The Dress Made Me Do It

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I told her not to wear that dress around me. I warned her what would happen. I have no mercy for slit skirts. I am treacherous with white clothing. And I am a complete hound dog when it comes to her. The triple threat had me instantly mesmerized.

This dress reminded me of the one from Basic Instinct… you know, when Sharon Stone did that famous pussy flash? That was the first movie I ever touched myself to. Ever since, I’ve developed a weakness for such dresses, and a fascination with erotic films.

Her dress had an even more powerful effect on me because of the sexy front slit. When she sat down, I could see her inner thighs and calves. Her beautiful ankles parted right at the bottom seam and the V-line of her pussy was visible in shadow. It was more than enough for my imagination to go apeshit.

She’d just barely made it in the door and I was already on my knees, reaching my hands up her skirt. My pussy was leaking just seeing her in that dress. It had taken all my strength just to let her out of my sight this morning, and now that she was home, I had no respect for time… or her clothing.

I kissed, licked and sucked her pussy right through her satin panties, until her crotch was damp and hot. Her juices soaked my lips as I pressed harder. I eased my hands higher up her dress, curling my fingers around the seam of her panties. I rolled them down slowly, kissing and licking her upper thighs as they slid down her ankles.

Her pussy was half-hidden in the tight slit. I had to really squeeze my face under her skirt to get to it. I stretched my tongue up into her, tasting her dripping wet cunt. Her clit swelled in my mouth as I slurped it noisily. Then, I pressed my teeth over her mound — a gentle bite with a soft growl, expressing my animal lust for her succulent meat.

I suckled her clit like a hungry kitten in search of milk. Her whole body gyrated as I dug my face deep between her thighs. I sucked her pussy until it pulsed and throbbed between my lips.

Then, I gripped each side of the slit skirt and yanked it with all my might, ripping it right up the middle of her body. Her form was revealed in such a delightfully savage way. Her chest heaved as I licked her slowly from her pussy to her mouth.

I pinned her arms above her head and spread her knees. Her drenched, plump lips pressed tight on my thigh. She ground her hips into me, craving more.

I turned her around, face pressed to the wall, as I squeezed my thumb inside her. My fingers circled her clit as my thumb rubbed her G-spot firmly. I whirled and stirred it inside her, making her moan blissfully. Her palms pounded the wall, taking in all of the sensation. I had her hair wound around my wrist as I licked and sucked her neck, commanding her to cum for me.

Her walls tightened. Her wetness leaked and dripped down her thighs, soaking my hand. I hooked my thumb down and flicked it rapidly, with my fingers pressed to her clit. It didn’t take long for her to explode. Her legs were shaking so hard she lost her balance, toppling us both to the ground. We landed on the carpet, kissing ferociously, grinding and sliding until we somehow made it to the living room.

I held her down firmly, our fingers woven together in tight fists. I nudged up her chin to get to her neck. I circled my tongue down her sensitive collarbone, then gave her neck a harsh, vampiric bite that made her gasp in an exquisite jolt. I flattened her hands to the floor and slid my palms slowly down her arms. I scratched down her torso gently, shaping her curves with my nails as I licked and sucked her luscious breasts.

She leaned up and held my head tightly in her hands, smothering my face with her pillowy tits. I purred on her skin, making her giggle. Then, I sucked and nibbled her nipples, careful to give each eager breast equal attention. Her legs shook around my waist, fire racing through her veins, cries of passion escaping her lips. Her body wriggled in delight, her hips thrusting fiercely.

She rolled me over onto my back and took control. She ground her pussy on mine. I wrapped my arms tightly around her as she gripped my ass from underneath. She fucked me hard and fast. The friction was chafing my shoulders as our pussies rubbed together in a naughty horizontal dance. I arched my back wildly, taking in the sweet wet slides. We came simultaneously in fierce grips and lustful screams.

Our bodies were red, overheated. My heart was beating so fast, I thought it was going to rip right through my chest.

She lay on top of me, kissing me softly. Her tender lips were so delicious, I didn’t want to stop. We kissed until our lips hurt. More so from the licking and playful biting.

I was still ready for more and she knew it. She flipped around to a 69 and licked my clit in slow, sensual circles. She made sure her pussy was just out of my tongue’s reach so she kept control. She flipped her tongue from front to back, tip to flat, rotating her neck to get every spot on my pussy until I squirmed in arousal. She circled clockwise, then counter clockwise, like she was unlocking a safe and my orgasm was the combination. She sucked my clit gently, making me thrust into her mouth, following her lead to my inevitable combustion.

That climax made me see double. The firm, slow suction from her soft lips made me cum even harder than when she was grinding on me. I lay helpless and quivering. All I could do was grip her hips and suck my thumb, cursing incoherently.

We lay on our sides, kissing again, as carefully as we could with the sweet sting of raw lips. She looked exhausted, but I knew she had one more left in her that I could fuck out. I slid my fingers deep inside her and felt her pussy grip tightly. I flicked my fingers hard and fast, as she tried her best to keep her legs spread wide.

That final blow had her body convulsing. Her half-elevated leg trembled, her hips thrusting violently. She was so hazy and silly afterwards. Lust drunk, blabbering nonsense, holding me as if the room were spinning. Absolutely adorable.

“Why did you make me cum like that?” she asked breathlessly.

I was not sure if this was a serious question.

I replied with a cheesy grin, “The dress made me do it.”

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