A Cunning Linguist: let me suck you

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Let me suck your cock
would you rather I call it manhood?
Dick seems so trivial for something straining, strong
proud, prominent, upright
stiff, but never unwilling to be led.
Rather eagerly uplifted,
leaping even, so eager for me to take it into my mouth.

I love to watch your eyes widen
then almost close in bliss when my tongue
delicately, demurely, draws a circle around the head.

My lips are red and freshly glossed
full and luscious, slightly parted.
You moan in anticipation.
I make you wait
Let you feel only the warm of my breath along the throbbing shaft.
I love to watch your face, as you will me closer.
Love the way you lean back abandoning yourself to me
when finally I take you in.

I trace your veins with my tongue
knowing you most intimately.
Discovering a rhythm, together,
Your hands in my hair, gentle
But I want to take you beyond control
to a wilder place, feel you place your hand on my head
and begin sliding in and out
a rhythm building almost against your will
we know where this leads and you are desperate
to hold back and let go, torn between the two

I add a little added suction
you groan as I begin to suck
savoring the slowness and the sweetness
taking you deeper within
drawing you out, out of your self
out of your mind
leading where you have always wanted to go.
But slowly, only a little more,
only enough to leave you yearning,
craving for me to take you deep in my throat.

Quickening the pace
I savor the sweetness of your cock.
Release it just a little then building the rhythm
deeper, I watch your emotions gather like darkening clouds
watch the intensity of your desire play upon your face like wind across the water still
while, playfully, careless my tongue swirls around the head,
my lips slightly parted to let you see.
The taste of you, the salt and tang of your aching, arching need.
Oh I feel it now, so close
in your moans between pleasure and pain,
between desire and desperation
in the pressure of your hand pushing my head closer
wanting me to take it in even deeper
in the throbbing and pulsing of your cock.

Lips, tongue, and teeth
I use them all
tantalize and tease
bring you close and cut you off
again and again until you are mine and there is no thought
nothing in your mind or will but to give in
surrender to me
So much hardness and it is mine, all of you mine
the throbbing builds it courses through you
the release like a convulsion
a shudder
a death
I feel and taste
your heat, your essence
but I don’t stop until your cock is no longer pumping
and all your love and lust is mine.

to kiss you afterwards and taste my come on your lips

to slide down to your breasts

sucking one and then the other

feeling your nipples harden in my mouth

feeling your fingers in my hair

smelling your sweet perfume

and then further down

your belly

your thighs

brushing your sweet lips with my mouth

breathing so you feel the warmth of my breath on your pussy

my tongue along your slit

circling your clit

sliding in a little deeper and feeling your outer lips open for me

the sweet, wet warmth of you

pulling back to see how pink and inviting you are

then in again

tongue deeper now

sliding from your clit down to your ass and back

letting you feel my nose and chin along the length of your wet pussy

one finger sliding inside finding the perfect place

where you push back against me

riding my finger

while my tongue circles your clit

flicking it

sucking it

I love how you moan and toss

how your thighs clamp around my head

your hands hold me in place as you rub your pussy against my face

now two fingers inside you and my thumb, slick and wet, circles your ass, pressing in gently

letting your rhythm set the pace and depth of my tongue and fingers

I want you to be as wild and out of control as I was,

faster now harder, deeper

tongue gliding along your lips

slipping in

sometimes hard and pointed sometimes wide and soft

faster, then slower, then faster

building you higher and higher

feeling you begin to come

feel the tightness in your belly

the deep spasms of the contractions

I want to taste the sweetness of your juices and feel the flood of wetness

as you let go completely

let yourself come with an utter loss of control

explode and cry out, scream with the ecstasy of release

oh my darling

my lover

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