Summer heat, part three

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You stir slightly as my fingernails trail a gentle indentation across your chest. I writhe up until my teeth can reach your neck; I bite softly, then whisper in your ear:

“Wake, my lazy lover, I need you.”

I used you while you slept, now I want you awake.

I reach up and carefully open your shirt. I want my hands on your hot body, I want to touch your beautiful skin and feel it next to mine.

My hands slide across your chest, moving against you like the animal you have made me. You taught me the meaning of insatiable.

You are the focus of my need, you have imprisoned my soul with the intensity of pleasure that you bring to me. There is a screaming urge inside me that only you can fill.

Your arm moves behind me, and fingers entwine themselves tightly in my hair. It is the delicious sensation of being taken forcibly in response to my insistence. I feel that sudden urge of arousal in you that lies in wait for me, a wet surge of want as my head is jerked back so that my lips meet yours.

There is a hard thrusting of your body against mine. I meet it with equal force, every sinew screaming its need of you at this moment. My arms encircle your neck, pulling you to me, mouths devouring each other in desperate frenzy.

The grass under my naked body cannot cushion the hardness of your drive onto me as your hands shove my legs apart roughly.

Your mouth is close to my ear: “Is this what you want?”

I feel your close hardness, ready to take me, driving me to the point of begging for it. My need for you is real and desperate. This is the control you have. There can be no one but you to give me what I want.

“Please, yes, just use me, fuck me…” My voice catching in passion and desperation. I hear the sounds of the forest close around me in the ecstasy of our moment. Your jeans are rough against my naked thighs; the hardness of your cock thrusting out of your open fly is all I feel in the moment of you taking me.

“Is there no satisfying you?” you growl.

“Not as long as you are here to fuck me, you know I can’t get enough…”

At that you drive yourself into me, hard. My body thrusts up to take what you have, all of it, to feel you deep within, where I need you to be. You hold me there, impaled for that moment of eternity — still, hard. I want you to know my writhing insistence that begs to have you use me in any way you want.

I feel you withdraw slowly, and I trail my hand down to find your beautiful cock as it leaves my wet cunt. The wetness of me holding your sliding cock on my hand gives you that extra sensation of never leaving me. I want to hold you, guide you back into me through encircling fingers, so that your cock knows its wet and flowing destination with each thrust. As our bodies meld together, I slide my fingers away, then entwine you with them each time you slip fully out of me.

This way I can guide you to the exact place I want you, again and again, finding somewhere new each time. And I feel that delicious helplessness as you begin to lose control under my knowing touch.

How long can you stand this double sensation? Do I blow your mind with the same endless ecstasy that you inflict on me? My hand takes you, guides you, holds you inside. This time I intend to take you with me; there are certain rights that a woman must demand.

My tongue entwines itself with yours as my fingers give fresh insistence to your growing urge. You have unleashed me to be this way, to take what I want, when I want.

And my want is now my beautiful love. I feel you rising to meet me, each frenzied thrust seeming deeper than the last. Harder and faster.

“Now my love, I want all of you now.” I feel my words of need drawing you even closer.

The indescribable sense of mutual being, as we climb towards each other, prolonging that peak of ecstasy as you lose yourself in me, and I possess you completely and take you as my own. I feel you spurt into me as you grasp me tighter, and my climax is at full height to match yours. Your taking of me is violent, yet measured with exquisite tenderness.

We become as one, knowing nothing but our moment of perfection, lost in our woodland hideaway.

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