Touching My Best Friend’s Sister

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I can’t stand my best friend’s sister, Kimberly. She’s so conceited. She’s really pretty but she always has this stupid smirk on her face that says, “I know you want me.”

The trouble is, I do.

She’s sexy as hell, even when she’s being a bitch, which is most of the time. The guys call her a cocktease, but that doesn’t stop them chasing her. I can’t keep up with which jock she’s dating from one week to the next. She has a circle of girlfriends that changes frequently according to who’s in favor. The one constant in her life is yours truly — the preferred target for her barbed comments and cruel flirting.

Kimberly is basically an attention whore. When I’m over at her house she’ll walk around in nothing but her skimpy underwear, and make fun of me when she catches me watching. She won’t stop until I blush or rush out of the room and she knows she’s won.

The other day Julie and I were studying together at her place; Julie was in the kitchen fixing us a snack when Kimberly walked into her bedroom.

“Oh, you’re here again,” she said disdainfully, rummaging through the jumble of make-up on Julie’s dressing table.

“Hello Kim,” I said as evenly as I could manage, considering she was wearing nothing but a towel that barely covered her ass. Her long legs were tanned a delicious caramel, and as she bent over to check out her reflection in the mirror, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the spot where the curve of her ass cheek peeked out under her towel. If she spread her legs a little wider, I’d be able to see her pussy. I wondered if her bush was the same honey blonde as the hair on her head…

I was torn from my reverie when Kimberly looked around and sniggered at my lust-struck expression. “See something you like? If you were a guy, you would have come in your pants already!”

“Fuck off, Kim,” I retorted lamely. We both knew it was true. I felt my face flushing as I squirmed uncomfortably, suddenly aware of the damp spot in my panties.

“You’re such a dyke,” she said, pressing home her advantage. “I bet you frig yourself over me every day.” Her eyes gleamed with malice.

I started stammering nonsense, hot with shame and confusion. This would usually be Kimberly’s cue to sashay out triumphantly, leaving me close to tears from the heady blend of anger, embarrassment and arousal suffusing my body. Today she was in the mood to torment me a little longer, though.

“What would you do if I dropped my towel… pee your panties?”

Sudden fury flashed through me. “I don’t know, Kim… Why don’t you try it and find out?”

Her fleeting expression of surprise was replaced by amusement. “You think you can handle it?” she sneered. I raised an eyebrow, trying to look cooler than I felt. “Okay, loser. You want something for the wank bank, here it is…”

With that she let her towel fall to the ground and stood there smugly, letting me drink in the sight of her. Firm breasts, not big but beautifully shaped, her nipples hard and surrounded by shell-pink areolae. A flat stomach, tiny waist flaring to slim hips. And a fluffy triangle of dark-blonde hair pointing down towards the cleft of her pussy. My mouth watered.

“Oh my god, look at you! Have you ever seen a naked woman before? You wouldn’t even have a clue what to do!” Kimberly crowed. Her mocking tone was all too familiar, but I could sense something else in her eyes now. She craved my attention, my desire for her. For the first time I fully understood what motivated her cruelty, and it spurred me on to do something I’d never dared contemplate.

“You have no idea what I know, Kim,” I snapped, standing and moving towards her. On a sudden impulse I shed my baggy T-shirt as I went, leaving me topless in just my cut-off shorts. Her eyes flickered down to my bare breasts as she backed up until she was against the wall. For the first time ever, she couldn’t predict what I would do next, and I could tell she was intrigued.

I placed my hands flat on the wall either side of her head, leaning in until I was so close my lips were almost on hers.

“Have you ever touched another girl, Kim?” I murmured. “You think you’re so goddamn cool, but I’ll bet you don’t know the first thing about pussy…” A shiver of surprise pulsed through her, and something else too: excitement. Unconsciously I’d hit on the one challenge this player couldn’t resist.

“Show me then,” she dared me, tilting up her head in invitation. I leaned in closer and kissed her, pressing my body against hers. Her skin was soft and she smelled so good. Her lips tasted of sweet strawberry gloss, and she parted them to let my tongue explore her warm mouth. As I kissed her harder, her hips started rocking against mine, and arousal flared through me at the knowledge that she was getting turned on too. I slid my bare thigh between her legs, giving her something to rut her pussy against, and felt a smear of wetness on my skin.

Sliding a hand down between our grinding bodies, I stroked her plump pussy lips, letting a finger delve into the ooze-slick channel between them. She rocked her hips faster, my finger sliding up and down over her clit, her breath hitching as I caught the perfect spot. I placed my thumb right there, pressing more insistently as I pushed two fingers right into her core, crooking them forward. She rode them hungrily, one leg wrapped around my waist to hold me tight. There was no finesse, no trace of her usual poise and attitude, just greed for all the pleasure she could wrest from my soaking fingers as they plunged into her.

When she came, it was with a low moan and a burst of juice that tricked down my wrist. She gasped through the aftershocks of her orgasm, then pushed me away and gazed at me appraisingly.

“Wow, you must really finger yourself a lot, to be able to get me off so quick!” she said with a grin. “I knew you were a dyke!” And just like that, the balance of power was restored.

I heard Julie’s footsteps coming up the stairs.

“I hate you, Kim!” I gasped.

“No, you love me,” she laughed as she picked up her towel and walked out of the room, leaving me to creep to the bathroom and frig myself stupid.

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