The chocolate tasting tour

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Every time we meet we bring chocolate along. High percent, dark, the kind that you have to let melt in your mouth. From all over the world, mostly unknown brands, almost always good. We both are chocoholics, one of the many things that unite us, and one of our strongest bonds.

That evening I had brought a new bar made with cacao from Cuba. 75%, thin wafers. As happens every time we see each other, our clothes had fallen to the ground as fast as gravity would allow, and we’d had one of our magical love making sessions. We had to pause to get some water and grab some air, basically to make sure we didn’t die of exhaustion. As I came back to bed she had already opened the chocolate bar and placed chunks of it marking a tour for me of her fantastic body. She always surprises me with her creativity, and the little kinky details she has in store for me.

Two chocolate pieces covered her nipples, and then there was a chocolate trail marking the path to glory. I had no choice but to get to work. In her mouth she was holding a piece of chocolate with her front teeth. Being of the helpful kind my lips joined hers to start my chocolate tasting tour. She bit on the bar and half of it landed in my mouth where it started to melt slowly. It was pretty darn good, both the kissing and the chocolate.

My kissing route moved to her neck and then slowly to her left breast. She asked me why I always started with that one. As I was climbing it to get to her nipple I was pondering the question. On one hand I know that her left nipple is less sensitive than the right one. Counter intuitively it is better to start my kissing tour here because she will not be as sensitive as if I start with the other one. I picked the chocolate piece and moved to her mouth to share my findings with her. See, her breasts are my secret allies. I know that when I kiss them, they start sending internal messages to the other magical spots in her.

The tour continued, this time to her right nipple. I like to tease her tip by doing a circular motion around it with my tongue. It will get really hard, and I love this feeling in my mouth. I picked up the next chocolate, moving up again to share it. She laughed and kissed me back, a wet, chocolatey kiss. As I had been playing with her nipple, I had sensed how her legs had moved in that special motion that tells me that it’s getting wet down there.

The mountain section of the tour had been completed and now it was down to her valley. She guided me with that voice that tingles with some primitive instinct inside of me. “Go lower, a bit to the right.” I picked a piece at the end of her ribs, another one in her belly button, and a last one on that little round and soft hill of hers right before the entrance to her valley of desire. I love the softness of her skin, and all of her shape. Her voluptuous curves make her the sexiest girl alive.

Desire is what it is. I wanted to feel her clit in my mouth, but I wanted her on top of me. There is a big difference between eating her when she is lying on her back, or when she is on top of me. On top she is more active and also has the control of how much she wants to expose to me. Also on top of me she surrounds my face with her thighs, all the time. I feel cradled by her and that helps me concentrate on the task at hand. We swapped places and she laid her hands on the top rails of the bed.

I started teasing her by kissing the inside of her right thigh, right to the spot where her labia starts. Just to then jump to the inside of her left thigh. I then focused on her labia. The sensations I got on my mouth were overwhelming. It was as if the skin of her labia was made of a very different and softer material. And then the tip of my tongue made first contact with the tip of her clit. I love to caress her back with my hands as I am doing this. I feel connected to her in so many ways, and definitely all of my senses are focused on her reactions. I listen to her panting and moaning, I see her beautiful figure on top of me, I taste her elixir of pleasure and smell what our bodies create together, and my hands touring her soft skin are the cherry on top.

I could hear her moaning, and I started the very soft caressing of her tip with my tip. I could feel her hips moving rhythmically to my caressing and placed my hands on her waist. My tongue started looking for that magical spot at the top of her clitoris where her skin parts. Her breathing was guiding me as I found it and focused on it. Her moaning was like a symphony to me. It was as if I was conducting this orchestra in a tune that I did not know. And every little Mmh, and Aahh was received by me as the magic moments that they represented.

My tongue wandered to her well of wetness. I could feel her salty taste from all that had flown out from our previous session, just a few minutes ago. I could also feel the thick consistency of my cum mixed with it. I gathered part of the mix and brought it to the top of her clit, to help with lubrication. When I reached her tip again her moaning got louder. Sensing our body liquids mixed can truly drive me wild.

With all preconditions set and all the teasing done it was time to focus on her clit. I placed my lips around it and sucked it in at the same time as my tongue was focused on her weak spot. I could feel her pearl growing bigger. On the tip I could feel how her skin was getting engorged with blood and therefore exposing more of itself to me. My hands had wandered to her breasts and I was holding them, with her nipples surrounded by my fingers.

When we are like this I can feel her desire pulsating down on my body.

Her motions on top of me turned from a rhythmic rubbing into a spastic banging. She was presenting herself in that beat that is out of pace by just an instant. I could feel her muscles getting tight and her body getting ready for the discharge of energy. I kept the sucking and licking until the supernova hit. The last moments before it happens, everything goes quiet.

There are no words to describe the powerful feelings when she comes like that on top of me. It is like reaching a singularity where the concepts of time and space disappear. By the time she comes her sexuality is all that exists in my world, as if I was a tiny little explorer in her hidden valley. And the spasms, the way she shakes, fully out of rhythm, are as if the doors of heaven were opening. My soul walks inside with hers and we float in its magnificence together for a long time.

Back to earth, I lay quietly, with my paralyzed mouth holding her sexuality. For I know she is extremely sensitive, and any motion would cause her to move away. And at that time I just want to feel her pearl pulsing against my lips.

She asked: “Where did that come from?”

The answer is clear to me. It was the chocolate, mixed with our love, with pinches of trust, lots of caring, and a bit of summer breeze. A fantastic recipe that we shall try again next time we see each other.

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