Summer Heat, part one

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My body awakens as I feel your touch in your sensual undressing of me. Button after button is carefully undone until my nakedness is exposed to the slightest breath of air. You slide the fabric of my dress off and my skin meets the coolness of soft grass.

Today I wore nothing but this light summer frock, and now you cast it carelessly to one side, as if I will never need it again. I am so aroused that I feel I won’t; this vulnerability is part of what I am. Lying here feeling owned, with you still fully dressed, asserts a domination that I need. My eyes look into yours with an undisguised lust for all that you are. Feeling your clothes rough against my nakedness makes me want to be taken, pressed into the earth with no possibility of escape. A maiden in a pre-Raphaelite painting.

It is a feeling that puts me where I need to be.

Here in the open, all my senses are intensified, a little scared that our loving will be discovered by an unwanted other, while at the same time carrying a wicked anticipation of just that. My heart is pounding to the rhythm of the forest that surrounds us, aware of subtle changes to sound patterns that offer a fresh excitement to this moment.

You lie beside me, leaning on one elbow, smiling softly, taking in my desire for you. Your free hand trails a blade of plucked grass along the length of my body. I barely feel the soft line it makes, yet I know it to be an exploration of me. I take your fingers in mine, and bite through the grass stem, before drawing them into my mouth.

I moisten your fingers with my rolling tongue, keeping them there, biting softly in my desire, to show what I need from you. My mouth becomes the promise of what I want as your fingers are sucked deeper in. I begin the slow movement down you to find the zipper of your jeans and slide it down to reveal your hard wanting of me. There is that delicious gasp from you as I guide you between your moistened fingers to find my waiting lips and tongue. My mouth wants all of you, your fingers holding your cock so that it becomes a hole that you must fill.

I feel you moving your fingers to intensify your pleasure. Slowly backwards and forwards, filling my mouth. This is my gift to you, a favourite gift that I can give again and again; a gift you never seem to tire of receiving, and I never tire of giving. To have you use my mouth, pounding harder and harder in, as if to choke me with the length of you, knowing that I want you to thrust in hard and deep like this. I want to drink all of you, deeply, fully, taking every drop when it comes.

But not yet. I want to taste every inch as it slides in then slowly out, taking folds of skin to close over you, then teasing you open in ways that I know drive you insane and hold you on the very edge while I play around your very tip, before you plunge deep into me once more.

Your other hand twists in my hair, jerking me to you in a frenzied effort to overcome my tongue torture. The teasing time is over, now my mouth is being properly fucked, and fucked hard. My tongue feels the rising urgency, tastes the first drops of pre-cum that brings the promise of what I want.

You become a raging animal, driving into me, aware of nothing but the hole that devours you. Then the spurt that fills my mouth and makes me swallow greedily. I pull you to me, wanting to know every subsiding shudder that I draw out of you.

I lie contentedly, your subsiding self still in my mouth, the scent of your hot desire still enclosing me as I flick my tongue around you to make you jerk and moan in sweet suffering.

This glorious day gives us time to create other mischief. I might let you rest, but not for long.

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