Whatever My Wife Wants

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Part two: How it happened

It was another Saturday. I ought to have taken my clubs and gone golfing, but instead I’d opted to stay at home with Alice, awaiting the arrival of my wife’s male escort from the Tongue Patrol® service. We sat in the living room watching a movie, but neither my mind nor Alice’s was focused on what was taking place on the tube; we both kept glancing at our watches. It was a little past eleven — the guy should be arriving any moment now.

I reached over and touched my wife’s arm; she gave a slight jump before fixing me with a grin.

“Nervous?” I asked.

She nodded. “A little bit — trying to figure how everything might turn out. How about you?”

I gave her a smile. “With you every step of the way.”

That seemed to reassure her and she brought my hand to her lips and kissed it. We returned our attention to the movie.

A couple of minutes later there was the sound of our front door bell ringing. We both stood up and approached the door; my prayer was that it wasn’t some friend or neighbour who’d decided to stop by and pay us a visit.

Alice peered through the peephole and then gave me a ‘thumbs up’. I undid the lock and got my first sight of our visitor. His name was Vincent, a tall and handsome-looking black man. He was quite affable and charming, the way he introduced himself; quite far from what I was expecting.

We made some small talk while sipping beers. After a half hour had passed, Alice, bored of being left out of our conversation, came and took his arm and practically dragged him up the stairs to our bedroom. I remained seated, still sipping my beer, wanting to give them time enough to get started. Another half hour later, I drained my beer and went up the stairs to see how far they’d gone.

I peeked through the doorway. Alice was already stripped down to her lingerie and Vincent lay naked on the bed, looking every inch as athletic and muscular as your local Michael Jordan; his cock, black and huge, stood half at attention. Alice came to the bed, said something to him which I barely caught, and began stroking his cock. At that point, I stepped into the room, picked out a chair and planted myself on it.

Alice lolled her tongue over his massive girth as if it were an ice cream. She kissed its cap before opening her mouth wider to suck the rest of him. There was such a mystical beauty to the way her mouth went up and down on his cock, coupled with the humming sound that was coming from her throat. Vincent was so well endowed; even to this day I’m amazed that someone could actually be packing something as big as that in his pants unnoticed. It was so captivating just sitting there watching them, and combined with the fact that it wasn’t me that my wife was making love to but someone else, made it all the more electrifying. I was barely aware of my hands whipping out my cock and starting to stroke it.

My wife went on pleasuring the guy’s cock like it was something magical; the look on her face was beyond happiness, and she started taunting me with it.

“Hey there, husband of mine. Don’t you wish you had a cock as big as this?” She slapped the man’s shaft against her lolling tongue while she grinned at me. “I’ll bet you’d like nothing more than to see me getting fucked by this cock. I’ll bet that’s exactly what you’re itching to see, right?”

Her words were pumping blood all through my veins with feverish excitement; my hand went on with its stroking.

Vincent pushed my wife to lie on the bed as he came and knelt before her open legs and began licking her clit. Alice went on squirming on the bed, her eyes half closed while her hips jerked and twitched under Vincent’s head. Her moans started slow but soon she was feverishly reaching for the guy’s head, forcing him down on her while she went on shrieking and moaning. I’ve never been that good at giving head, and it was such a delight to be there watching someone actually give my wife what could only be the best licking she’d had in a long while.

Vincent rose up and gave her his cock to suck on, which she did willingly, while he went about fingering her pussy. Alice was so wet; I could practically see her cum dripping out between her legs like gushing water.

Vincent turned to me and said, “Time for us to see what your woman’s made of.”

He retrieved his cock from her mouth and returned to position himself between her open legs. He made her open her legs even wider as he stroked his shaft a couple of time before leaning forward to insert it into her wet pussy. I moved my chair a little to the side so as to get a good enough view. It’s too bad I didn’t have a camcorder with which I could have videotaped the whole thing — oh well, if this went well, as I figured it would, we could always invite him over a second time.

Alice cried out upon feeling his cock penetrate her; she was practically gasping for air. “Ohhh … God! It’s so big!”

She had her arms crossed over her legs, holding them over Vincent’s head as slowly he pulled his cock out from her and then dove it back hard and deep inside of her, making her scream out even louder, spitting obscenities while she did. Vincent appeared undeterred by it all, and after a couple more ins and outs, he soon fell into a rhythm and began slamming into my wife’s pussy.

I licked my lips time after time as excitement built in me, watching him fuck my wife while I went on beating my cock. My wife wrapped her legs around his waist, and she smacked his butt, yelling at him to fuck her harder, which he gladly obliged. The room was filled with the sound of his thighs smacking against the bottom of her butt as he hammered into her with abandon.

“Ohhh God!” Alice gasped out loud. She turned her head towards my direction, her face a mask of ecstasy. “Oh my God, honey, he’s fucking me… oh God, HE’S FUCKING ME SO GOOD!

Vincent held her legs wide apart, jerking his hips in and out of her. I watched as one time his cock slipped out of my wife’s pussy and he wasted no time fixing it back inside. A while later, he held her by the waist and pulled her up to meet him. Their lips met in a fierce kiss. She had her legs wrapped around his waist while his hands cradled her butt, and slowly, he rose to his feet, his head a couple of feet from hitting the ceiling fan’s blades, and still he went on pounding my wife. He turned her towards me so that I could have a good view of my wife’s ass still cradled in his hands while his huge cock went on hammering her. Alice’s moans filled the room and it didn’t take much time before she had her first orgasm. I can’t recall the last time I ever made her cum, and yet this sturdy black man had achieved the impossible.

At that moment, I so much felt like going out to celebrate.

A while later, he released Alice from his grip and she slumped before his feet, gasping and moaning at the same time. Vincent allowed her some minutes of reprieve. He stood before her, his face and torso covered with sweat, while he stroked his cock. At that moment, I wasn’t sure what came over me, but I found myself eyeing that cock, seeing the way it glistened with my wife’s cum, and I pushed myself up from my chair and came and held his cock, stroking it for him. He didn’t act troubled by it and he even urged me to go ahead and suck it if I wanted to. I did actually want to, and that was exactly what I did, tasting the salty liquid of my wife’s cum that was all over his shaft. It sure tasted good, I tell you. Very good.

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