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Take me as your very own
tie me as your love demands
use me now and use me fully
force me down to your commands

I need to know your chains upon me
such craving there will always be
to want your ropes to hurt my body
so your bonds will set me free

Submission is my total needing
wanting you to make it so
taking me to places strangely
where I cannot help but go

You’re the one who now must hold me
I’ve sold myself to your control
with my freedom gone forever
now that you possess my soul

So tie me tighter yet and tighter
my screams must bite the gag you give
use my mind to make me suffer
this is how I want to live.

BDSM Verse: The Poetry and Beauty of Bondage

101 Poems for kinky lovers, by Francesca Anderssen is available in paperback and on the Amazon kindle marketplace.

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