A few moments in the ESSENCE of an unlikely couple. A true story…

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Inspired by Chalkboard’s weekly one-line writing prompt from 6/13/17 by Terijo : “Essence” (once inspired, I can never keep to one line!)

A divorced mom/travels all the time for work/three kids/40's/white

— In a long distance relationship with —

A never married dude/travels all the time for work/no kids/30's/Latino

The essence of my situation caught up to me yesterday and hit me like a ton of bricks. It was chaos — the spoiled kids, the unappreciative ex, the pressure of being a single mom, my plate overflowing, having no one to rely on except myself: for money, for washing the dirty dishes, for managing the house, for my sanity. In that moment, the weight on my body and mind felt too much to bear.

On top of that, the anticipation of saying goodbye to you once again in a few hours was eating me up, tearing my monkey brain apart. It’s going to be a long time. The burden of sad was washing over me big time. Three and a half weeks feels long AF. In that moment, the oxygen didn’t feel like it was reaching my lungs, and my heart turned to rubber.

But then, I called to you. You came up to me, you told me you were bumming too. Ah, I wasn’t alone. You kissed my neck. You found an erogenous zone in the crux of my neck I wasn’t aware even existed until just then, but boy you found it! I kissed your neck. I smelled you. I saw your eyes. Oh wow! Your layers were peeled. You had zero shield. I could see exactly how you felt. In that moment, it meant the world to me. Because I knew we felt the same. The essence of you drowned out my racing thoughts. I was in stillness. We found the pause button. Time stood still. Our bond, our essence, won.

Which led to the next moment…

That’s when your tongue easily found my mariposa as I spread myself open for you. Your tongue felt velvety warm, and you went right for my control center — licking and flicking my clit, and she reacted to each touch approvingly by growing harder. I arched my back as you raised up your hands to tantalize my nipples with your fingers while eating me out of all my woes. I gasped for breath, sweet nectar secreting by the second, and I dug my white hands into your delicious smooth brown shoulders and pulled your head even closer, stuffing your face with my pussy juices. I looked down at you, you came up for air to tell me how much your loved my flavor. With that, I lay in your presence, feeling all that you were giving, grateful, as you buried your tongue back in my essence and tasted me in that moment and for many more.

A Moment In Time, The World Stops, Totally Present, Connected, Awake, Still, Paused, Connected.

In Essence,


Stay Fierce My Friends❤️

Now it’s your turn, as Kathy Jacobs explains…

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