Pink Lips On That Delicious Dick

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photo: SexArt

I hate to see you go, love to watch you leave

His scent still clings to my drying skin. We stand in the living area of my apartment. The darkness covers our forms in a blanket of black. There’s something about watching him dress that is a kink in itself. I know his clothes being put on signals that he’s leaving. Maybe that’s why I try to prolong any attempt he makes with my own hindering hands.

He attempts to pull his pants over his maroon boxers. I have only my tiny shorts on, without panties or a top. I drop down to my knees in front of him. His eyebrow raises slightly. It’s that look where he knows I have something planned, and he doesn’t mind.

My face rubs against his cotton boxers. I mouth at the remnants of his erection, sucking in the fabric like it’s a pacifier. The cloth enters my mouth but I swear I can taste him through the material. I feel his dick pulse to life at the flicking of my tongue against the slit of his boxers.

He slides his dick out. I back away from his hips and look up at him. The question on my pink lips is answered. He has that speculating, gorgeous grin on his bearded face. It says everything I was wondering and stops my hesitation.

I return to my work. My tongue slides against the head of his dick. Each slather of my tongue along the length breathes life into it. It throbs and twitches inside my mouth. I love the feel of him getting hard. How his soft, relinquished dick grows in thickness and length.

I’ve started to memorize what he enjoys about my servicing him. I pile drive his growing length as far into my mouth as I can. Stuffing it within and relaxing my tongue so he can hit the back of my throat. Then I purposefully swallow around his growing thickness.

I choke on his dick. He groans above me. That visceral, wondrous sound I adore. I back away to take a breath. Then plunge his length further inside my mouth again. It grows and swells each time my body convulses from choking on him.

I place my hands on my thighs. My nails dig into the denim covering my upper thighs. I’m still topless, and my breasts bounce with my movements. I tuck my heels underneath me with my kneeling. I’m sure I look like a sphinx worshipping her deity.

I move away from driving his dick to the back of my throat. I want to smell our combined scent of sex. My nose brushes against his pubic hairs. I can smell the scent of my squirting all over his dick and balls. I rub my face against it as I take a deep breath in.

We smell delectable together. His earthy, amber scent mixes with my sweetness. I can’t help moaning. He grabs a fistful of my hair to encourage me to keep going. It’s a slow, deliberate hold he has. He scoops up my growing hair into a makeshift ponytail. I leave a trail of wet kisses down to his balls. My mouth licks and sucks them inside. He moans overhead and tosses his head back.

I keep my eyes closed to fully immerse myself in the experience. I glance up occasionally just to admire the view of him. How his hips part like a gate opening for me to take in his erection. He leans his head back. Each time he tilts his head to the ceiling his hips thrust into me. There’s that expression of bliss etched into his features.

We lock eyes for a moment. His throat releases a growl of approval. I make sure he keeps his eyes on me. I want him to see me fully impale his length inside my mouth again. His brown eyes narrow at me. I slide his dick back inside my warm, wet mouth.

Drool slides down my chin. I slurp and suck him deeper inside. My whole body moves with my movements. My cheeks pucker with how tightly I suck him inside. My tongue swirls at the tip like I’m serenading this part of him.

He merely groans above me. His weight shifts onto the balls of his feet, driving him further into my throat. I gag and take a deep breath in to steady myself. He takes a hold of my hair to guide my face. I relax my jaw and allow him to glide me slowly up and down.

His hips push tentatively into my face. I move my hands from their position on my thighs. I grip his ass and force him to pump further into me. He growls above me and I can’t help but grin. I know it’s hidden from him but I’m sure he can sense my pleasure.

The saliva builds in my mouth as I thoroughly wet his dick from the base to the tip. I wonder how it’ll feel to have the wet spot remain after he stuffs his dick back inside. I look up at him to see his eyes blissfully closed in the darkness.

I don’t want to stop. My clit hums with excitement. I feel a wetness building in between my thighs. I finally disengage from him. My lips brush up against the inside of his thigh. He’s got that hot look on his face. The one that says he’d love to drag me to the mattress, bend me over, and have his way with me.

“If we keep going I’m going to have you fuck me. Just so you know.”

“You know I have an early start tomorrow. You’re just my terrible little minx tempting me, aren’t you?”

I pause with my pursuit of his dick. I give him a grin he knows so well. That I’m a tease who always delivers on her teasing.


I drag myself up from my kneeling position. My knees ache from being on them for so long. He pulls me into his radioactive heat body. His hotness is such a contrast to my cooling skin.

“You’ll just have to get me back next time,” I whisper in his ear.

“Oh, I’ll always get you back.”

I allow him to stuff his dick inside his pants. I giggle as he finds it near impossible to do. It explodes out every time with the head tipped to the side. He finally stashes it and molds it against his side. I can still see the outline after he zips his fly.

I slide on my silky sleep shirt. He approaches me and places his fingertips on my tits. There’s this slow pinching and rolling of his forefinger and thumb. I moan and arch into his hands. When he removes his fingers from my tits I let out an audible groan. The look he gives me is that turnabout is fair play.

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