Shift Change

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I pull back
the soft and worn, cotton sheets.
I slide in slow,
switch off the dim lamp
and close my eyes…

I can see you there, so clearly in the glow, just rising.

I kiss you,
softly nuzzle.

Our bare skin not touching.

I whisper good mornings in your ear.
I natter on and tell you about my day,
with all the tiny little details.
I know you’re only half listening…

I see it with my closed eyes
and feel it in my skin.

Your strong hands…

they don’t care what I am saying
or about the sweet minutiae of my day.
Soft and rough, gentle and warm. Honest.

The sheets whisper with us,
you wrap me tighter,
bring me closer.

“Kiss me awake.”

I feel your voice inside me.

I fake a pout, and submit to your command.
I lift my face to yours, press my lips, purr and give you just what you want.
Lust fills all of my senses, moans of animal true nature erupt and wet my lips.

I pull away, hunger in my eyes, teeth biting, a low, wanting growl.

 …and from myself, another self, I turn.

I don’t care about the minutiae of my day, either.

Entwining our legs,
Our bodies sync,
lock in tight,
press in close, so close…

I feel you, so clearly, just rising.

I straddle you and guide your cock quickly,
wanting to feel your full dawning thicken inside.
I am wet,
my thighs slippery,
nothing but desire in control.
Nothing but desire.
Your face, the muscles, your eyes…
I watch so close, I am inside you.
Your quiet gasp and sigh as I lock around you.
I feel it.
I feel your full girth
and with it,
every vein and throb.
I want to feel you whimper,
and your body beg.
I watch the desire in your face grow stronger,
the loving madman appear in your eyes.
I wait for the raw sociopath to show
and your cock, rock solid.

Slowly, slowly, slowly
I draw myself away.
No matter how much I want to thrust my hips and writhe.
No matter how much
I need you, too.

I ride until your shaft is completely
exposed and glistening.
I reach down and wrap one hand around you,
let you free and your
magnificent cock goes (pop!).
I hold you firmly
letting my thumb run up and down your length and trace your head
around my swollen, throbbing clit, deliciously teasing both of us.
As much as I want you back inside me,
oh, as much as
I want
just that,
I go down.
I need to feel you on my lips.
I need to please you, taste you, have you in my mouth.
I let the head of your cock slide across the peachy down of my cheek
from the high cheekbone
to the full wanting of my lips.
I let my lips pause and hover, you feel my breath quiver on your wet cock.
I inhale and my own scent greets me, alongside yours.
I rub you slowly across my other cheek
loving you, adoring you.
I take you in my lips and make love
to your cock like it is the first
ice cream cone of a young summer.
I react to the musky scent of your base self and
take you in
inch by inch,
wanting all of you, deeply.
I plunge one quick finger into my wet pussy
and glide it over
your fine, tight asshole, an unexpected greeting. A question.
I rub us simultaneously and
your cock jumps in my throat.
I weaken to selfishness
and need.

I need to feel you in every crevice and crack.
I need your tongue on me, your teeth to bite.
I need to taste your sweat and feel your grunting breath on my body,
I want your cock pumping into me and every part of your body, a slam.
I want to slap you and claw you. I want it, rough, love…violent.
Your tongue in my mouth, my ears, I want to feel your breath on my cunt…your teeth to scrape me.
I want to dig into your skin because I have to, because I can’t help it.
I want to feel your lips, sucking, hear your tongue, lapping, glide on your sweat.
Now. Please?!
Now, now, now!
I look up and my eyes are asking, begging.
They tell you I am innocent and wild, on fire.
“Oh my god, please fuck me.”
I whisper, I break, I beg.
You lose yourself, your sweet decorum
and roughly take control.
We are animals after all, my love
and you are my male.
Tell me, take me, make me, love me
any way you want.
I offer myself to you.
I expose myself, to you.
These are my feathers,
use my quill.

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