Dirty Secret

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I have many secrets; memories of my past, held under lock and key, seldom revealed. My private thoughts overwhelm me. Sometimes I feel I may internally combust if they are not set free. Over time, these thoughts turn into curiosity. Then they become cravings. Finally, the cravings become a need for action.

For me, the craving is just as strong as the need to eat, the need to breathe. This uncontrollable urge has gotten me into some sticky situations, no pun intended. Every once in a while, I have a deep-rooted need to fuck strangers. I don’t mean having blind dates that turn into one-night stands. I have crossed a line in my sexuality that I never imagined I would pass. My latest cum-craving encounter took place in a men’s restroom.

I was having dinner alone at a restaurant just outside the city. That night, I was more horny than hungry. I noticed the place had a handsome selection of hunks that I wouldn’t mind taking home. But I didn’t want to get to know anyone first and go through the stupid interview process. I didn’t even want to talk. I didn’t want to look at their face. I just wanted to fuck.

I snuck into the men’s restroom and undressed in the stall. I sat on the toilet, impatiently tapping my feet and biting my nails. I heard the door open. This beautiful big cock poked through the glory hole. I looked at it in awe. My mouth watered, just thinking about sucking and swallowing it until I choked.

I wrapped my hand around the stiff prick in front of me. It was so big; my fingers couldn’t even reach all the way around when I held it in my hand. I ran my tongue around the head, slowly wetting the tip. I licked under and over, then suctioned my mouth around the head. I took as much of it in my mouth as I could. I relaxed my jaw, held my breath, and bobbed my head back and forth. My throat was opening nicely around the shaft, letting it slide down deeper. It felt so good in my mouth. Each tasty stroke made me think about how it would feel inside my cunt. I was getting soaked just thinking about it.

I got down on my knees, pressing against the wall, hoping to swallow every inch. It was so deep; my lips could reach the duct tape outlining the glory hole. The tip felt like it was sliding through my throat, nearing my collarbone. I held it in, and moaned on it as I let it glide out of my mouth slowly. Long strings of saliva covered the shaft. I spat on it and spread my spit all the way to the base. Then I held my mouth wide open to take it back in. The cock started thrusting in and out, getting harder by the second.

My clit was throbbing. I let the anonymous guy fuck my mouth harder and faster. I could hear him groaning with pleasure. His hands scraped the partition wall as he chased his climax relentlessly. Suddenly, I could taste his cum filling my mouth and flowing down my chin. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and jerked out every drop between my lips, then let it drip down my body. The hot, sticky fluid felt so good on my skin.

I spread the cum over my chest and around my breasts like it was a luxurious lotion. I sucked it off my fingers and spat it out again, trying to soak my entire body in it. I slid my hand between my legs and circled my clit rapidly. My eyes clenched tight. I didn’t stop rubbing my pussy until I was shaking like crazy, coming hard all over my fingers.

I opened my eyes again and saw the cock was still stiff and ready for more. I licked my lips and smiled, eager to fuck it. I placed my foot on the toilet seat and leaned forward, reaching back to guide the hard cock to my cunt, and took it deep inside me from behind. It hit every sensitive spot, making another orgasm rise within me, even stronger than the first.

I rubbed my clit slowly, meeting the rhythm of the cock thrusting inside me. I pressed my ass closer to the wall so I could feel every inch of this beautiful stranger. My entire body stiffened, then quivered as I came powerfully from the inside out. Pussy juice sprayed down my thighs, soaking me in my own secretions.

That sexy groan through the wall was getting louder. I turned around to suck him again, the shaft drenched with my sex. I jerked the base rapidly, wrapped my lips around the engorged head, and whirled my tongue around it from between my teeth. A strong surge of cum flowed between my lips. I reveled in the tangy taste, then let the cock spray hot cum on my face.

The stranger left. I sat on the commode letting my body gradually relax; I was covered in spit, sweat, and cum. When I finally got cleaned up, I had to use my panties as a washcloth.

It was a beautifully filthy experience. To this day, I don’t know how I got the courage to try something that crazy. Somehow, the act fulfilled me. I was relaxed and happy. I felt a high I’ve never reached before. I have kept this dirty secret inside me for a long time. I could never put the words together to explain the details… until now.

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