On Edge: Testing my male sub’s stamina

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I am sitting on his back, using his body like a human stool. I instruct him on what my woman likes and what she doesn’t like. He listens intently. I hear the faint clacking of her heels coming towards the double door. I stand up and take my seat on the actual furniture.

“Kneel,” I say calmly, “my lady is coming. You are to do as she says at all times. Your job is to please and nothing more.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he replies, eyes cast down to the floor.

She comes in looking ravishing as ever. She has no panties on with her black lace stockings and heels. Her breasts peek through an elongated chainmail necklace. The black and silver somehow makes her golden brown skin glow. I see her eyes squinted in heat, just a hint of a smile curved on one side. She glides toward us.

I am already naked, spread eagled in an unladylike pose over the cabriolet armchair.

“Crawl to her,” I command. He swiftly moves forward.

“Down boy,” she smiles. “I want your tongue on my shoes.”

He kisses her ankles and runs his tongue across her heels. The leather shines bright with his spit. I can see his dangling cock growing from where I sit. He merely wets the tips of both her shoes and she walks towards me. She sits next to me and hoists her leg over mine.

“Come here and do this properly,” she beckons. He hesitates a moment, not knowing what she means.

“You heard the lady,” I press.

He crawls toward her and she places the sole of her shoe to his forehead. “You are to take these off and lick my toes right through the stockings,” she commands.

He nods and takes her feet in his hands. He carefully takes off one heel at a time. He licks the sole of her foot and takes her toes between his lips. Her mouth drops open, instantly pleased. He laps his tongue across her toes. He does the exact same thing to her other foot until her stockings are drenched in wetness.

“Good boy,” I smile, thoroughly enjoying the show.

She leans towards me and kisses me softly. I ease the back of my hand down the curves of her breasts. He starts licking and sucking her toes a little harder, his muted masculine grunts aching to be voiced.

“That’s it,” she moans, “now run your tongue up my legs, right over the stockings.” He spreads her legs and slowly licks from her ankle to her knee. He kisses her thighs where her skin shows. He goes down again and slides his tongue up her other leg, then back down to her toes. I sneak my hand to her pussy and massage it softly, her slit already moistening my fingers. I slide my middle finger inside her and bring it to my lips to taste her juices.

I look down and see his cock almost drag to the floor in rigidness. It’s clear he is enjoying this.

“Stand,” I declare suddenly. He immediately stops what he is doing and gets to his feet. His cock is poking straight out, head engorged. It’s an impressive size, but the thickness is what’s really turning me on. I am tempted to see what it can do. I lean forward and lick his tip. I suck it only once, just to wet the shaft.

“Come here and fuck me until I come,” I smile wickedly.

I lie back and curve my leg over the armrest. He kneels and kisses my pussy, then squeezes his cock inside me. I am already soaked from watching him lick her stockings. His thick cock fills me sweetly. I arch my back and rock my hips towards him. He rocks his hips slowly into me, his cock aiming perfectly at my G-spot. He leans forward and grips my hips, his lower abs sliding up and down my clit. I moan loudly in his ear and grip his neck, welcoming my awaiting climax.

I see her face in my side vision. She is touching herself while watching me get fucked to my peak. He groans loudly and fucks me faster. My body clenches and I come all over his cock. He slows his pace as he feels my walls pulsing, letting every wave subside.

He pulls his cock out slowly. It’s soaked with my wetness. It’s harder than ever, the head now almost purple. His chest heaves, eyes closed as he asks, “May I please cum, Mistress?”

“No, you can do it again,” she says coldly.

He looks nervous. “Please let me cum afterwards, Mistress. I promise I will please you to the fullest.”

She grabs him by the hair and pulls him closer. “No,” she whispers.

She takes his cock in her hands and slowly sucks the head. His face has now switched from nervous to tortured. She licks the underside of his cock and takes it back in her mouth. She moans on it as she slides his cock down her throat. I see tears form in his eyes.

“On your knees,” I command. “Fuck her until she comes… maybe we will be merciful.”

He nods and inserts his cock inside her. I watch closely as her streaming cunt is filled with his thick juicy dick over and over again. He fucks her slowly and deeply, his body shaking with each thrust.

“May I please close my eyes?” he asks meekly. “The sight of you will make it even harder to hold back, Mistress.”

“Yes, you may,” she replies. He shuts his eyes, clenches his jaw, and leans forward. He grips her bottom tightly and fucks her harder. She pulls his hair and moans delightfully. The view of them both has me close to bursting all over again. His groans get more desperate as she starts trembling beneath him. She digs her nails in his back as she comes powerfully on his cock. He pulls away again, now struggling to keep his composure. His cock is bright red, filled to the brim with semen waiting to be launched.

“What do you say, my love?” I ask. “Should we be merciful?”

“Yes. He can cum. But I am not done yet.” She stands up and strips naked. She walks demurely to the bed and lies down right in the middle with her legs spread wide.

“Where can I cum, Mistress?” he asks politely.

I lean close to his ear and bite the lobe. “You can use my throat if you’re a good boy,” I whisper seductively. He nods and swallows hard.

I walk him towards the bed. I crawl to her on my hands and knees, and dive in between her legs. My tongue whirls on her flesh as he takes his cock in his hand. He slowly squeezes it inside me from behind and lets it stay there. Each time I lap my tongue up and down, my hips thrust back against him, riding his cock slowly. I can hear my pussy walls slurping it up. He grips my hips, his groans getting louder. I grip her hips, her sexy voice getting higher. I moan against her flesh as I suck her pussy.

She grips the sheets as she reaches her climax. My mouth presses tightly around her clit as she explodes on my lips. I sit up and whisper to him, “I want you to fuck her brains out!”

He hovers over her and hooks her thighs over his arms. His cock eases inside with no resistance. In… and out. Harder and faster. He pounds into her cunt over and over. It’s like he is possessed, fucking with the vigor of a man on the edge. He flips her over. He winds her hair in his hands and fucks her deeply.

The view of this sexual madness is keeping me so turned on. I crawl under her with her legs spread wide above my face. I plant my tongue on her clit and slurp and lick her flesh. He fucks her harder. I can taste them both. I take my time coaxing her clit to poke out of its hood, then slide my tongue on it again, gently. He slows down, too. He can feel her walls trembling, begging for the pressure to return. I slow my pace even more, making her orgasm come to me. He slides his cock deeper inside her, inch by inch. In… and out.

I suck her clit softly. Her trembling thighs clamp around my face. I can taste her pounding cunt on my lips as he fucks her faster again. He rams and grinds, then moves my face out of the way. His fingers circle her clit as he fucks her deeper. She comes again in a fiery quiver, so brash and unexpected.

He pulls out and takes my head in his hands. He stuffs his cock deep down my throat and uses my mouth to stroke out his load. His sexy groans turn into a yell of passion. He has waited so long! Who could resist? My clit throbs just feeling the cum slide down my throat.

I kiss him fiercely with cum-smeared lips, sharing his sweet sticky load between us. I thank him for coming. He bows his head and sees himself to the door.

As soon as the door shuts, she pins me down on my back, licking my lips clean. I kiss her tenderly, gripping her hips, pressing her pussy on mine. Her eyes are filled with lust and mischief. Suddenly, she reaches under the pillow for a silk rope, and ties my hands together. She grabs a vibrator, also hidden in the sheets.

“Now,” she says sweetly as she adjusts the setting, “let me see how long you can stand it before I decide to be merciful…”

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