Silence and Surrender

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I am between your thighs, circling my tongue slowly on your flesh. I can feel your heat rising. You are eager to feel my lips come closer to your slit, yet I drag out the moment just to relish your shudders of pleasure.

Your legs are shaking already, but I have yet to touch your pussy. I give a pleasant bite to your inner thigh, the tender flesh next to the slender bone that leads to the origin of your wetness.

I hover my mouth over your mound and delicately graze my lips up your slit. I rest my mouth on your pussy, letting my tongue touch your clit lightly, stirring the vexed lust inside you.

I see your hands coming behind my head…

No, dear. Not today. I deny you control and pin your wrists on each side. Harsh enough to get my point across, but gentle enough for you to let me continue.

My tongue broadly stretches across your pussy. Up and down, in gentle languid licks. I kiss your clit softly, then, let the wetness drip. I squeeze and twist my tongue inside you. Your back arches like you are about to cum.

No, dear. Not yet. I am not letting you get it that easily. Once I feel you coming too close, I pause all motion but hold the pressure.

I feel you struggle and I relish your torment…

I kiss your pussy again, then suction my lips around your clit. I softly flick the tip of my tongue under it, exalting your madness.

I can taste your wetness leak between my lips, your hips shivering in excitement, thrusting slowly.

You can barely keep your mouth closed but only heavy breaths escape your lips. You are too deep in concentration to say a word. Your silence tells me you are screaming on the inside.

I inch my tongue inside you again, then lick slowly up to your clit with sudden whirls and sharp turns, like I am writing in cursive on your pussy with my tongue.

My tongue crosses the “T’s” and dots the “I’s” repeatedly. I am being careful not to lick too deeply, as you taste like you are about to cum at any moment.

One, two, three licks in a row. Then I suck it softly. Four, five, six licks later, I slurp it loudly.

Here come my fingers, slowly spreading your lips apart. I look at your gleaming wet cunt and grin devilishly at my handiwork.

“Please…” you say in a soft exhale.

That’s all you can manage as tears trickle down. Your face is in heat, bursting with lustful expressions.

Before you make another sound, I lick your clit again, firmly and passionately. I suck on it in the way I would treat your gorgeous nipples.

Behind my back, I hold one of my favorite toys, the double-ended dildo. It’s big and thick but flexible enough for even the tightest pussy to squeeze around. I inch the tip inside you with my lips suckling your clit.

I love the way you look right now, completely dissolved in bliss, wrapped in passion, endlessly shaking.

I purr sofly on your clit and twist the cock inside you, just deep enough to graze your G-spot and let your walls grip.

I lick from left to right while pushing the cock up into you. Firm thrusts, in and out. Your pussy tightens, stopping the cock from sliding too deeply.

I can feel offbeat pulses of your awaiting climax on my lips. Your hips shiver. You are quiet, holding your breath, awaiting the finale of your culmination.

I moan on your pussy while I lick it faster, slurping your lips, pumping the thick shaft deeply. Then, I press it down, making the head push your sweet spot firmly.

A sudden blissful scream breaks the silence. Your body explodes in powerful throbs. Your pussy bursts in wetness. Streams of juice spray all over me.

I hold your thighs firmly as your entire body convulses. I press my body on yours, trying to hold you still. Then, without warning, I pump the dildo inside you again. My wrist moves rapidly while I grip your body close.

You hang onto my shoulders, cumming all over me again. Your sexy moans flood my ears as I fuck you relentlessly, through every last throb.

The look on your face…mmm… no words can describe, only sounds. The joy in your tears, the beauty in your surrender.

My pussy is aching from what I’ve done to you, but I want this feeling to stay a while. I like the hazy trip, the tension beween my legs.

I hold you close and give your body a chance to calm. Then, I touch myself. You look at me and smile. I can tell this excites you.

I know you want to touch me, but I don’t allow it. I want to put on a show for you. I want you to watch me get even wetter.

I push you back to view me at a distance and I slide my fingers between my lips. I take the dildo and spit on it, making it slick enough for me to stuff it deeply.

Your mouth drops open, watching it squeeze inside me. I circle my clit firmly as I smoothly rotate the cock around. Then I take it out again and lick my wetness off the dildo while looking deep in your eyes.

I lie back with my legs spread wide, looking at you and smiling. I curl my finger at you, finally allowing you to come to me. I pull you on top, insert the other end inside you, and pull your hips down inch by inch.

Then, oh… my… God… I cum instantly! Right at entrance.

The feeling of it would have to be the closest likeness a woman could feel to having a throbbing hard cock, slowly pushing into a spasming pussy. Amazing doesn’t even cover it.

I hold your body close, stirring the cock between us, thrusting deeply, throbbing exquisitely. My pussy pulses and quivers as I thrust deeper into you. The sweet pressure forces me to dig my nails deeply across your back.

You playfully swerve your hips into me, pressing my pussy tightly, knowing it’s sensitive. My body shudders involuntarily. You smile, enjoying the sight.

You kiss me softly then, carefully take the cock out of you. To my surprise, you keep it inside me. You grip the shaft firmly, suction your lips around my clit, and fuck me slowly with the dildo.

Your tongue circles slowly and gently, but you thrust the cock into me fast and hard. The contrast of speed has my pussy melting, my brain dissolving like a sugar cube in a teacup.

I grip the sheets and moan delightedly, grinding my pussy, welcoming every rush and wave of bliss you make me crash into. My legs wrap tight around your neck, feet pressing your back, shivering, retreating.

I surrender. I relinquish all of myself; mind, body, and soul. I am bowing down and tapping out.

Whatever game we just played… you win, dear. Let’s just enjoy this beautiful tranquil silence, and surrender together.

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