Let’s Talk About Anal Play

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This is not for click-bait. I sincerely want to discuss anal play.

Here’s what you should know about me first.

Anal things I HAVEN’T done:

Anal sex recipient
Pegging (doing a guy with a strap-on)

Anal things I HAVE done:

Fingering (given/received)
Licking (given/received)
Tonguing (given/received)

So first of all, if you’re reading this and are grossed out or not interested in ever exploring anal play: I beg you to reconsider. This is a post about anal play, not penetrative anal sex. More than likely if you have tried it and didn’t like it, it’s because the person wasn’t that great at it. I’m just going to state that as fact. You can argue with me when you’ve tried it with the seven billion people here on earth and still don’t enjoy it. I apologize if I have insulted your wife/husband of 10 years, but hey…everyone has faults.

Second. Is it gross? Hey, remember when you shoved your entire mouth into her pussy last night and ate her out for 10 minutes? Pretty sure you weren’t exempt from fecal bacteria there. Also, urine? Not trying to ruin this for you but if you’re down there, you’re down there. Don’t be a princess. Take a chance outside your comfort zone.

Now that I’ve weeded out the readers who are too stubborn to accept that I am fighting for their right to even greater orgasms… Let me share my first time on the receiving end of anal play.

It was a Thursday summer evening. My body was loose and I was excited to meet up with my fling.

“Hi,” I smiled as he met me at my car. He walked me to his door and we made chit chat over a glass of wine on his couch for an hour. He then grabbed the empty glass from my hand and placed it on the table.

“Come to the bedroom,” he said.

I followed.

His house was antique. The floors creaked as we took our slow steps to the bed. There’s something special about being in a Victorian style home. It’s an intangible feeling of class. I could film a porn movie in here and I’m pretty sure I’d walk away unscathed from any slut label put on me.

I got on his bed folding my legs under me. My feet propped my ass up. I arched my back, purposefully maximizing my feminine curves. I looked at him as he undressed. I smiled. His eyes caught mine and he bowed his head bashfully.

Gosh, he was cute.

He crawled over to me on the bed. Drawing himself towards me like a tiger about to attack his prey.

He kissed me softly but firmly. He pulled me down to lie on my back as he hovered over me. He pulled up my skirt and slipped his hand under my panties. I was dripping wet. He massaged my pussy and inserted his fingers into me. I looked him in the eyes as I dragged my tongue across my hand. I grabbed his cock and teased the tip with my wet palm.

He moaned.

He grabbed his cock and pushed it into my pussy, fucking me from above. He brought his chest down against mine as he thrust deeper and deeper until my legs began to go numb and tingly. He pulled his cock out and flipped me over with one hand. He was an animal and I couldn’t get enough. He grabbed my hips and pulled my ass up in the air. He spat on my pussy and devoured it. He moved his tongue up.

Suddenly I felt him lick my anus. It was a sensation I had never felt before. His tongue widened and pressed up against it. Warm. Wet. And fucking amazing. He had me so lost in the moment I had no time to oppose the movement. He was devouring me and I loved it.

He flipped me back over and put his cock inside me again. He put his hand under me grabbing my ass as he thrust. His wet fingers entered my anus as he continued to fuck me. I felt the pressure of his fingers entering an area that had never been played with. It felt different but it was adding pleasure. I couldn’t wrap my head around the feeling, I just knew it felt good. My head flung back as I was caving into him. My body was in his control and completely out of mine.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna c-”

Was all I could muster out of my lips. I gave in to him and he owned my orgasm. I wish I could explain to you the feeling I had after. There is something about anal play that added to my orgasm. It was almost as if my orgasm kept coming and my body wasn’t leaving the pleasure zone. The stimulation left my body heightened in sensation.

It was the first time. So I took it as an invitation to reciprocate the next time I saw him.

We’ll save that story for another time 😉

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