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I’m not satisfied with my poetry

I need some inspiration to re-write.

A recent divorcee

My friends say I’m too uptight.

I’ll prove them wrong

And find someone to invite.

Open the App

Swipe Right.

A hott booty text

In the middle of the night.

Lie in bed waiting

Turn off the light.

The gorgeous spirited moon is full

Which makes my silhouette outline sexy and bright.

Granting a stranger a free pass

Without any fright.

Can’t calm the anticipation

Try as I might.

I hope he is hungry

I built up an appetite.

As instructed he sneaks through the bedroom window

Here we go; this story is about to take flight!

He finds me sexily bent over on all fours

Ready for him in plain sight.

I act like I don’t notice

Staring at the candlelight.

Until he bends over my heated body

Giving my neck a bite.

I turn to introduce myself

Our tongues unite.

He tears off my lacy panties

There’s no need to be polite.

His demeanor is the perfect combination

Showing respect and desire, the ultimate white knight.

I spread my mariposa with my fingers

My wet clit shining from the moonlight.

I guide his head in between my legs

I lock my feet around his back tight.

His warm tongue moves up and down

And from left to right.

He knows what he is doing

As if he wears a headlight.

What a refreshing feeling

To be treated as the spotlight.

God my ex was such a bore

I realized in hindsight.

Now I can orgasm multiple times

Because I finally have my head right.

I’m ready now to blow him

His turn for the limelight.

I open up wide

As I warn him to hold tight.

Before he can explode

I distract him with a playful pillow fight.

I’m 20 years his senior

I know he can go all night.

His fantasy of fucking a mature divorced mom

What a way to excite.

His pants drop to the floor

We take off in a satellite.

His intimidating package gets my approval

As it stands upright.

Damn this eager chemistry is so hott

I ride him and take him in flight

Despite being young

He is no neophyte

Now he gets on top of me

What a drilling delight

All this sexual energy

Taking me to new heights

It’s almost dawn

We’ve been going since midnight.

Can this really be happening?

Our future looks bright

This story of a stranger coming in my window?

I think that is the highlight.

I will grab my pen in the morning

I’ve got plenty now to write.

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