Pin-Up Doll

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photo: SexArt

I swear, this girl is Marilyn Monroe come back to life. Tight blonde waves, dazzling blue eyes, lush pink lips, and curvy hips. Delicious.

She also has her attitude and mystery, that blinding glow that not many eyes can handle. I am instantly smitten. She seems unapproachable, but I know better. I bet anything no one’s approached her yet, because they assume she’s already taken. I see something different.

She sits alone on this cold dark evening in a jaded bar room, not in despair or waiting for company. She’s alone and comfortable, enjoying her own company. That’s so attractive to me. Not many girls do that anymore. Most girls around here always travel in packs of disaster just to feel comfortable in public. But not her. And certainly not me.

I approach her boldly yet respectfully. “Excuse me, may I join you?”

She smiles and pats the stool next to her, gesturing for me to sit down.

“I noticed you from across the room and I want to get to know you, because you seem really cool and interesting.”

“I am,” she replies, raising her brow.

Cocky little thing…I like it! We spark an edgy conversation that would make most people blush. My type of conversation. She has me intrigued.

She uncrosses her legs and recrosses them in my direction. This tells me she likes me, too. At least enough to stay a while and chat.

Her wondrous stories are turning me into a conversational lush. I feel tipsy and giddy without a drop of alcohol. Her lips are the decanter of the good stuff and I am instantly addicted.

I look into her eyes and lean forward. I daringly hold her gaze until she’s speechless. She smiles and leans into my lips and lets me taste them. I’m intoxicated all over again. I kiss her with my eyes closed yet still see her in my mind. My hands rest gently on her neck, careful not to ruin her perfectly applied makeup or tangle her hair.

She notices and appreciates it. Her hands roam up my thighs in gratitude. Our lips grow fond of each other. Every soft pillowy press heats my center, leaving me wanting more. I don’t think I’ve had this much fun kissing in a long time. It’s nostalgic. I have so much sex that sometimes I forget the days when kissing was enough. She is taking me there, zooming back in time to sunsets in the park.

Her kisses are delectable. Fervent and fiery. Liquid gold in my mouth. I can feel her confidence by the way she moves her tongue. Every press shatters my cool, making me melt inside. I hold on to every moment, hoping for time to stand still. I moan a little when she finally lets me go.

“Wow,” she whispers, licking her lips. She smiles sweetly and presses her fingers to my mouth.

“Wow, indeed,” I respond, kissing the tips of her fingers.

We look at each other again. Not as strangers this time, but two budding lovers awaiting the next step. It’s so comfortable and exciting.

She takes my hand and kisses it. Then, she takes her purse and walks away. I watch her leave and my heart breaks a little. As soon as I turn my stool, I see her pass the window. She blows hot air to fog the glass and writes with her finger.


She smiles at me and curls her finger, gesturing for me to go with her. So, I leave abruptly.

I stop her right at the window and kiss her deeply, weaving my fingers through hers and holding her arms out over the glass.

“What took you so long?” she laughs.

“I…umm…thought you didn’t want me anymore,” I whisper with a bit of sadness in my voice.

This is so strange for me to act this way with someone I just met. But I feel a bit theatrical with her. Like she can bring it out of me very easily and rupture any composure I have.

She lets my hands go and caresses my face softly with her fingers. Our lips meet again, like long lost lovers. Even though we literally just kissed moments ago and have yet to exchange names.

“I want you,” she whispers, “where can we go?”

“Anywhere you want,” I reply breathlessly.

We spot a plush hotel across the street and get there in no time. I breeze through the check in and we head to the elevator. She pins me to the back wall and reaches up my sweater to squeeze my breasts as she kisses me again.

Once the elevator opens, I get dizzy and try to open random doors with the key card. I’m so wet, it’s making my vision blurry. She takes it from me and walks us a little further down the hall to our actual room.

She opens the door and kicks off her heels, undressing herself quickly. I peel off my clothes and toss every annoying layer to the ground, trying desperately to catch up with her.

There is only one lamp on in the room, but it’s bright enough to make both our bodies glow. I lay her down and admire her beauty in a pause while I gently smooth my fingers up her middle.

“You’re like a pin-up doll,” I smile.

“I could never be,” she replies, leaning up to kiss me, “I move too much.”

She scrapes her nails up my back and grips my shoulders, while I straddle her thighs. We kiss passionately. Our tongues in constant battle, a wet whirling wrestling match.

Her sweetness is overwhelming. I’m getting a sugar rush just from her kisses. Heat builds between us as we slowly grind on each other. I can feel her wetness build on my pussy. I want to press her button until her doors swing open.

I reach beneath her and grip her firm round bottom, squeezing hard like I’m keeping balloons from floating away. Her legs wrap around me as I slide my pussy back and forth. I can hear our wetness mingling in between. She moans softly. Her hips begin to tremble.

I fuck her faster, keeping my presses heavy. I can feel her clit swell on my flesh. Her pussy is dripping to the sheets. I clasp my teeth to her neck and suck her skin hard enough to leave a bruise. My mind floats in and out of consciousness, but my body remains in control.

Her moans elevate to screams, keeping my motivation high to make her cum as hard as humanly possible. Our bodies slip and slide until we both reach this vortex of bliss, our pussies throbbing and pounding.

My heart beats rapidly, my skin quivering and wet. I lift up slowly, and see her beautiful face. Still as glamorous and even sexier now that she’s undone. I kiss her lips and slowly slide my tongue down her overheated body. Her chest is hot and flushed, not one dry spot on her sweet skin.

I lick and kiss down to her chest and softly bite her nipples. They are adorably pink and stiff. The full roundness of her curves such a sight for horny eyes. I whirl my tongue around them and lick down her stomach. I can smell her arousal, the sweet scent of her skin making me hunger for her flavor.

I kiss her pussy softly and soothe her swollen clit with the back of my tongue. Just a few soft swipes, slowly waking her again. I kiss it tenderly then suck it deeply, making her thighs quiver. Her hands press the back of my head as she slow winds on my tongue.

I moan on her pussy while I eat it. Its delicious flavor like a soft dessert. Her legs rise and fall on the bed as she edges closer to climax. I press her thighs down and keep her open, giving myself room to play with her just the way I like. Her feet pin to my torso as her hips rock up and down my mouth, taking in the rapidly accelerating cyclone between my lips. I keep my face close, letting her fuck my whirling tongue to her delight, until she convulses in hot wet waves. I kiss her pussy softly again until I feel every excruciating pulse diminish.

She lies still and squeezes her bosom hard. Her gorgeous pink lips open, breathing erratically. I look up and smile, just admiring the view from afar like when I first saw her tonight.

I crawl up to face her, sliding right into her arms for a warm embrace. She kisses me softly, with dwindling energy. Her eyes barely able to stay open. I softly kiss her brows and caress her face. She wraps her arms around me and holds me close. We sleep peacefully.

I open my eyes and see sunlight creep through the shades. That hard working little lamp blew out its bulb over night. I feel her face press on the back of my neck. Her tender blonde curls unravel over my shoulder, mixing with my long raven strands. Her hands reach around my waist and her fingers ease between my thighs. She circles my clit slowly until my heat rises under the covers. Her lips brush my earlobes. She kisses my neck gently. I gasp as her fingers enter my wetness.

She says one word and one word only. The one that triggered this night to turn into day.


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