To my lover: watch me burn

33 sec read

I think of us in shades of red;
evening light, rich and deeply shadowed,
fire lit, flickering, ember bright.
I am on hands and knees kissing you deeply,
my breasts brushing your chest.
I know you feel me tremble and tense as he moves inside me,
my hands gripping you, desperate to come
hearing him moan as he climaxes and drops away,
leaving me
eager for more and you are there, pulling me on to you
you so hard, so eager to be deep within me,
filling me.
I revel in knowing how wet and hot I am around you
how I take you outside yourself, inflame you,
make you wild with passion
make you lose yourself in the rhythm and sound of our loving,
within me the source, the core of power
inspiring lust
filled with it and yet not consumed
knowing the ache with no way to relieve the need
loving the delicious anguish
of love with no end.

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