyes shut tighter, grabbed my hair and let out a loud moan. I felt her body loosen, as she laid her head back down on the pillow with a soft flump.

I paused, giving her time to catch her breath.

She opened her eyes and looked down at me. Gently caressing my cheek, she gave me a naughty wink as if to say my turn, and motioned me to lie down.

I breathed hard, my body going crazy with the anticipation of the things she was about to do to me.

She climbed on top of me, locking her thighs around my waist. She started stroking the length of my body with her fingertips. Her touch was so light that it was agony. I longed for her to grab me, squeeze my breasts, fuck me with her fingers and her face till I screamed with pleasure.

She took her time in reaching down, and when I least expected it, she suddenly thrust two fingers inside my tight pussy, and pumped them in and out. The sound of her fingers slapping against my cunt was heaven. I began to move around and hump on her fingers, trying to get them deeper into my aching body. She pressed her lips to my throbbing wetness and lapped up my juices. I could feel her hot breath down there. I felt that familiar pressure building up inside my body, my sugar walls clenching and releasing. As the orgasm hit my body, I yelled out, “Oh yes, I’m coming. Yesss… I’m coming…Aaaah!”

When I was done, she looked up at me, her face nestled cosily between my legs, a smirk lighting up her features. She climbed up slowly and kissed me hard on the lips. It was almost as if she was fucking my mouth with her tongue, letting me taste my own pussy juices.

She came to lie next to me, nuzzling her face into my neck. I hugged her tight. Both of us were panting, and I could smell my musk on her mouth. “God, that was…”

“Amazing,” she said, finishing my sentence. “I know I’m going to dream about this for days.”

“Now that you’ve done it, how do you think you swing, Tanya?”

She laughed. “Oh, I most certainly am bi.”

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