My Affair

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photo: MetArt

With my cheek pressed against the hood of the car, the first thought that went through my mind was about getting my dress dirty. It wasn’t about my husband Dave. It wasn’t about the affair I was having. It wasn’t about the man standing behind me as he kicked my legs apart and flipped my dress up to expose me. As Luke cut my panties from my body, even my dress getting dirty was forgotten. With my hands bound tightly behind my back with Luke’s belt, I was helpless and the final thought that raced through my mind as he shoved his large member into me was that this was exactly what I wanted.

My marriage of twenty-four years was stale, and I was looking for something. Dave worked constantly, and we seemed more like roommates as we went about our lives. We had become strangers. I was looking for excitement. Romance. To feel wanted. Luke gave me all of that as we flirted over the past several weeks. This wasn’t the first time we had been alone or fooled around but it was the first time he had fucked me. Not made love to me. Luke fucked me.

A week before, we had stolen some time alone and as we discussed our indiscretion in the front seat of his car, I had wanted him inside me right then and there — but I was afraid Dave would find out. He was insisting on having sex that night and if Luke had me first, I feared Dave would know. However, when Luke leaned in to kiss me, my resolve almost melted. His tongue in my mouth and his quick hot breath made me wet instantly. Luke’s hand had expertly opened my jeans and found its way between my legs. I remember gasping as his fingers entered me, and I panted into his mouth like a teenage girl being fingered by the captain of the football team. Only Luke was no boy, and as he crooked his fingers upward to stroke my G-spot, shock waves went through my body.

I clung to him as he quickly worked me into a frenzy and a feeling passed through me that I had never felt before. It was intense. I felt like I had to pee as he stroked inside of me. The waves took me higher than I had ever been before and kept me right on the edge of climaxing without pushing me over. How long Luke kept me in that state I don’t know. It seemed like an eternity. My panties were soaked as he stroked his fingers into the soft fleshy spot inside me. Finally, he changed his movement and began to roughly massage my G-spot.

I cried out as the most intense orgasm of my life crashed through me, as Luke whispered in my ear, “Come.”

I was exhausted by the time he pulled his soaked hand from my panties and I opened my eyes to stare in amazement at him grinning at me. I wanted even more at that point. I wanted to know what else he could do to me that my husband never had.

Instead, Luke had respected my earlier concerns. Then, he had eased his seat back and looked at me. “Now it’s my turn,” he had told me simply.

I had stared at him, not comprehending his meaning; then I looked at the bulge in his jeans. I turned in my seat and began fumbling with the button on his jeans. As Luke shifted his hips and helped me tug his jeans over his hips, his erection sprang free. I stopped and stared at it. He was large; much larger than Dave. The tip glistened with pre-cum and as I tentatively began to stroke the thick shaft, I marveled at how my fingers didn’t touch as I encircled him. I wanted him inside me. Instead, I parted my lips and took him into my mouth. He tasted incredible. He tasted like sin. He was delicious.

I had never liked to suck Dave. I had never enjoyed his taste. But as I leaned over Luke in the front seat, I had wanted to devour everything he had to give me. The taste of his sweet pre-cum filled my mouth and I swallowed it eagerly. I worked his long shaft with both hands and my back muscles screamed for relief as I bent over awkwardly to try and take him as deep in my mouth as I could. I wasn’t going anywhere. Luke had my head in a vice as his hands guided me on his erection. I wanted to pleasure him as he had me a few minutes before. After a few moments, I heard his breathing quicken. His hips flexed faster. The sweet salty taste in mouth grew more intense. I knew he was close to coming.

“Swallow every drop,” he commanded. It wasn’t necessary. Locked with him in my mouth, I knew I didn’t have a choice. When the first stream of semen filled my mouth, I had eagerly gulped it down. As jet after jet of his cum spurted onto my tongue, his delicious taste made me hunger for even more. I had never let Dave finish in my mouth. As Luke spent his copious load between my eager lips, I wanted to drain every drop from him. I felt him soften in my mouth; finally I released him and licked the last drop from my lip as I smiled at him.

“Good girl,” he crooned, and I had been filled with pleasure at having satisfied him.

Now, a week later, bent over the hood of Luke’s car as we parked in the woods, I squirmed against the binds trapping my hands behind me. My destroyed panties had been tossed to the ground at my feet and Luke’s large member was stretching me open painfully. I had brought three kids into this world and Luke was stretching me open as if I were a virgin on prom night. His fingers digging into the soft flesh of my hips would probably leave bruises. Telltale signs that Dave might discover. I was beyond caring as Luke’s large cock filled me. The violent thrusts rocked my body on the hood of the car. My orgasm shattered my body as I cried out. The belt binding my wrists dug deeper into my skin as I tried to free my hands. Luke never slowed as he fucked me. I didn’t want him to.

My second orgasm crashed through me immediately after the first. Stars exploded behind my tightly closed eyes. Dave had never made me come like that. Luke was expertly fucking me as he slammed his large cock into me. He shifted his angle and drove himself even deeper. My third climax was building when I felt him thicken inside me. My cries echoed through the woods. As Luke’s semen began to shoot deep inside me, I came violently as I screamed. He pulsated inside of me as I throbbed around his thick shaft. I had never felt that completely spent before. When he finally slipped from inside me, I ached. The void his thick member left throbbed and I yearned to be filled again.

Was this love or just lust? I didn’t know. I only knew I wanted Luke inside of me more. I wanted him to make me orgasm like my husband never could. As Luke unbound my hands and I rose stiffly from the hood of the car, I looked down at my discarded panties. Leopard print. Ripped and torn, they lay at my feet and Luke stooped to pick them up. He tossed them into the car. I would be going back to my suburban life without them. I didn’t care.

Luke had kissed me, then helped me as I stumbled to my car on unsteady legs. I had never felt so drained after sex. Perhaps it was lust. I only knew I wanted Luke to fuck me again. Fuck me like Dave never could.

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