Big Me: a companion piece to Giantess

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By guest writer James Neil Clarke (aka, my James)

photo: Biuro Tłumaczeń

Late on Tuesday, near closing time, Tess stepped into the Wearhouse, a bar in a converted garment-district warehouse. Wearhouse, her mind groaned at the obvious pun, but the place was expansive and uncrowded — ideal for her evening’s plans.

Tess carried her special bag, which concealed a change of clothes, just in case the evening grew into what she desired. As luck would have it, she noted the barman staring, as her heels clacked across the floor. The prospect of taking him inside her heightened her anticipation.

Tess settled into a cushioned bench at a table overlooking the huge room, and she watched the crowd thin, closing time approaching. Foo Fighters played on the overhead speakers.

When I talk about it

It carries on

Reasons only knew

As the barman approached, Tess sized him up, and he glanced down at her bag nervously. While traveling in Yemen, Tess had found the bag in the back of a curio shop. Now, the stylish, oversized bag was with her always, magnifying her womanhood and adding to her devastating sensuality.

As the barman’s gaze shifted up to Tess, he opened with small talk, explaining that he was the owner, and that it was near closing time. She ordered a gin and tonic, which the barman fetched for her.

As he retuned with her Tanqueray and tonic, again he observed Tess’s bag, but Tess had grown impatient at the thought of more small talk, so she spoke to him directly.

“It’s a Bilquis,” Tess said.

“Excuse me?” he replied.

“My bag,” she said, “it’s a Bilquis. I saw you eyeing it when I came in.”

“Yes,” he stammered, thrown off balance by Tess’s directness.

“I got it while traveling in the Middle East. I like to pick up interesting things. I’m Tess, by the way.”


David? You have got to be kidding me. Tess smiled broadly, but she wasn’t going to let David in on the irony. “Why don’t you join me when you finish up, David?” She commanded, more than questioned.

“Yes,” was all he could manage. He fumbled for his keys, and hurried to close up.

David returned with two G&Ts after shooing out the few remaining patrons. Good boy, she thought. After David seated himself across from her, Tess reached up her clingy dress and slipped off her tiny black lace panties, which had begun to ride up a little. More comfortable, she dangled the panties in front of David, scent wafting toward him.

“Damn,” David let out in amazement.

PLOP! Tess’s tiny panties dropped into David’s drink. “G&T&P!” Tess joked. “P” for pheromones, which David drank in as he sipped his drink.

Damn, this was going great, he thought. The prospect of what was next went to his head, and his cock began to swell in his jeans. David made his big move, pressing up to Tess, who kissed him hungrily. Expending almost no effort, she pushed him back and unzipped his jeans, crouching before him.

Tess gripped David’s cock, and it stood free for a moment, before she took the end of it into her mouth. She looked up at him, and took a mental image of him gasping and huffing in pleasure. Then, she gave his ass a squeeze, as she pushed him to the back of her throat. She slurped him until she knew he was about to cum. She looked up with an even broader smile than she had before.

David thought that this was a story that none of his friends would believe. He gave himself over to the realization that no one would. Things seemed unreal, and it didn’t matter.

Big me to talk about it

I could stand to prove

If we can get around it

I know that it’s true

David was mesmerized and about to cum, so Tess did what she liked to do. She slapped at his cock. Again and again. As hard as she could, until her hand was fully swollen. The purple color of his dickhead deepened as Tess gave it a squeeze between her thumb and forefinger. His orgasm was at bay for now.

“Fuck me deep,” Tess bellowed as she presented her dripping slit from behind. She bucked her hips back, writhing and undulating against David’s dick. She pressed him balls-deep, her ass easily accommodating David’s eager thumb. His thumb, a childish ploy, she thought, easy to take in as well. FUCK ME! Tess railed against David’s swollen dick until he was again about to cum.

Without warning, Tess turned and tossed David back like a plaything. She rammed his face into her vag, rubbing her tumid pussy against his mouth. Yes, on my clit, she thought. Her clit swelled and swelled, filling David’s mouth; he lapped at it like a happy puppy, sending waves of pleasure about to crest in Tess’s pelvis. Still more, she needed. David’s hand found Tess’s G-spot, rubbing hard, fisting her. Transmogrifying, her breasts strained against the fabric of her dress until she tore free, a giantess.

Instinctively, Tess knew what David needed, his infantile obsessions laid bare. “Suck them, baby, you know you want to,” her voice boomed as she cradled him to her swollen breasts. David suckled, drawing Tess’s hardened nipple in and out of his mouth. Tess was needing to cum, so she began to jill herself off by pawing at her clit like a savage hulk.

Well I talked about it

Put it on

Never was it true

But it’s you I fell into

Tess gripped David hard, bones cracking. She wet him in her huge smiling mouth for good measure before plunging him headlong inside of her pussy. She rammed David deep into her, hitting her G-spot just right as she fucked herself frenetically. Again and again. His cock sprang free between her ring and pinky finger, spraying cum as she fucked her pussy harder and harder with the length of him.

The pressure against her inner wall at the top was just what Tess wanted. Rubbing her clit in big circles and pressing David against her G-spot again and again as she bore down, pressure building.

Tess’s fountain spurted, as she filled the hall with her orgasm. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” The waves crashed and crashed, Tess’s pussy quaking as her fingers danced across her throbbing clit for the last time that she could stand.

She held David like a rag doll for a moment before casting his lifeless body aside. Spent.

Tess breathed in the cool air, helping her come down from the high. She needed a minute before she returned to the world of the ordinary. More air. A moment. Down, down, down. Whew. Down.

Tess found her her purse and reached her hand inside to pull out a pair of high heels and a little black dress, which she wriggled into. She stepped into her heels, and checked herself in her little compact mirror. She ran a hand though her hair and reapplied her lipstick. Satisfied, Tess clutched her purse, found David’s keys, and walked toward the door.

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