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I see her passing by in this big white pickup truck. She parks and walks in a panther like motion, swinging her tool around her wrist like a martial arts expert. That long brown hair, smooth creamy skin, that lithe physique. She’s an absolute dream.

I feel kind of silly admitting this, but I have a huge crush on the girl that checks our water meters every month. I have done nothing but wave and smile at her, but I always wonder if she really notices me. She’s had to at least once.

I make sure I am a tad underdressed when I take my morning walks, when I know it’s time for her to make her rounds. I just can’t help but stare a little too long, slow my stride, then smile and wave.

When I see her gorgeous arms grip her tool to lift the caps, I start getting unbelievably wet. My mind races, imagining her strong grip on me. I fantasize about her gorgeous hair falling over my face and caressing my skin. How her lips taste and how she looks under her uniform.

I go home and peel off my clothes. My body glistening with sweat. The scent of earth and fresh cut grass on my neck and face. I head to the shower and take my time lathering. I whirl the showerhead smoothly over my skin and rinse the soft bubbles down my body. My nipples harden as I spray my chest, the sensation waking my arousal.

I aim a little lower down my stomach and turn the pressure on high, getting the settings just right before I stream it to my pussy. The warmth is turning me on. I bite my lip in anticipation as I slowly aim lower.

It hits the sweetest spot down there. The shower head feels like a thousand tongues softly licking my clit. I picture the lady’s sweet face between my legs as I stand firmly, one leg raised over the tub. I grip the nozzle hard, feeling my orgasm approach. I swirl it around and around, coaxing my pussy to swell in arousal. Then, I rock my hips over the water, letting my climax take me over. Pulsing heat shivering inside and out. Throbbing rain over my shivering thighs.

It’s such a tease. I feel like all of my climax has not yet released. I take a smooth bar of soap in my hand and slide it on my clit. I gently stroke it up and down between my soaked lips as the water flows over it. I love how slippery it feels, how smooth it is. I feel my orgasm build again, even stronger now. I start to shake all over, the bar of soap getting smaller in my tight grip.

Suddenly the water stops. The pressure goes on, then off again, startling me. I know I have been in here a while, but I don’t know why it’s doing this.

I hear a hurried knock at the door. I throw on my bathrobe to see who it is. My heart nearly stops when I see her, my pussy throbbing from not finishing what I started.

“I’m sorry to bother you ma’am,” she says politely, “but your next door neighbor has a faulty line. We have to shut the water off on your street just a few minutes so we can… tighten it.”

She sees my robe fall open. I tie the knot over again, blushing as I stammer.

“Yes, that’s umm… that’s okay.”

I catch her sensual gaze. I see her gorgeous hazel eyes move up and down slowly as she checks me out. I feel exposed, like she knows I was fucking myself in the shower while fantasizing about her.

As the wind catches her long brown hair, I instinctively fix it behind her ear. Then, I pull her inside and catch her lips with mine. She kicks the door closed and presses me against the wall. I feel her tongue enter my mouth and taste her strong mint between her soft lips.

She runs her hands down my body and opens my robe. She moves it over my shoulders and lets it drop to the floor. I walk backwards down the hall, still kissing her wildly. I’m horny and ecstatic, every press of her lips making me flush red with arousal.

I climb backwards on my bed as she follows. She still has her uniform on while I’m completely naked, my skin still wet from the bath and getting wetter still from her touch. She sucks her fingers deeply and slowly squeezes them inside me. I gasp as my body welcomes her inner grip.

She kneels down and presses her lips to my pussy. Her tongue darting softly to my clit as her fingers probe deeper. She laps my flesh up and down, expertly hitting my sweet spot. I grip her head tight, smothering her mouth with my cunt.

She circles the tip of her tongue around my swollen clit and pushes her fingers deeper, fucking me hard as I moan loudly. She sucks and licks me through a torrent of back to back orgasms, her fingers never ceasing, incessantly hammering my G-spot until I quiver in delight. She grips my left thigh tightly, then adds a third finger inside me.

Out of nowhere, my pussy gushes wetness all over her hand. Her mouth fills with my juices as she sucks my clit softly. My back arches, my legs spread wide, shaking and leaking on the sheets. I nearly black out from the force of my orgasm.

I lean up and caress her lips with my fingers, letting her suck them sensually. Then, I kiss her gently as I pull her close. I undo her blouse, revealing her beautiful olive skin to the light. I kiss her neck and softly bite her collarbone.

As soon as I undo her belt, her phone rings. It startles us both but we have trouble breaking for her to answer.

“Shit, it’s my boss,” she says, kissing me quickly, “I have to take this. Please don’t move.”

I smile and nod, totally acknowledging her situation. But I’m not one to be still right now. While she’s on the phone, I drop to my knees. Then, I slyly unzip her pants and pull them down. Her face gets red, her voice breaking a little as I run my tongue softly over the wet spot on her panties. I suck her juices through the cloth and slowly whirl my tongue on her clit, damn near protruding through the cotton like a small erection. I suck it deeply and watch her face while she listens to some angry man on the line.

Her lips press together to keep from moaning. I pull her panties down and softly graze my teeth over her mound. I slip them lower, to her ankles, but leave them there to keep her from moving. I spread her thighs wider and slowly lick between her dripping wet folds, twisting my tongue back and forth up to her clit.

She looks down at me, her eyes watering in desperation as she covers her mouth. I slip my fingers inside her and cuff the tips right at her sweet center while I gently suck her clit. My pace is slow, torturous and seductive. She thrusts her hips up to my mouth and clenches her stomach, aching to cum silently while she’s being tongue lashed from above and below.

I flick my tongue hard, then give her pussy slow deep licks, smiling mischievously as her body shivers. I know she’s close. I can taste those wonderful offbeat tremors on her flesh, warning me of her inevitable eruption.

She can’t hold back any more and hangs up on her boss, leaving both hands free to grip my dripping wet hair. I thrust my fingers in and out of her, then wrap my lips tight around her clit, twisting the tip of my tongue gently from between my teeth. She feels them, and stands perfectly still.

Her moans grow desperate, her hips shaking. She holds her position as my tongue rapidly flicks her clit. Her pussy soaks my fingers, wetness leaking down to my wrist. I tease her a little more, softly caress her aching clit with just my lips, crossing and circling slowly around her quivering flesh.

“Fuck…” she groans, rocking her hips up and down my mouth.

I pull her as close as I can and let her pussy slide all over my face, gripping inside her tight little hole as she chases her climax. Then, I suck her clit again, as gently as I can while fingering her rapidly. She screams in ecstasy as she cums all over me, her pussy gushing wetness all over my mouth and chest.

I keep my fingers inside her and kiss her pussy softly until every drop of her squirt leaks out. I lick and spread her wetness all around her inner thighs, then ease my tongue inside her to taste her pulses from the source. It feels so sexy with her walls still beating around my tongue.

She pulls me up to kiss her. I feel the madness I enveloped in her. The sexy how dare you with the pressure of her lips. I smile sweetly, almost innocently.

Her phone rings again, then beeps multiple times, telling her she definitely has to go. I take it and program my number in her contacts as she gets dressed. Her pants are soaked, her blouse in disarray. But I’m sure it will look like she was servicing the water in the street and not the water on my sheets. Next time she comes, I’m definitely introducing her to my showerhead, for the sweet purpose of dramatic irony.

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