Let’s Fuck In The Shower

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Would you like to get clean or dirty with me?

The sunlight streams into my room, lighting my small space. His breathing causes my head to roll side to side, like a ship bobbing on the waves of his breath. My head rests in that little spot I can’t help but enjoy, the junction of his shoulder and arm. I fit neatly against it, like my head is the perfect puzzle piece designed to slide inside.

We are spent from hours of entangling our limbs together. I rubbed his erection through my velvet-soft fleece blanket until he became hard. His hardness felt like the most delicious, delectable promise to me. That perfect fit to split me open with a sigh once he thrusts within me… Or an ecstasy induced scream, depending upon the tightness of my pussy.

He mentions erotica books and I smile. We talk about anything and everything in our quiet moments of recovery, where our sweat combines sweetly. I can still taste his essence on my tongue.

“My mother had a graveyard of dirty books underneath her bed,” I admit.

“The Harley Quinn’s? I got my hands on those as a boy but there was this one book where the sex scenes were incredible. All I remember is her name though.”

“What made it so special?” I ask him.

I roll over onto my side to face him. His features get that distinctive pondering look I love to watch, as his mind is ticking, remembering exactly what made it so tantalizing. His mind is always moving like the gears of a clock.

“The main character, this woman, she just loved fucking. Well, she was in the shower with this guy. And the way it was described, the sensation of the water, how he pummeled into her, was just something else.”

My lips purse together with a minx-like smile. I can still feel the whispers of him inside me. How he caused my pussy to clench and tighten around his length. He demanded me to assume the position. I grinned at him and wagged my ass in the air like a bullfighter egging on the bull to attack.

“Let’s recreate it, I gotta take a shower. Are you coming in with me?”

I pop up from my position on the bed. My legs protest from the many different positions he put me in while he fucked me.

There’s this move where he eats me out until he expects me to scream for mercy. His arm hooks underneath my left thigh. He pries it backward like an oyster being pulled open to be devoured. I never do cry out for him to stop. Yet, at times my body backs further into the headboard for an escape from my orgasms.

I stare at him splayed out, naked on my bed. For me it’s a certain kind of wonderful to see him awash in the morning light. I want us to fuck again one last time. I’m insatiable in that way, refusing to quit even when my body screams out in soreness.

I move toward the bathroom and turn on the faucet. The water streams out and I look back at him with a come hither glance. He follows me. I can feel the heat of his body. My fingers glance against the water, testing the temperature.

“Do you have Irish Spring soap by any chance?”

“Nah, just girl stuff.”

“It’s gonna be a whore’s shower for me then,” he says with a laugh.

I turn on the shower and pause. There’s something that holds me back from hopping in immediately. I turn to face him with a bashful, shy expression. My hand gestures at my small bathtub and shower.

“I don’t do this normally.”

“What’s that?”

“Take a shower… with a guy. I’ll fuck them until kingdom come and back. But this… it’s different.”

“I don’t have to hop in if you don’t want,” he says.

It’s a gentle offer and I smile back at him. My hand pulls my hair back into a tight ponytail.

“I want you to. It’s just different, and I want to see what I can do to you with water involved.”

We get in the shower and face each other. The hot water pelts my back. I move toward him with a grin. It’s that smile I wear when I just want him to kiss me.

Our lips press together and I sigh at the sensation. The combination of our kiss and the soft stream of water sets my body afire.

“In the water with you!”

He gives me a playful push into the stream. I’ve been avoiding it, with only my back getting the brunt of the pressure of water. Now it slides down my face and I close my eyes. When I take a breath of air the liquid rushes over my lips. The hot water enters my mouth. I brush back my wet locks and grab a hold of the back of his skull. My hand pulls his face toward mine in a rough, forceful move.

Our lips crush together. There’s the feel of the water coursing over our tongues, lips, as we crush each other passionately with our kisses. My hand reaches down to stroke his dick. I crash down to my knees on the slick, wet surface of my bathtub. I let my hair down since it’s pointless to try to keep it dry now.

My hands grip his ass. I pull him toward my mouth. I slurp at the water streaming down between us and use it to lubricate my tongue over his balls. He groans above me and grips my head. I bob up and down on his dick. It grows within the hot, wet warmth of my willing mouth.

“Mmm, this is quite hot.”

“You can say that, I’ve been trying to get him to calm down actually,” he says with a laugh.

NY drags me up from my kneeling position. We kiss deeply again. His hands shove me against the opposite wall. I’m cornered and pinned within my own shower. The cold tile greets my heated skin. I wrap my arms around him and pull him hard against my soft, slick body. I can taste the water and the flavor of my pussy still on his tongue. It’s a sweet, subtle flavor that I love to taste when we kiss after he eats me out.

He positions me away from the stream. His hands splash the water against his face as he fully submerges himself. I work my shampoo up into a lather. My eyes close tightly and I can’t see him. I brush away the suds from my eyes and watch him.

The smell of our sex still clings to our naked bodies. I can still smell him as if the water never touched my skin. The combination of our sweat, his delicious cum, and my orgasms. I wonder, if I didn’t take a shower today would my coworkers smell the scent of us fucking countless times?

I approach him in the stream of water. He gives me that look like he can read me. How I want him to bend me over and just fuck me here and now, inside of my small shower. My fingers entwine in his hair. I yank it gently and guide his lips back to mine. We kiss passionately and the water surrounds us. All I can see, sense, is his lips, tongue, and the steady stream enveloping us in its warmth.

He spins me around again. My back presses against the cool tile. His hands grab my wrists and press them overhead. He bites the skin of the nape of my neck. I’m left panting as he continues the pursuit of owning my skin with his lips and teeth. I want him to mark me so that I can be reminded of him after the fact.

He kisses down my body and stops at my tits. One hand moves my wrists to be held by just one palm. The other tilts my right breast up toward his mouth. I watch him through half-open eyes. The water rolls down my body and he sucks my tit in sharply. I feel him give it a gentle bite before turning his attention to my left tit. I squirm against his hold and find a way to break free.

I shove him backward against the opposite wall. My knees collide with the unforgiving floor of my bathtub. I take him in my mouth again. All I want is for him to cum again inside my mouth while the water serenades us.

“I’ve been trying to get that under control,” he mumbles.

“Well, stop doing that. And just cum in my mouth already.”

He makes a growl above me. I can’t help the grin forming on my mouth. It’s incredible to taste the water mixed with his skin. To have it rushing my lips as I fully engulf his dick within my throat. I breathe through my nose carefully to try to avoid the stream suffocating me while I attend to my devout task.

“Okay, I’m out. You’re gonna leave me raw from fucking again for days.”

“Hmmm, it was just getting fun!”

He leaps out of the shower. I rise up from my bent down position. I can still taste the combination of the water and his dick on my tongue.

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