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Arnold rushed out of his home and into his Buick, keyed in the ignition and screeched out of his driveway like the devil was after him. His palms were sweaty over the steering wheel, he breathed with anxious excitement, glancing at his watch almost every minute, hoping that his errand wouldn’t take long.

Nearly three blocks from his house he spotted a shop that he reckoned would have what he wanted. Arnold parked in front of it and got out, checked his watch again as he pushed his way through the shop’s doors and groaned. He was already five minutes gone. He knew that every second counted — there was absolutely no way that his Daisy would wait any longer for him to get what he needed and be back home in time for them to get things started. That never was her style; having been married to her for five years already, he knew her too well for that.

What he wanted was a set of batteries for his digital camera. The proprietor helped him with his purchase and by the time he'd paid for them and rushed back to his vehicle, he was another five minutes gone. There was mild traffic on his way back and he stepped a little on the gas pedal to beat through it.

Arnold got home with ten minutes to spare, his heart racing in his chest as he stepped back into his home. He sighed as he closed the door behind him. Daisy and her lover, Mark, weren’t seated on the sofa where he’d left them. It was just his unfortunate luck to have discover that the batteries to his camera had died on him and he had none spare in the house.

Clothes littered the floor leading all the way down the corridor to their bedroom. Even from where he stood, Arnold could hear the sound of his wife's voice giggling. He inserted the batteries into his camera as he approached the door and stepped inside.

Mark sat on the bed with his undershorts pulled down his thighs while Daisy knelt before him, stroking at the same time as sucking the head of his cock. She wore a fishnet top and nothing else; her round ass seemed to reflect the bedroom's light. They barely registered Arnold's entrance.

"You two just couldn't wait for me, could you?" Arnold said rather petulantly.

"Oh, don’t get so upset, darling," Daisy glanced at him with a grin on her face. "You know how hot I get at times like this."

"Yeah, I'll bet." But Arnold was already past being upset and now trained his camera upon them.

He was an amateur photographer, and prior to him and his wife getting involved in the lifestyle, the only photographs he’d indulged himself in taking were family snapshots. But now it was as if he’d found his true calling and never missed the chance to take flicks of his wife getting it on with some bull lover of hers. He took several shots of her from behind, loving the sight of her curvaceous ass filling his aperture. When he’d taken a few of her sucking Mark’s cock, he dropped his camera on the bed and took off his clothes.

Daisy and Mark went about their business as if he wasn’t there, and in a way for them he actually wasn’t. Mark pulled Daisy up on the bed and had her sit on his face. Daisy had a lovely body which was well tanned from hours spent at the beach. Arnold picked up his camera and took shots of Mark flicking his tongue under her pussy while she squirmed and moaned. He zoomed his camera in to capture the slutty tattoo she had stencilled across the top of her butt, and that of the rose imprinted on her right ass cheek. So many times he’d spent kissing that particular tattoo; he’d even asked her to have another on the other cheek to complete the picture.

Daisy glanced over her shoulder and noticed that Mark’s cock was being ignored. She turned around with his face still buried under her pussy and resumed sucking his dick. Arnold couldn’t stop marvelling at how huge her lover’s cock was, the fact that his wife’s hand barely reached around it and that no matter with how much effort she expanded her mouth so as to choke down on it, she never really could. Still she went on slurping its shaft, applying her lips to his sagging balls as well as licking further down his scrotum. Arnold was momentarily jealous seeing this. This was a feat she’d never once performed on him… but the thought quickly passed from his mind and once again he trained his camera’s lens on her and took a couple more shots.

"Okay babe," Mark smacked her ass as he pushed her off him. "Time I get this dick of mine in you."

Daisy grinned. "I thought you'd never ask."

She lay on her back, her legs went north and south as Mark came in between. He didn’t bother putting on a condom — Daisy wouldn’t have wanted it anyway because she loved nothing more than going bareback — as he pushed the head of his cock into her. Daisy held her breath and let it all out in a whoosh the moment Mark penetrated her. She pulled her head back and gasped, "Oh my gosh! That cock’s so big!" She turned to look at her husband. "Oh god, honey! He’s so fucking big! Ohhh…"

She went on whimpering as Mark pushed the remainder of his cock further and further into her pussy. He left it there for a second or two and when he pulled back out, his shaft was stained with the creamy juice of her cum. She wrapped her arms over his shoulders and her legs shook as Mark reintroduced his manhood back into her. Arnold switched his camera to video mode and positioned himself right behind her lover's ass, filming his cock push into his wife's pussy. Such a lovely sight it was; his cock was standing to attention already and even as he held the camera with one hand while his other began stroking it, he felt pre-cum ooze out from its tip.

"Ohhh god . . . Ohh goddamn! Fuckme!-fuckme!-fuckme!" Daisy panted vigorously as Mark started moving his ass back and forth. Daisy felt herself cumming so suddenly; never had she been so full before.

"Damn girl!" Mark groaned. "Your pussy’s so tight… and sweet, too."

He leaned over her and fucked her steadily, giving her long strokes that were followed by sporadic quick bursts. Her pussy was wrapped pleasurably around his shaft, lubricating it so good for him to shove the remainder inside her with ease. Daisy groped his ass and wiggled her pelvis under him as their fucking fell into rhythm.

Mark pulled Daisy on top so she was straddling him. Daisy bounced on his cock as hard as she could while Mark lay back fingering her nipples and enjoying the show. Just when he felt she was getting ahead of him, he pulled her closer, grasped her ass and hammered his cock hard and fast up into her. Daisy couldn't stop squealing with delight; the joy of his cock in her was so wonderful. Arnold came around and watched as Mark's thick cock slammed his wife's ass up and down like a bullet elevator. He rubbed his wife's ass and poked a finger into her asshole. Daisy cried out from it, though loving it as well. Her asshole was tight to his finger. She hadn't yet summoned the courage to try anal, but Arnold figured it was only a matter of time before she did it.

Mark went on fucking his wife every which way. By now Arnold had run through the last bit of the batteries he'd bought and hoped it would enough to capture Mark cumming. When finally Mark had Daisy on her back with her legs resting on his shoulders, it was obvious he was soon going to cum.

"Yeah, where do you want my cum?"

Daisy gasped. "I want… ohh god!… I want your cum in me…"

"Oh yeah? That what you want, you hot little slut! Want me to cum in your pussy?"

"Uh… yeah… yeah… cum in me, please!"

Mark lay over her now and increased the tempo of his fucking, banging her pussy hard and fast while Daisy cried and whimpered under him, still begging him to cum inside her. Mark's body tensed and he groaned aloud as he emptied his sac into Daisy's pussy. Daisy screamed out as she felt his semen envelope her, and still she wrapped her arms and legs tight around him, wanting him to empty his entire load into her before pulling away. When Mark did, falling to the other side of the bed gasping, Arnold came forward with the camera in hand and filmed the trail of semen gushing out of his wife's pussy. This was the master shot he'd been wanting to have all night.

"Oh yeah," he smiled to himself. "That's very beautiful."

"Honey, put that camera down and come clean me up, will you," Daisy said to him.

Arnold handed the camera to Mark who trained it on him as he lay on the bed, his head between his wife’s open legs, licking out the load of cum that was slowly dripping out of her. Daisy caressed his head and moaned as he applied his lips to work. Mark leaned over and sucked on her breast, still holding the camera on her husband.

A minute later, the last of the batteries died. But that was to be expected after such an exciting evening.

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