Love in the Sand

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It was one of those days when, against all odds, summer returns. Sunshine kisses the shore and the long light of early fall makes the air luminous and oddly bright. One of those days when the impossible becomes probable and the unlikely struts its stuff. I set out that morning with no destination in mind beyond living the day. I walked out onto the beach, drawn by the great expanse of solitude it offered. Emptied of holiday makers, the sands stretched bare and pristine once I got beyond the few sets of intrepid footprints.

My dog ran before me dashing from patches of seaweed and chasing the foam along the water’s edge. Her black coat glistened in the sun, her tongue lolling as she turned to urge me on to the next attraction and then the next. We rounded the point and made our way down the edge of a dune and I looked up and there you were. Your brown hair tumbled loose on your shoulders and your cheeks glowed with the sun and the climb up the dune and your eyes shot sparks of energy and delight in the day and the walk and the salt and your lips were parted in a smile of simple pleasure. Fresca and your dog did what dogs do and in their dance of friendship and well met and what have you been up to they brushed hard against your legs and you slipped.

Without thinking I reached out and caught your arm to steady you and your fall brought you suddenly into my arms. You steadied yourself with a hand on my shoulder and the touch was like a shock, a jolt of warmth and connection unexpected in its intensity and power. Our eyes met and it was there as well, the connection, the statement without words. The rest of the world seemed to shrink and fall away until there was only me and you and the sand shifting beneath our feet. Your hand on my shoulder and my arm around your waist. A question in my eyes and the answer in yours. The beat of my heart suddenly louder than the surf’s long surge.

The breeze blew your hair across your face and without thinking I reached to brush it back. Without a word you brought your hand to catch mine and hold it there, pressed against your cheek, and then using my shoulder pulled yourself upright until we faced one another. Close, my hand still touching your cheek as though the moment had frozen and us with it. Until you turned so slightly and I felt your lips brush my palm and then my hand curled round your neck and brought you close to kiss you. I had never thought to do this, but, but it felt so easy and right and inevitable and so like in the sweetest of dreams. A kiss like falling, like drowning but wanting to, like losing the image I’d always thought of as me and discovering another. I leaned back, breathless, to read your eyes. Reading warmth and desire and something greater without a name and beyond the power of words to call up or describe. As though just now, and only in this moment had we begun to live. I saw your breasts rise with your breath, and a flush rising up your neck and over your cheeks and the smile reach your eyes.

I brought you close again and my hands reached down your back and along your waist, over your ass restless and eager, touching, appreciating the warmth, the smooth curves, the press of you reaching for me with arms and hips and thighs. I knelt before you and loosened the button on your jeans, sliding jean and panties together over your ass and down. Kisses along your belly, kisses down your thighs, kisses rising between your legs, kisses parting the lips of your pussy and pausing there. My tongue sliding between the lips wet and swollen now, my tongue finding the soft hood and the jewel of your clit beneath, reaching in and down, into you and then flicking up and pausing again to breathe in the deep musk of you.

I stood and, watching your eyes, slid my pants off, my cock hard with desire, tense with longing and delight. I laid my clothes out and the coat I carried with me on top, then stepped to you and brought your tee over your head, freed your breasts and lowered you gently onto the makeshift bed.

“You are beautiful,” I whispered and I told you how I loved the proud jut of your breasts and the hardness of your nipples, the way your belly trembled as I kissed it, the way your hand reached for me and drew me close. Guiding me in as your legs wrapped around my thighs, pulling me in deeply, hands in my hair, breath in my ear. I moved first shallow then deep, then shallow again, watching your eyes and the beat of your heart. Then deeply again until my balls pressed against your ass and my hands reached around to cup your cheeks and pull you even closer and deeper.

I shifted and held myself above you, the tip of my cock just inside you, watching your eyes, the way you bit your lower lip, the flush of desire spreading over the tops of your breasts and along your neck; and then looked down to see where our bodies joined, caressing you with my eyes, holding you, us, this moment and feeling your body tense as you arched your back and lifted your hips to me so that the head of my cock caught against your lips, caught and slid and caught again, and again and again. Eyes joined now even as our bodies were one, one heartbeat, one motion, one great surge of feeling and emotion and need.

And in that moment, I began to lose myself in the reaching for you, reaching into you deeper and deeper still, pulling almost all the way out and then striving for one another, meeting with depth and heat and liquid sounds of loving like the waves searching along the shore. I felt your arms tight around me, hands grasping in my hair, your breath in gasps in my ear and then against my mouth, crushed to each other I felt the whole length of your body along mine and felt the tension build deep inside, build with each thrust, each push, each pull, building in you and spreading to me like fire. Your legs came around me again urging me on and in, while under me you tightened and cried out and it was then that I let go and felt the incredible release like the crashing fall of a wave breaking through me and into you. And I looked at you in wonder and shock, the shock of finding or recognizing, of seeing you and me as if in all the time it had always been thus, always been us and here and now.

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