Wrapped in silk: my second day of submissive bliss

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My Mistress was gone by the time I awoke. I sat up gripping the sheets close to my chest, trying to hold on to the feeling of her body wrapped around me. The scent of her still lingered on my neck and face; there were scratches on my back, our wetness staining the silk.

I didn’t have even a moment longer to reflect, or to touch myself, before the staff returned. It was early in the morning. They took me back to the bathroom to scrub me down. This time, I noticed more attention was given to my mouth and fingers. Without warning, a young man stretched my lips wide and brushed my teeth gently. He scraped and rinsed each tooth meticulously. Even my tongue was brushed and rinsed thoroughly. The mint was strong but had a pleasant aftertaste.

The man clipped my fingernails and filed them smooth. He blotted sugar and oil on my palms and fingers, exfoliating my skin to the wrist. He rinsed my hands in lukewarm water and massaged the oil between my fingers. The gentle pressure was sensuous and relaxing. As with the feet, the hands also have secret hot spots that trigger arousal.

After he departed, a tall, athletic brunette with jade fingernails came in with a large case of make-up. I was adorned in monotone palettes, mostly black and silver. The shadowy contours made my eyes brighter, like a fierce cat waiting to pounce. My hair was French-braided down my back, exposing my ears and neck.

I was being transformed into a smokey vixen with long lashes and defined brows. I had never seen my face this perfectly symmetrical. It was interesting to see my form change into a completely different character. Whomever my Masters wanted me to be today, I would certainly obey without question.

I was taken to another room and made to stand on a pedestal. My arms lifted, my legs straightened, my posture upright. They carefully placed my feet in tall black heels, making my calves curve sensually. The women had the longest sash of black silk I had ever seen. It took all of them to straighten the ribbon. They went under and over, wrapping me up like a human maypole, even my arms and legs were wrapped. They wound the silk in figure eights across my hips and thighs, leaving my pussy exposed. Although the binding was tight, I felt very comfortable and sexy. The long black silk turned into a perfectly fitted bodysuit.

Shortly after, I was escorted to a different part of the house that I’d never seen before. There, my Mistress sat, draped in white lace, on a red velvet chair with a golden staff in her right hand. The sight of her almost stopped my heart. She curled her finger at me, demanding my presence. I walked swiftly towards her, my heart racing with excitement.

This time, I knew to kneel before her without her saying a word. I just caught a glimpse of her satisfied smile as my eyes lowered to the floor. She got up and walked slowly towards me, then around me, studying my body like an art sculpture. She lifted the end of my braid, then carelessly tossed it over my shoulder.

“My my… don’t we look wrapped up today,” she sneered. She yanked my braid down, forcing me to lift my head. “Look at me when I’m talking to you, slave.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I stammered. My eyes locked on hers. Even with my scalp stinging in pain, I could feel nothing but pleasure at her hands. She was so unbearably beautiful. I couldn’t stand looking into her eyes without wanting to kiss her, and she knew this. She must have felt it as I did when she came all over my lips the night before. My mouth watered, remembering her taste.

I pressed my thighs tightly together as she pulled my braid harder, pressure squeezing and squishing my clit with my own flesh until I leaked in arousal. It was like the peg to a ground well, pumping water with each grip. Every time she tugged, my pussy seemed to get wetter.

Suddenly, she snapped her fingers and every female member of the house came into the room. She pointed her golden staff at them, and they stepped to their places in an orderly fashion, as if rehearsed a thousand times.

A few of the women went behind my Mistress’s regal velvet chair and pulled a long black cord, unveiling a large round bed that was wide enough to fit us all comfortably. Soft blue bedcovers were tucked carefully under the curves, golden pillows neatly arranged around the circle. One by one, the women lay down. Their gorgeous frames were spread out like a pussy buffet, waiting for my lips to taste them. There were so many, I didn’t know where to start.

I ate them all to orgasm, one after the other. Some preferred to lie down, while others wanted to ride my tongue to climax. My lips were scorched in heat from their smoldering cunts. Some came quickly, as others took their time, making me earn every beat of their pounding orgasms.

My fingers stuffed their holes deeply as my mouth was kept busy with new clits to satisfy. I was thrilled by their sounds and gestures of pleasure, their noisy moans and quivering legs. The wetness, the taste, the warmth; all of it was inebriating.

My Mistress watched closely. Feeling her eyes on me, watching me perform, was nothing short of intense. I sneaked my fingers between my thighs, trying to please myself as I kept the women coming. Suddenly, my Mistress came at me and smacked my hand away. She also gave my bottom a few firm smacks for my disobedience. The stern look in her eyes filled me with fear and shame, although I didn’t miss a beat in my task of giving every woman in the room an orgasm. I was not allowed to come with them, and it made my body boil with passion. My pussy yearned to explode right along with theirs, but I could do nothing except press my thighs closed to hold the dam from bursting.

Finally, when the women were done with me, they lay me down in the middle of the bed. My Mistress crawled between my legs and held the end of the silk binding firmly over my pussy. The women took turns slowly unwinding the silk, revealing my shaking form beneath. As they pulled the silk up from between my legs, my mouth dropped open, feeling every menacing inch of soft fabric driving me to my peak. The slow, constant slide of silk licked my clit like the longest tongue on earth. I thrust my hips slowly up and down, meeting the gentle pressure of the fabric until I was stunned into a state of constant climax.

My Mistress smiled as I came over and over again just from the glide of silk smoothing over my pussy. The more I came, the more I was exposed, until no silk was left to touch me. The beautiful binding was now a large pile of fabric on the ground like an unraveled scarf. I was breathless and aching. I couldn’t believe silk could make me come like that. I was gasping for breath, moaning for dear life even after all the silk was off my skin. Every place the binding had touched also felt licked to madness.

The women took no mercy on me, as they were aroused again from seeing me climax repeatedly from the silk’s gentle glide. They rode my lips and stuffed my fingers inside them until they were as breathless as I was. My jaw ached from pleasing them, but my pussy throbbed harder than ever, feeling their pulsing clits in my mouth.

After that, the room was cleared. The women gathered the binding and left the room along with my Mistress. I lay on the large circular bed alone, silently begging for more.

The lights dimmed. I heard the door open again, then I saw my beautiful Master enter the room. His hair was neatly slicked back and his entire body shimmered in oil, making the sculpted definition of his abs pop into view. He walked towards me, his manly stride of seduction making my heart race. His rigid cock bounced up and down as he stepped closer, and stuck straight up as he stood in front of me.

I couldn’t wait to taste his cock, I wanted to feel it pulsing in joy just as I had felt the women’s bodies. It was just as beautiful as he was; long and thick, hard and smooth, perfect in every way. I lay on my back with my mouth open wide, letting my head hang off the bed. He smiled at my position. He straddled my face and teased my lips with the head of his cock, making me catch it in my mouth.

“Please, Master,” I begged, “I want your cock in my mouth.” He bit his lip and smiled again, finally resting it between my lips. My jaw widened comfortably to take it deeper. The taste of him made me moan with delight. I swiveled my head around as I sucked it harder, keeping my tongue curved to massage the head at every entrance. He groaned with pleasure as he held my braid firmly. He knelt closer, held my face in his hands, and thrust his cock firmly in and out of my throat. He groaned louder as he fucked my mouth harder. I held my breath for as long as I could until he came full force down my throat. Pleasing him made me even wetter than before.

His cock was still rock hard as he took it out and let me up. He lifted my face to his and kissed my lips softly, tasting the sweetness of his own cock in my mouth. He licked my chin, trailing the tip of his tongue up my jawline to my ear, and softly breathed.

“Your second reward,” he said seductively.

He lay me down gently and kissed down my body, over my nipples and the lower curves of my breasts, my stomach and hips. He gazed at my pussy, shining with wetness, aching for penetration ever since the long lick of the silk had made me come like crazy. Then he pulled my thighs closer, wrapping my legs around him.

He pressed the head of his cock on my clit, then eased it inside me. The feeling of his width was heavenly. It was just what I needed after so much outer stimulation. He thrust inside me again, massaging my walls with his cock, growing harder still. He knelt down to press his body close and squeezed his tight, muscular ass to control his depth. He pushed deeper, still slow and steady. My pussy was leaking in lust, already at the verge of climax, utterly enjoying the feeling of his skilled cock dancing inside me.

He held my braid under my back and fucked me harder, building speed with each thrust. I moaned with pleasure as my pussy quivered around his shaft, my body trapped in position to take it deep. Then, he turned me over and pressed my legs together as he mounted my thighs. His cock slipped inside me, stretching my walls to fit his width. He held my braid again, this time wound around his hand like a leash.

Master pushed his cock in and out of me, teasingly at first, making my body hunger for pressure. Then he stroked deeper and harder. In this position, I could feel every glorious inch of him pumping in and out of me. I gripped the sheets helplessly and moaned with delight as he fucked me through orgasm after orgasm from behind. Then, making me come again with my legs spread wide from the side. Then, he flipped me over onto my back with my legs pinned high. He fucked me right through another powerful orgasm, with my legs shivering over his shoulders. I was spent and quivering by the time he was ready to cum again.

“How do you want it, Master?” I asked seductively, licking my lips, hoping he would get the hint to cum between them.

“Ride me slowly,” he commanded. “Don’t stop until I cum.”

“Yes, Master,” I answered. “Anything you want.”

He lay back as I squatted down on his cock, winding my hips, then taking it deep. I looked down at my drenched breasts, admiring the view of his thick shaft slowly disappearing into me, then reappearing again. I arched my back, dropping down as slow as I could, moaning each time it went in. I squeezed my pussy muscles tightly each time I dropped down on it again, then relaxed as I came up. I thrust my hips slower each time, going deeper and deeper on each dip until my thighs ached.

Master started shaking, groaning, and cursing his pleasure out. One last tight slide, and I felt his shaft pulsing inside me, spraying his hot cum through my taut walls. He held my thighs firmly as he lingered over every last moment of his orgasm.

“Good girl… such a good girl…” he whispered proudly.

His cum spilled and leaked out of my pussy as I slowly pulled off him. I softly licked his shaft clean. I licked every drop of cum on his cock from base to tip. He kissed my forehead with a smile, and walked out very pleased.

I was exhausted from my sexual exertion, but satiated. My physical limits had been pushed beyond any boundaries I’d ever imagined. I felt powerful in my submission. I couldn’t imagine anything better than such a feeling, and looked forward to whatever was in store for me these next few nights. I wanted to explore every fantasy in my mind, and conform to the beautiful little world within this house of pleasure, until the outside world became nothing more than an illusion. At this point, I didn’t ever want to leave. I didn’t want to be anything or anyone else than this. Whatever this was… I wanted to live it forever.

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