The Darkroom

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My girlfriend of four years and I got engaged recently, but I realized one night that I was about to truly get to know her. Vanessa said she wanted to go with me to a swingers’ club. She asked me how I felt about it and I told her I was surprised, because she seemed to be all about monogamy and “one woman for every man.” She was honest with me and said she had always been curious about seeing other people, but was too afraid and self-conscious.

“Is it because I don’t do it for you?” I asked her.

“No, no! The complete opposite!” she explained. “We have great sex and I want us to keep doing so. I figured it would be fun to do this to spice things up.”

After my initial shock, I started to warm up to the idea and we began to research places that were friendly to beginners like us. We found a place about thirty miles from where we lived.

We went on a Friday and both got dressed up to go. We were nervous but held hands, deciding to “go or no-go” depending on how we felt there. We walked in and it looked like a normal club. We ordered a drink and asked the bartender, who directed us to the second floor.

We met a very nice woman, the hostess, who asked us about what we wanted to try and then told us, “Ok, so what we are going to do is take you to different rooms to have you experience something new.” They led me one way and my fiancée another, past a curtain and down a hallway. The hostess took me into a room, told me to undress to my underwear and when ready, put on a black blindfold and walk into a connecting room.

I did as she asked, feeling the adrenaline rush that came with a new experience. The room felt calm, with the cool air of the fan blowing on my body. My senses then felt a presence in the room. Another energy in the hollow space, like a hill on a flat plain. I started to walk through the room with my hands stretched out, feeling my way.

I brushed past another hand and quickly pulled mine back to find it again. I brushed the side of it and interlocked my fingers with the hand. It was smaller than mine, smoother and softer.

“Hello…” I let out.

A sultry voice replied, “Hi, who are you?”

My dick immediately became erect. I was only in my underwear so I felt nervous and sensually excited at the same time.

“I’m Eric. And you are?” I asked.

“I’m Brittany,” she said. I felt her get closer to me and she began to touch my chest, exploring there, my neck and then my face. I decided to do the same and I felt goose bumps rise on my skin. My breathing became heavy and my dick went from erect to throbbing. I had to reach down since Brittany was shorter than me. She felt tense at first, as I started to pass my hands over her chest and face. But she started to relax as I caressed her face with the back of my fingers. I took my time before touching her tits and this made her get comfortable with my touch. She exhaled and her body softened a bit. I passed my fingers across her lips and they were full.

“Do you like what you are touching?” she asked.

“Yes…” I smiled, hoping that she could feel that.

“Good,” she said. I started to stroke my hand over her tits and caressed them. She moved her hands from my arms to my waist and passed her fingers over the bulge in my underwear.

“Wow,” she giggled, “you’re excited.”

I felt shy and a little embarrassed, but replied, “Well? Yeah… this is really sexy. Aren’t you?” There was silence. I felt her back away from me but heard her fidgeting. She approached again with her fingers outstretched. When they found me, she pressed her hands down on my body. She curled them around my torso, pulling herself into me and then I felt her soft, bare tits and hard nipples press against me.

“Can you feel my answer?” she purred. I leaned my face downward and crashed into her chin. We laughed and nuzzled our faces together, looking for each other’s lips.

As I was passing her cheek, I began to kiss it, moving to the center of her face. I got to her lips and I fell into them — a warm mouth with lips that were alive with lust. We kissed deeply, pressing our bodies even tighter against one another.

“Take off your underwear,” she whispered. As I did, I heard her do the same. I stood in front of her and felt her warm, soft hand wrap around me. She pulled gently and I walked. I felt her nipples close to me and then felt her put the shaft of my dick in between her pussy lips. She brushed it from left to right over her clit and lips. The sensation was intoxicating. I didn’t try to penetrate her as the feeling of her swelling clit hitting my shaft sent shockwaves through me. We were breathing on one another, in rhythm, as she stroked me against her pussy.

I came and she held me up. I shot a heavy load onto her crotch area and her legs. As I recovered, she brushed my head and shaft over the cum on her and then passed it between her lips. The smell of that coupled with her pussy scent was all over the room. The sound it made was similar to a soaking wet mop on an already wet floor. I lifted my fingers up to her pussy lips and passed them between. It felt like hot silk. I cupped her crotch and started moving my knuckles in circles over her clit. She began to breathe hard in my ear and kiss and suck on my neck. I moved as fast as I could, high off of her arousal. I moved my hand and could imagine streams of her pussy juices staining my hands as if I held a pat of melting butter. The minutes till I felt her orgasm were a blur of loud moaning and euphoria. I helped her stay standing as she did for me earlier. I felt her breath on my neck and was in a state of bliss. I brought my hand up and sucked on the fingers one by one. She watched and giggled as she reveled in her afterglow.

Suddenly, I felt a warm hand brush across my back. A voice whispered, “I was watching you and masturbating.” It was my fiancée. I took off my blindfold and in the dim surrounding light, I saw her smiling.

Brittany smiled at us and said, “You two are so cute together.” She was an employee of the business and was an expert at working with new couples. All three of us began to talk and she said that some new couples who think about the swinger lifestyle don’t survive the introductory dark room. The ones who get aroused at the thought of watching their lover go up to the third floor where other members — couples and some singles — wait to meet others and play.

We left knowing we wanted to return. In the car on the way home, Vanessa started to talk about how aroused she got watching me. She tilted the seat back and played with herself, taking my hand to play with her pussy. I did and she sucked on my fingers. We didn’t wait to get into the house as she sucked on me standing at the car door. I bent her over and pounded her aggressively till she came. We went inside the house and kept fucking.

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