Tahiti: every good party needs a safe word

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“But what if I change my mind?”

I watched my husband button his starched, white collared shirt. His dark hair was still wet from the shower.

“There’s a safe word, honey. There’s always a safe word.”

I mulled this over before asking, “Well, how do I know what it is?”

“They’ll tell us when we get there.” His smile was amused and calm. Much calmer than I. I’d never been to a swingers’ party and didn’t know what to expect. My husband had dabbled in threesomes prior to meeting me, but had never attended a party quite like this. A friend had told him there was nothing better than watching another man screw your wife while you’re getting sucked on by his. It had taken a lot of convincing for me to even agree to go to the party. But I loved my husband. I wanted to make him happy, and if sexual experimentation was what he wanted, then I was willing to try it. Once.

I’d be lying if I said I’d never imagined being with another man. Sam was very handsome, with dark features and a strong, solid body. But I’d often fantasized about the young guy that made my coffee each morning at the bagel store. Blond, fair skin, deep blue eyes, and long, thin fingers. I wondered if his dick was long and skinny too. Each morning as he topped my mocha latte with whipped cream, I couldn’t help but imagine him licking cream from my nipples and between my legs. Though the thought of being with another man wasn’t totally foreign to me, I still wasn’t sure how I felt about watching my husband pleasure another woman.

“You look gorgeous, by the way.” Sam kissed my neck softly as he slipped my coat onto my shoulders. “Don’t be nervous,” he added. “It’s going to be fun.”

It was only a short drive to the house. Not long enough to calm my nerves. I played anxiously with the black ribbon that held my wrap-around dress snug against my body. Sam parked the car at the end of the driveway. There were already five other cars parked along the road. Full house. I didn’t know exactly how many couples were expected to come. I knew nothing. The uncertainty filled me with fear.

Sam turned off the ignition. “Are you ready for this?”

I looked at my husband seated across from me. His eyes were filled with a mix of excitement and concern. I wanted nothing more than to make him happy. Maybe it would be fun.

“Yeah, I’m ready.”

We approached the brick ranch home, holding hands. I could hear voices coming from inside and mellow music escaping the cracked windows. Sam squeezed my hand before knocking on the door with three strong flicks of his wrist. It was a only a few seconds before a tall, thin man answered.

“Sam! Elizabeth! Welcome…”

I didn’t recognize him. He shook Sam’s hand and leaned in, kissing my cheek roughly. We entered the foyer and I saw couples scattered around the living room. Everyone was dressed. I let out a small sigh of relief. But they were all seated in different positions, kissing, stroking one another, and engaged in intimate conversation. Our host took our coats and hung them in the closet.


I looked at Sam, confused. He mouthed, the safe word. I remembered instantly, and nodded.

“Elizabeth,” my greeter placed his large hand on the small of my back. “Let me introduce you to Mark.” He led me to a small loveseat near the fireplace where a man was seated. Mark got to his feet, taking my hand and kissing it. He was attractive. Sandy blond hair swept across his forehead. Dark brown eyes and a warm smile. I hoped he found me attractive. My brown hair was pulled back into a low ponytail at the nape of my neck. I took a deep breath, causing my full breasts to rise and fall. Mark’s eyes were drawn to my chest.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it.” Our host left us alone near the fire. Well, as alone as you could be in a room filled with couples.

“Have a seat,” Mark gestured toward the couch. He seemed equally nervous, which was oddly reassuring. I nodded and sat beside him. As I turned and lowered myself onto the couch, I spotted Sam. He was sitting in a chair near the front door. A sexy redhead was sitting on the arm, stroking his muscular bicep. Her leg was draped over his and Sam was gently caressing it. They were chatting and smiling. He looked happy. Seeing another woman so close to Sam, so intimate and both so clearly aroused, sent an unexpected rush of blood and excitement to my own nether regions.

Mark placed his hand on my knee. I could feel the heat from the fire warming my body. He began to massage my neck sensuously. I smiled weakly and closed my eyes, allowing his touch to relax my muscles. As Mark increased the pressure on my neck, his hand slowly slid up my leg. I arched my back and allowed my legs to fall open. Mark’s fingertips were hovering just outside my panties. It felt strange but empowering to have another man’s hands so close to my most sacred spot. I could feel the inner walls of my vagina throb in anticipation of contact.

His finger brushed the outside of my labia. His touch was electrifying. I felt his mouth on my ear, nibbling and sucking on my lobe. I let out a soft moan. My hand wandered toward Mark’s lap. When had he exposed himself? His long, thin erection was lying outside his pants. I stroked his smooth shaft with my palm, cupping the head. I worked my hand up and down his dick as it became increasingly hard. My clit swelled each time Mark’s fingertips made a pass over my now damp underwear. My legs were spread even wider now, willing Mark to be more aggressive. He read my body language perfectly.

As he moved down my body, in one swift motion he undid the ribbon of my dress, allowing it to fall completely open. The heat from the fire warmed my skin. I undid my bra, unleashing my breasts eagerly. Mark kissed each nipple softly, kneeling before me. My hands reached up, fondling my breasts, cupping their fullness and pinching my erect nipples. Mark slid my panties off over my feet and rested my legs on his shoulders. I felt vulnerable and completely turned on.

I looked across the room to see the redhead was now straddling my husband, fucking him slowly with her clothes still on. I couldn’t see Sam’s face, but I saw his strong hands grasping at his partner’s ass, lifting and lowering her body onto his rock hard dick. Sam was well-hung, causing the redhead to clutch the back of the chair and let out short cries each time he rammed her with his cock.

In the same moment, Mark’s mouth was exploring the lips and folds of my dripping cunt. His tongue was powerful and intuitive. He circled my pulsating nub and with two fingers, fucked me deep. His fingers swirled and circled inside my vagina, sending waves of pleasure up through my abdomen and down into my toes. I watched him work. Mark was a hungry boy. He ate my pussy like it was his last meal.

My gaze rose from Mark’s head between my legs over to my husband. The redhead had moved down between his legs, licking and sucking his erection. We locked eyes. Sam grinned and I shoved my pussy harder against Mark’s face. His tongue lapped the thick, sweet nectar from my honey hole.

I lowered my legs off Mark’s shoulders and switched positions, pushing him onto the couch. I knelt before his long, thin dick which was half flaccid now. I held it in my hands and looked into his eyes as my tongue worked from the bottom up, licking his long shaft and engulfing the head. I spit on my hand for some natural lubrication and slid it up and down, before cupping his balls while my mouth fucked the tip. His hand grabbed at the back of my hair, tugging on my ponytail, shoving his rapidly stiffening member farther down my throat. I resisted the urge to gag.

I was on all fours working Mark’s cock with my mouth and hands when I felt someone approach from behind. Something soft and wet was spreading the lips of my pussy. The tongue worked its way from my cunt to my tight little asshole, as fingers found my clit. It was a woman. I felt her soft hair brushing against my ass. I turned from Mark’s lap briefly and discovered it was the redhead. She didn’t lift her face as her tongue expertly worked every inch of my pussy. And behind her knelt Sam. He was fucking her aggressively from behind. We locked eyes. With each stroke he made, the redhead’s mouth pounded harder into my crotch. Mark grabbed my head and returned my attention back to his erection.

Mark was close to climaxing and the thought of tasting his cum while my husband watched and having another woman’s tongue jammed into my cunt was too much for me to handle. I swallowed Mark’s hot load as I shoved my dripping pussy against the redhead’s mouth. I could feel my thick juices running down my inner thighs and imagined her pleasure at tasting my sweet liquid. I could hear Sam grunting. He was cumming too. I knew that sound well.

Before my body could completely recover from the waves of recent pleasure, I was already scanning the room for other attractive couples.

Who’s next?

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