No Shame

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Erotic flash fiction

“I think…” Paul’s voice is calm and clear. He pauses like he’s choosing his next words carefully, but I know it’s just for effect. “You need to go upstairs and think about what you’ve done.”

I could laugh in his face, ask him who he thinks he is, speaking to me like this. Instead, what he says and how he says it hits a mark deep inside of me. I feel my cheeks burn, so I turn and climb the stairs with what little dignity I can summon.

The room is dimly lit, my reflection in the mirror shadowy. Good. I’m not sure I can face myself right now. Paul told me to remove my coat downstairs, so now I’m left in all I’d worn under it when I went out to the bar — lingerie, stockings and heels.

I lie back, with a sigh. Think about what I’ve done… There’s no way I can think about anything else.

I’d seen the guy first — you couldn’t miss him. The height, the pale, gray-green eyes unmistakably fixed on me. He wasn’t alone — men like him rarely are — so I figured it was time to set my sights elsewhere. Then he asked me, “Wanna dance?” and I realized he meant me and her. He’d seemed both amused and aroused by the idea. As I got up close to the girl — I never asked their names — I felt awkward. I was convinced she was going along with this just to please or impress him. Then a look passed between us, just the two of us, reassuring and melting me in an instant. I allowed her a peek of what I wore beneath the coat. Without a word, she led me out of the bar, forcing the guy to leave his beer and hurry after us.

My hand trails over my black satin-clad breast as I recall the cab ride home. The open-mouthed kisses I shared with the girl, as the guy’s hand inched up my thigh. The cabbie nearly ran a red light as he stole glances in the rear-view mirror.

Back at their place, in their bedroom, the guy told the girl, “Warm her up for me.”

“He’s such a control freak,” she whispered, loud enough that he’d hear.

We made out on the bed, her petite body dry-humping against mine as our tongues tangled. Then she pulled away and sat back on her haunches, looking me up and down. “Just the panties,” she murmured, then peeled them off, leaving my freshly shaved pussy framed by my stocking tops and garter-belt. She tossed the underwear to the guy. Another look and she freed my tits from the top of my bra, licking and then blowing on my nipples, teasing them rock hard.

Her fingers found my outer labia, already slick with juices, and slipped between them, frustratingly just shy of penetrating my hole. Then… suddenly, she was pulled clear of me, the guy lifting her up and dumping her beside me on the bed like she weighed nothing.

He took her place in between my thighs, still clutching my silky panties. He wrapped them around his stiff shaft, one large hand stroking them up and down its length. He paused to drink in the sight of me, just like his girl had done — and to check I wasn’t having second thoughts. I glanced at the girl, who flashed me a smile, her short skirt hiked up and her hand inside the tiny thong beneath it.

The guy handed her my panties and she sniffed them, closing her eyes as she inhaled my scent. He kissed me, softly at first, then deeper before nuzzling down to suck on my nipples. All sensation was focused on them, the only point of contact between his body and mine — delicious yet frustrating. I ached to feel the weight of him on top of me, his hard, defined muscles against my softer curves. At last he sunk down, the moist tip of his cock brushing my inner thigh as he kissed me again. I reached down, played the head of it over my clit and guided it to my pussy opening. Then I moaned as he pushed in slowly, stretching me deep and wide.

He fucked me long and slow, thrusting and grinding inside of me. Beside us on the bed, his girlfriend squirmed, fingers buried deep in her snatch. I could hear how wet she was.

I craned my head to kiss her and she responded… only for the guy to order her to stop. She ignored him, tongue sliding against mine. “Don’t make me tell you again,” he warned her, his voice cold.

She pulled away, mouthing, “He’s sooo mean…” to me.

Grim-faced, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand out of her panties. “Be still, or this ends right now.”

She tried to act serious, obedient, but the look on her face told me this was a game they’d played before, and the little shiver that went through her body gave away how hot it made her. I felt an echoing spasm in my pussy, clenching tight around the stiff shaft inside of me.

The guy resumed his thrusting, fucking me harder and faster now, raising my legs up against his broad shoulders. His fingers found my clit, and I thrashed against the bed, but he held me in place, pounding into me. All the while he gazed at me, eyes on my quivering tits one moment, then looking me in the face as he neared his climax. I clenched tight, relishing the friction, then moaned out loud as I felt the warm burst deep inside of me.

He pulled out and gave a signal to the girl. Instantly, her face was buried between my thighs, her tongue eagerly lapping me clean. After a minute or two she shot me a cute look, kind of guilty for diving straight in, but not sorry. I smiled and she slithered up my body, fingers caressing my clit as she kissed me to share the creamy juices she’d scooped out with her tongue…

I’m still thinking about what I did when Paul walks in the room, and if he expects me to feel any shame, my hand inside of my panties betrays the truth. He walks over to me, unzips, and he’s already hard, just inches from my face. A small, clear drop of moisture is forming at his tip and I lick my lips.

“Okay,” I say to him, curling my wet, sticky fingers around his shaft, “do you want me to suck your cock before or after I tell you all the dirty details…?”

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