Tease me, please

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photo: SexArt

Lying beside you
lazy day
summer warm
close but not touching
breeze stirs the net curtains
voices as people pass, muted and far away

lying still to feel the touch of air against bare skin
you murmur and touch your belly
hands move to your breasts
you brush your nipples

my cock stirs and I stroke it
you watch
my fingers on the shaft
you reach for me
I catch your hand
place it on your thighs
move your finger along the lips of your pussy
you sigh

I watch

your finger part your lips
opening yourself
gleam of wetness

my fingers circle my cock
slide up and down
circling the swollen head
a drop of moisture glistens at the tip

you watch as I catch it with a finger
and bring it to my tongue

you lick your lips
slip your finger inside yourself

bring it out webbed with dew
lick it slowly

I reach for you
you catch my hand
put it between my legs

tease and counter tease
making the afternoon long
who will give in first?

I watch for your hips to move
watch the flush rise on your breasts
up your neck

Each listening for breath to quicken
eyes bright

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