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Come in. Don’t talk to me. Don’t say a word. Just strip me down and take me. To say I had a bad day is an understatement. I don’t want to talk about it. I have no care left for the issue. Just lay me down and eat, eat, EAT! Don’t bother taking your clothes off. It will take too much time. I am so horny right now, I will have a bitch fit if I don’t come. I don’t want to be teased. It’ll just piss me off. I don’t want to be held. It’s too hot to cuddle.

Yes! There it is. Your tongue flips, whirls, and glides all over my pussy. Your fingers inch into me. My gushing wet orifice streams across your hand, my clit pulsing out of control. I feel the rhythmic explosion course through my body. At this very moment, I have no problems. Right now, I am lost within myself and will be ready again to take on my stress-filled day in just a few moments. Oh, yes! Here I come. My eyes clenched, my body shuddering. I am moaning delightfully, taking in the sweet pressure of your lips. Your fingers pound in and out of me just the way I like. Fuck me until I come! That’s it. Right there. A little to the left. Now, stop and suck me off while your fingers flick rapidly inside me. Yes, yes, yes… There it is. That didn’t take long at all. I feel so much better. You can go now. Thanks so much for stopping by! I’ll see you soon.

Back to this lawyer’s office I go. I will be out for a while. I guess I won’t be needing my car today. He tells me to just plead the 5th and I’ll be fine. Now this fucker’s telling me not to talk. How ironic. Oh well. Here I go, inside the bullpen, past the guards. They take my prints and my photo as I flash them my sunniest smile for my ID badge to go with this bright orange jumpsuit. That didn’t take long.

Not even ten minutes pass and I see her. She is cuffed and smiling as she walks past, held at the elbow by a large female CO. She pretends she doesn’t know me, so of course, the guard places her in my cell. I try not to laugh or smile when the officer tells me this is my “new friend” while I am a guest in her hell hole. She is so good at keeping a straight face. I am not. I smile sweetly and nod, as if I had a choice and am agreeing to it. The decision is made, nevertheless.

It’s night time now. She gestures to me flirtatiously. I look at her and smile. She is unbuttoning her suit.

“This was a fun game, huh?” I laugh.

“Yes,” she replies, her hand grabbing my hair from my nape, pulling my face down to her pussy. “Now, come here. Don’t talk. Not a word. Just eat, eat, EAT!”

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