Private Audition: her voice made my panties wet…

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I had been given the task of hosting auditions for a music project. After three hours, I had heard the same solo sung badly by 15 different girls. My ears were ringing and I was already craving alcohol, knowing it was barely noon. I tossed a handful of resumes and head shots into the trash can. There was only one more girl waiting. I was so relieved and so ready to go, I didn’t even look at her picture.

Then, this gorgeous creature with a perfect hourglass figure walked on stage and grabbed my attention. I checked her out from head to toe. She was wearing black thigh-high boots, and a short denim skirt. Her toned midriff showed beneath a pretty top that exposed her tanned shoulders. She was the kind of sexy that you don’t see every day; curvy in all the right places and comfortable in her own skin.

As soon as the first few notes came out of her mouth, I was thinking inappropriate thoughts. The way she accentuated her voice sounded like she was moaning with pleasure. Every time she changed key, I felt my clit throb. I thought I was going to come in my seat just listening to her sing. She was the only one to hit all the notes perfectly and follow the rhythm, but she also added a sexy, syncopated pacing of her own. I was impressed!

She bowed politely as I applauded. The way she looked at me made me shiver, her dazzling eyes keeping contact with mine a little too long, then glancing down to check out my crossed legs. I pulled my skirt down self-consciously. My panties were soaked by now. As she came down the steps from the stage, I admired the way her full breasts bounced freely under her shirt and realized she wasn’t wearing a bra.

I stood up and shook her hand, then had her fill out the forms for the show. I didn’t even have to tell her; she already knew I would give her the part.

“This is your first time auditioning here, right?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “I’m new to the city.”

“Welcome!” I smiled. “Let me show you around?”

I gave her a quick tour behind the stage and showed her the dressing rooms. I explained that for her solo, she had an upper entrance above the stage so she could see her cue and have time to walk down to center stage.

She smiled and nodded, her eyes locking on mine again. There was an instant attraction between us that I couldn’t explain or deny. I had to force myself not to stare back. I led her up the staircase overlooking the stage and pointed out where to look for her cue. As she leaned over, she touched my hand lightly and looked deep in my eyes. I was done for! I leaned in and kissed her softly, her vanilla lip-gloss melting on my tongue like candy.

I pinned her up against the wall and squeezed her breasts as I nuzzled her neck. I lifted her blouse and licked and sucked all over the heavy curves, squashing them together and flickering my tongue over her nipples until they hardened. I caressed her waist and reached behind her to smooth my hands over her back. Her skin felt like silk. The scent of her perfume was intoxicating.

I kissed lower and sunk to my knees, licking her stomach on the way. I hiked up her skirt and ran my tongue softly over the crotch of her panties until I tasted her sweetness soaking through. I pulled the panties down to her knees and French kissed her pussy to tease her.

She weaved her fingers through my hair and grabbed two fistfuls to keep my head in place as I whirled my tongue around her clit. Then, she sang for me again. This time, her tune was a beautiful arrangement of moans. Just hearing her voice made me wet. My clit was swollen, poking through my folds, the wet fabric of my panties rubbing it as my hips rocked gently.

I reached around to grab her ass tight, pushing my tongue deeper inside her wet slot. She started humping against my face, her beautiful gasps and groans getting louder. She held my hair tighter, her legs trembling. I sucked and licked her clit faster until she came all over my mouth. Her climactic moans echoed over the balcony as her pussy quivered in my face.

I kissed her pussy again, more gently now, feeling the final tremors of her orgasm pulsing against my lips. She knelt down to kiss me, sharing the taste of her sweetness from my mouth. She pushed me down on the floor and tugged my skirt up around my waist, peeling off my panties and spreading my legs. My clit was throbbing as soon as she pressed her lips to it. She eased her fingers inside me, locked her lips tight around my clit and moved her head in slow circles. The soft, wet suction felt incredible. She was moaning against my pussy as she ate me out, the vibration sending surges of pleasure through my flesh. I was shaking and moaning loudly too, squeezing my breasts, my back arching off the floor. I felt drunk and dizzy.

She plunged her fingers deeper, her other arm wrapped around my thigh. I couldn’t back off from the intense sensations, even if I wanted to. I slammed my arms out wide, fingers flexing against the floor as my stomach clenched. Every flick and whirl of her soft tongue drove me closer to the edge, until with a cry I came powerfully on her mouth. I pressed my thighs around her face as she lightened the pressure of her lips, letting me ride out every spasm of my orgasm.

I lay there, dumbfounded, until I stopped shaking. She took my hand and carefully helped me up. We kissed again, more leisurely. Her lips were even softer now, and she tasted of me. We tidied ourselves up, adjusting our wrinkled clothes. We were both flushed and sweaty, and reeking of sex.

When we came back down the steps, we found a crew of grips and maintenance men cleaning the stage. Their expressions were priceless. They must have heard every sound from the upper stage. We looked at each other, laughing and blushing. We hadn’t realized we had an audience.

“You have lovely voices,” one man said with a wink.

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