Pride Day

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Lola and I happened to be in the nation’s capital for Gay Pride Day. It was a perfect sunny June day and we had just had brunch in our little B&B in the center of the city. We looked over the events listed in the LGBTQ paper and forged a rough plan for the day. We began at Dupont Circle watching the crowd of ebulliently self-proclaimed “fags,” “dykes,” and “traps” congregate. We wandered along with the flow of folks until the stream we were in grew to a mighty river of revelers. The party and parade were in full swing and we were cheering on the costumed and carousing throng.

After a while of this, we grew thirsty and hungry and we wandered off the main route to some smaller streets to find someplace to replenish our energy. As we walked about in a neighborhood we didn’t know, we saw two guys, obviously a couple, in their mid-forties or so, and we asked them for a recommendation. They stopped just long enough for one of them to say, “If you turn right down this alleyway, there’s a small bar with good food and cold drinks at the very end. But…” he looked us over quickly and immediately concluded that we were a straight couple, “it probably isn’t for you.”

I took great offense at that, but Lo brushed it off or, more accurately, she took it as a personal challenge.

We followed his instructions and sure enough down a long alleyway, just wide enough for us to walk single file, we found a door. There was no name. There was nothing to announce that this was any sort of dining establishment. Just a door. There was nowhere else for us to go, so we went in.

On the other side of that mysterious door was a dark room full of men of all ages. There were no windows so not even a hint of the glorious day filtered into this shady hole in the wall. Guys were playing pool, others were sitting around the bar drinking beers, and some others, but very few, were at tables having lunch.

Instead of sports games on the various TVs in the bar as you would see elsewhere, there was a seemingly endless slideshow of naked and semi-naked men projected on every screen. Each man was buff, handsome, and totally gay. Lo was practically drooling looking at them.

“Hungry?” I asked her.

“You have no idea,” she said before snapping out of it and asking, “You mean, for lunch?”

“Lunch, or whatever,” I said back.

“I could do whatever.”

We sat at the bar and got a few odd looks from the patrons. She was the only women in there and the fact that I was with her made it even more of a spectacle.

We ordered some food and two cold beers. We were parched.

As we waited for the food to come, one affable fellow with less xenophobia than the rest started up a conversation with us. He asked us where we were from, what brought us to D.C., how we were liking it, and our experience of the Pride Parade. He was tall, about six feet, and easy going, as if from the south — or further south than D.C. He had a moustache and a chiseled jawline. He made us feel at ease and the fact that he was talking to us was a sign to the rest of the guys that it was ok.

After we ate and had about three beers, Lo was feeling like playing pool and so she challenged this gent to a game. He laughed, as if Lo couldn’t possibly beat him, and accepted her offer. Lo’s pride was at stake and she marched up to the table and racked up the balls. She picked up the cue ball and said, “Do you want to break or shall I?”

“You can,” he said with a chuckle.

“What?” asked Lo, “You think I don’t know how to handle some heavy balls and a long stick?”

“I didn’t say that,” he replied, amused.

Lo bent over the table, revealing a bit under her denim skirt, and took her shot. Nothing went in.

“You might be able to handle balls and a stick, but getting it in the pocket is the trick,” he said.

“Trust me,” said Lo, “I know how to get it in the hole.”

He laughed again as he took his shot. It was an easy shot but he did it with the cool and confidence of a pro. I was worried for Lo’s pride.

The game went on with his taking five shots to every one of Lo’s. He quickly vanquished her. But he was kind about it. He offered to buy us both a drink to show no hard feelings.

“No hard feelings,” said Lo, as she took a sip of her beer, cheersing him, “but is anything else hard?” she asked.

“You got yourself a woman who really likes a challenge,” he said to me with a playful wink of his eye. Then to her, “If you want to find out, follow me.”

He put down his drink and started to walk off toward an even darker corner of the bar. Lo looked at me as her tongue ran its way over her lips, and she followed him. They sat at a small, private round table in the shadows and from where I stood at the bar I could see them making out. His big hands found their way up her skirt and I could see her convulsing. She then repositioned herself, straddling her legs over his knee as she sat looking at him and kissing him, her right thigh rubbing up against his crotch. I saw her right hand reach down between his legs and rub his cock while he buried his face in her breasts.

Though the others in the bar could see it if they chose to look, they simply ignored it. Lo’s left hand was rubbing up and down the man’s right bicep. Knowing Lo, I was sure that she was squirting all over the guy’s jeans. Then there was a moment when they both froze, as if the movie was on pause. Then they moved really slowly. The guy went to the bathroom. Lo sauntered proudly back to me at the bar.

“Did you pay the tab?” she asked.


“Good, let’s go.”

“But you didn’t say goodbye to your new friend.”

“That’s ok. He’s going to be a while cleaning up.”

And just like that we walked out, down the long alley, and back into the sunlit celebration of sexuality.

“Do you know what made me cum?” Lo asked.

“Rubbing his strong arms?”

“Well, yes, that, but also he said to me that he wished you would join in and he could suck your cock while I sucked his.”

“Did he now?”

“Yeah. How do you feel about that?”

“Well, it’s too bad you didn’t tell me earlier.”

“Would you do it?”

“I guess we’ll never know since you took care of him all by yourself.”

“Well, why didn’t you follow me to the table?”

“You looked like you had things well in hand.”

“But you could have joined.”

“I guess,” I said, “but I like to be asked. It’s a matter of personal pride.”

Happy Pride Day 2018, everyone!

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