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Erotic flash fiction

I haven’t seen her in months. She likes knowing she can come to me anytime she wants, expecting entry. I am not fond of surprise visits. In fact, it’s one of my pet peeves. Even my closest friends know not to show up at my house unannounced. For some reason, I have made her the exception. When she does come, I never know what to expect, or how I will react.

It’s pouring with rain when I pull up on my driveway. She is waiting patiently on the porch steps with a small suitcase and a designer purse that matches her shoes. I am not that glamorous. I am always in jeans and a T-shirt. She is a wealthy and powerful woman, but money doesn’t impress me. She loves that about me. I am the only person she knows who is not a fan or minion fawning all over her. I am also the only person who knows what she really likes in bed. That’s why she comes to me.

She is whirling a bunch of keys around her finger as I step closer. “You changed your locks?” I nod. “Who said you could do that?” she asks.

“It’s my door,” I reply coldly. It’s the beginning of our bitchy little game. This girl is so used to getting her way. I love telling her she can’t have whatever she wants. I love telling her no.

She stands and pulls the collar of my shirt. I push her hands off and step inside. I slam the door in her face, making her knock again. I wait a moment until I hear her hands scrape over the wood, urgently. I open the door and pull her in, her suitcase and purse still outside getting damaged in the downpour.

“Take your shoes off when you are in my house,” I say sternly. She takes them off slowly and stands holding them, uncertain. She knows she is no longer in control. I stare at her. Her breathing gets heavier as her nerves jangle. I take her heels and toss them carelessly behind me.

I pin her arms above her head and graze my lips over hers. I slide my hands down her arms slowly. She already knows not to move. My hands slide lower to her torso, shaping her luscious curves with my palms. I lean in. I kiss her, only once, leaving her eyes closed and mouth open. I turn around and walk away. She knows to follow me. I disrobe little by little as I guide her to the bedroom, dropping each item in the hallway. She knows to pick them up. I stop at the bed as she hesitates in the doorway. My clothes are bundled in her arms.

“You may enter,” I say. She steps towards me. I take my clothes from her and throw them across the room. She gasps, startled by the sudden motion. I grab her waist and hover my face over hers, my eyes piercing. Cold.

I bend her over the bed. Her dress crumples. I lift the hem and roll it over her lower back, exposing her ass. Her legs are already shaking. She knows she’s been bad. She needs to be disciplined. I hike up her panties, making sure the cloth spreads the lips of her pussy. I raise my hand high and give her cheeks a few firm slaps. I kiss her hips and play with the strings of her panties with my teeth. Then, I spank her again because she twitched. I can see moisture seep between her thighs. I spank her again, even harder this time. She tries to hold in her moans, but she can no longer stay quiet.

I slide her panties down and off. I wrap them around my wrist. I turn her over and spread her legs wide. I lick one long stripe over her pussy as she grips the sheets.

“Please, I want more!” she begs.

“Say it again,” I tell her. “The magic word…?” I hover over her pussy and just barely slide the tip of my tongue in her slit.

“Please!” she moans. “I need your lips on me. Please!” I grab her thighs and hold her steady. I press my lips over her clit as she gasps. I slide the back of my tongue slowly back and forth. Her wetness builds as I suction my lips around her clit, swollen and throbbing. I flick my tongue up and down and surround her entire pussy with my mouth. I whirl my tongue slowly around her clit.

My hand creeps to her pussy. I insert my fingers inside her and hold them still. Her hips rock, trying to increase the pressure. I see her hands come close to her pussy. She wants to touch herself, but I don’t let her. I smack her hand away, then take her panties from around my wrist and wrap them around both of hers. I suck on her fingers, then hold her wrists away. Her moans go up a register as I run my tongue up and down her slot, harder this time. She thrusts her pelvis forward, taking in the sweet friction.

I flick my tongue faster, my fingers going deeper. She moans louder, more satisfied now. I can feel her wetness leak on my hand. I take my fingers out of her pussy and offer them to her mouth, making her taste herself. Her teeth graze my nails. Her face looks so helpless and beautiful. I love the feel of her soft tongue on my fingertips.

“Please put your fingers back inside me,” she begs. “I need to come! You’re the only one who can make me come just the way I want. Please fuck me!”

Hearing those words makes my heart flutter. I give in. I slide my fingers back inside her slowly. I know exactly what she wants. I hook my fingers to her G-spot and whirl my hand in circles. I lift her legs higher and insert my pinky in her ass. Her pussy grips my fingers tighter. I swirl my tongue over her clit and start spelling my name on it. It’s my signature, declaring she’s mine.

She starts shaking uncontrollably, her eyes clenched tight. It turns me on so powerfully, I begin grinding my pussy over the edge of the bed. I can come just by eating her. It’s almost like I can feel everything I do to her, as if I’m doing it to myself. I sign my name one last time as her body convulses into orgasm.

I kiss her pussy softly, slowing my pace to let her feel every last tremor. Her chest heaves as she slowly comes back from her orgasmic trip. I straddle her pelvis, her pussy still trembling beneath me. I take her panties off her wrists, allowing her to touch me again. She kisses me passionately, wordlessly thanking me for what I just did. I rest my head on her chest and begin to drift to sleep, my eyes getting heavier with each passing moment.

When I wake up, I’m alone. She’s already gone. No note, no message, no telling when she’ll return. The only trace left behind is her lipstick on my face, from kissing me goodbye while I was sleeping.

I notice she has taken my spare keys from the drawer. I get dressed quickly and head to the hardware store to get my locks changed again.

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