Video Vixens

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photo: Stan Shillingburg

The first time I met Kristy, I was making a music video for my song at a beach house off the coast of South Carolina. Our director set up a scene in the bedroom where she and I were to kiss on camera. I’m not sure whose idea it was to tie her wrists to the bedpost…possibly mine. I don’t remember. But it was exciting. It gave me an idea of how a porn set might feel like.

Kristy was so beautiful. That adorable pointy nose and her sparkly blue eyes took my attention. Her fire engine red curls really brought out her features. I was more than ready for my close-up.

I carefully lay on top of her and introduced myself. We built rapport fast. It wasn’t as uncomfortable as I expected. She and I had a laugh while our director aligned the camera. He was taking forever, leaving us stuck on the bed together, simmering in sexual tension.

“Alright Kat, lean in,” he said. “Keep your eyes open as best as you can. Now…kiss!”

I leaned down and kissed Kristy. I instantly felt her heat rise as our lips touched. She moaned in my mouth and it startled me.

“Mmm… damn, Kat!” she whispered, “your lips are so soft. I like how you kiss me.”

I smiled and kissed her again, then whispered some very naughty things just for her to hear.

“Kat, this is not supposed to be a happy scene. This song is called I Hate You,” the director scolded.

“But she likes it,” I smiled mischievously. Then, I softly licked Kristy’s lips as she smiled back at me.

The director looked at me frustrated and told me to do it again. Kissing Kristy the second time was even hotter. She spread her legs under the blanket and pressed her pussy to mine.

I bit my lip, feeling aroused. The director kept taking shots, grunting under his breath. It sounded like he was also getting turned on, but trying to hide it behind a sour face.

“Will you two please try not to look so cute together,” he smirked.

“I’m trying,” I laughed. “You should have picked someone less sexy.”

Kristy gave me a seductive glare, then kissed me again. I completely forgot where I was and got lost in the moment.

The director snapped a few more photos of us and finally gave up, noticing our hips dancing under the blanket.

“How about we take five, ladies,” he sighed.

I sneaked my hand down Kristy’s waist, slowly inching towards her pussy.

“How about ten?” she suggested.

Kristy and I shared more intense eye contact and kissed again. Her arms shivered in the restraints as I gently played with her clit. Slow motions with just my middle finger, up and down her slit.

She gasped and thrust her hips to my hand. Her wetness spread under the blanket. I slid my finger up and down until her clit swelled. I knew she was close to cumming, but the director came back sooner than we’d hoped.

I moved my wet fingers away and kept going with the kissing scene. This time, we got the angry faces perfectly. More so out of natural frustration than cooperation.

Once we were finally done, I debated whether I should even untie her. Naughty thoughts flowed through my head, wanting the scene to continue in private.

Luckily, we had to wait until sunset to get the footage on the beach, so Kristy and I had time to play just a little longer.

I reached between her legs again. Kristy’s panties were soaked under the blanket. I pressed my fingers on the wet spot and lightly circled her pussy through the cloth.

“Are you not going to untie me?” she asked breathlessly.

“Not yet,” I whispered.

She smiled, thrusting on my fingers in sexy waves. I pulled her panties to her knees and slid down her body. I licked between her thighs, still pressed together. Then, slid my tongue slowly up to her clit.

Kristy was shaking, holding the binding at her wrists firmly. She pressed her lips together, trying not to moan too loud. I darted my tongue between her clamped pussy lips, curling the tip to her clit. I felt it harden on my tongue like a slippery pearl.

She rocked her hips up and down my mouth. Fucking my tongue in a sexy rhythm while I bobbed my head up and down. I gripped her hips firmly, pushing and pulling her body, making her bounce on the bed. Until I tasted her tremors, pounding and pulsing on my face. Kristy cursed loudly. Her fingers were turning red, gripping her restraints.

I straddled her waist and finally untied her. Once she was loose, she quickly pinned me on my back. She pressed my wrists to the sheets and leaned down to kiss me. Her soft tongue whirled in my mouth. I sucked on it, then bit her bottom lip gently.

She started grinding me slowly. Sliding all the way up and down, making me feel like a long wet tongue was licking me. I clenched my stomach, meeting her pressure. She let go of my hands and wrapped her arms around me. I reached behind her to grip her tight ass. Moaning softly in her ear as I came powerfully on her pussy.

Kristy was dripping. I licked the sweet sweat from her neck and bit it hungrily. I rolled her over on her back, then suddenly the director walked back in.

“Oh…Jesus, okay,” he gasped, covering his eyes, “umm…sunset in five minutes ladies!”

“We’re coming,” we replied in unison, giggling at our unintentional ironic remark.

Kristy and I ran outside all soaked and messy. We made it just in time to catch the beautiful sunset. The scene was another angry one, but we got it down the first take. Then, we got a little silly again and rolled around in the sand, kissing romantically.

The director was livid, but we finally got a smile out of him, after a while. He wound up getting some very sexy footage by the water that he used for his private portfolio. He was even nice enough to give us copies.

I never saw Kristy again after that. I always thought it was interesting how fast we became intimate. Maybe it was just that environment. Caught in the moment, type of thing. Either way, it’s a very fond memory that I still hold dear. One I can lightly sip champagne to and smile, listening to an angry, horribly recorded song called, I Hate You.

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