Pound My Ass Right

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A fantasy first time scenario

I wiggle my ass at him. Like an invitation he needs to take and open now. My skin prickles with goosebumps. I look at him like a cat looking to play with her toy. The scent of cedar wood fills the air. The candles next to my bed flicker and snap. He stands there just as a silhouette within the darkness.

My curves invite him to come over again. We’ve fucked three times in every position possible. Still, I can’t help but tempt him to have me yet again. We’re insatiable in the best way possible. His long stride makes quick work of entering my room. He looks like nothing but a shadow. The darkness swallows his form whole. My smile says everything my lips keep quiet.

“I’m going to take that ass tonight.”

“Oh, really, you and what army?”

I tease him. Whenever we play the game of who will fuck the other until they break he kids with me about this. About what army will be sent to destroy him. I always play back that it’s the army of one, my pussy.

We have all the ingredients to take my ass. I have lube and my furry foxtail anal plug. There’s something about it being forbidden which makes it even more hot. I can’t deny that I’m giddy and anxious all at once. We’ve been speculating, teasing, about him fucking my ass.

“You want me to handcuff you and fuck you? To make you compliant? I’ll make you submit to me while I violate your ass.”

“That sounds rather delicious if I do say so myself,” I reply.

He joins me on the bed. The mattress sinks down with his body weight. He kisses my curled up back. There’s the feel of his tongue tracing the curvature of my spine. I sigh at the sensation. My body leans into his soft exploration.

I’m positioned with my ass sticking out. I’m on all fours like when he takes me doggy style. I could say that’s my favorite position with him. It’d be a lie since every position we fuck in I adore for different reasons.

Doggy style is delicious because I feel like a mare in heat. He can and will mount me like a stallion from behind. Its lovely, delicious brutality leaves me breathless. The rawness of each thrust leaves me screaming into a fluffy pillow. It takes the brunt of my squeals of submission. There’s also how each push shoves me further against the headboard.

He kneels behind my ass on the bed. My muscles tense wondering what he has planned.

“Or should I just spank and play with this ass until you’re begging me to take it?”

He teases me by running his hands lightly over my skin. The moment before the first impact leaves my breath caught in my throat. He smacks my ass with a sudden ferocity. That delicious impact which leaves me wiggling for more. He holds me still with his left hand.

“Be well behaved and take it,” he says.

“I’m never well behaved.”

“Well, I know you secretly want to be my good girl. You’re just predisposed to being bad.”

His voice takes on that deep, lusty edge. I still my movements to escape his strikes. Instead, my ass leans into the sting of his hand. His palm keeps striking, first my left cheek, then my right. I’m so caught up in him spanking me that I don’t notice what he does next.

His hand grabs my left wrist. I’m caught off guard as a handcuff slides on. I rear up from my doggy style position. He easily subdues me underneath his weight. I’m left gasping and growling. The right handcuff clamps down on my tiny, bird-boned wrists. The cold metal slides up and down my wrists as I test them. I always test them to make sure I can’t Harry Houdini my way out of them.

My head presses into one of the nearby pillows. I huff into it with a visible agitation. The heat from my breath warms my face. My ass still burns from his smacks against the sensitive skin.

He rubs his hand over my ass cheek. I feel him spread it. My asshole is on an exhibitionist display for him. He closes the cheeks and opens them wide again. My body tenses, anticipating his next move. He pushes his body weight against my back. It’s oddly comforting and exciting to have him pin me underneath him. My heart races like a trapped bird’s wings in a cage.

“You’re nervous, aren’t you? I can fuck you to kingdom come with your pussy but this… is different to you. Vulnerable. You hate that.”

He whispers in my ear. I shiver as his tongue invades it. It makes me writhe into him. His radiation hot body makes my cooler skin burn with desire.


I grumble the word. Like admitting this might shatter me into pieces. I’m nothing but hard, immovable edges of a woman. Something that bends, but never breaks.

He runs his fingers over my ass. I can feel him stroking it like he’s trying to soothe a cat.

“Breathe. And trust me. Know that I want this little ass of yours, to spread it wide, to fill it so deep and full with my cum you’re leaking it out for days,” he says in my ear.

I groan at the delicious naughtiness of his words. I feel the heat of his breath. He spreads my ass cheeks wide. His tongue licks the sensitive skin of my puckered asshole. I writhe underneath him as he explores this uncharted territory. When he stops I’m left rubbing my legs together in desperation. My pussy vibrates with my need for him to fuck me.

I hear the sound of the lube bottle opening. He unceremoniously lets it trickle down my ass. I’m groaning, squirming, trying to raise up. The handcuffs hold me stuck in place. He runs his finger up and down my lubed asshole. As if testing the feel of this part of me where he is so rarely is allowed to play.

A finger slips inside of my ass. There’s a buzzing sound. With his free hand he shoves a long, thin dildo in my pussy. It vibrates and stays stuck inside. I groan under the duality of him entering my ass and pussy at the same time.

He fucks my ass steadily with his index finger. I feel his middle finger added inside my ass. The sensation makes me rock up against his hand. He keeps violating this untouchable part of me. I fall into a rhythm of pushing back into his exploration. His fingers disappear and I’m left squirming.

“What do you want?”

He’s teasing me. I turn my head back to look at him. His weight presses me further into the firm mattress. I can’t see him but all I can do is feel him. His breath, touch, lips, and endless warmth. I’m helpless underneath him. I fucking love the feeling of it. How there isn’t any escape but to take it.

I don’t want to say what I want. The words refuse to form in my mouth. My face flushes at the thought of him finally having this hole. This part of me I’ve never shared with anyone.

I’ve experimented with men excessively lubing my ass and thrusting against it. But they would always stay outside my puckered asshole. Their dick would thrust into the crack of my ass. They’d hold the cheeks together to make it slide better.

“You know what I want.”

“Tell me, say it, what a dirty little cum whore wants. I’m all ears.”

I moan at him talking dirty to me. I take a deep breath. My head buries into the pillow momentarily. Like a child getting in trouble for something they did and hiding. I resurface with a deep breath of air.

“I want you to fuck my ass, and cum in me. Don’t stop until you’re spent,” I say it in a rush of words. Like I need to release the words from my mouth before they explode on my lips.

He growls from behind me. My legs spread fully. My belly presses into the soft, cotton sheets. I hear the sloshing sound of him lubing up his dick. I can imagine him stroking it to a rod-like state. I tell myself to relax and breathe. Everything feels like a live wire while I wait for him to enter me.

That push inside moves at a tentative pace. The pressure builds as he moves past my tight, constrictive walls. There’s this fullness I’ve only felt when I’ve played with anal plugs by myself. This is different, more intense, and he stays still. His dick slides halfway inside me. He just holds himself still like a statue. I hear him groan.

He makes a slow movement with his hips to thrust inside. I’m spread wide and the vibrator in my pussy keeps humming. He pushes inside my ass at a steady, slow pace. My body relaxes beneath him. He growls in appreciation of me giving into him.

“That’s it, let me fuck your ass. You like me tying you up and using this little virgin hole of yours, don’t you?”

“Yes, please, use it, it’s yours. Claim it with your cum,” I mumble.

He picks up the pace. There’s this feeling of being stretched to capacity in my ass. I remind myself to relax and let go. His lips consume my neck. His teeth bite into the tender, sensitive flesh. I cry out and give into the sensations building within me. Where the fullness threatens to cause me to overflow, to give into my own orgasm.

I always wondered when he fucked me doggy style what it would feel like. His body slapping against my asshole felt amazing. Like my ass and pussy were begging to cum at the same time. He licks my heated, sweaty skin.

“This ass is so tight I’m going to cum. I’m going to fill you up right in this little hole.”

He grumbles in my ear. His dick drives deeper within me. I wonder if I can hold all of him inside of my ass. He grabs my hair and pulls my head back. I’m left powerless, tied up and pinned down by his weight. My pussy clenches and sucks the vibrator deeper within it as I cum.

I feel that overwhelming wetness as he pumps his load into me. I’m left helpless as he empties every bit inside this forbidden hole. My teeth bite into the pillowcase. The muscles in my ass clench and twitch around his girth. It makes his cum drip out onto my thighs.

He kisses my shoulder and neck lightly. I feel the handcuffs spring loose. His body weight presses me down. I’m left owned and filled to overflowing with his juices. His dick softens within my ass as he claims it as his.

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