Let Me Tie You Up and Use Your Body

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Her beautiful curves mirror my own

This young woman contorts and twists in front of me. Her fragile, tiny wrists are tied behind her back. The mattress is our current sexual playground.

I push her so she lies on her side. She shivers in the brisk air of the room. Her tiny sides cause the smallest of dips down to her slender hips. Her arms are pulled behind her back with a cloth.

I tie a piece of clothing over her eyes. It’s a silk scarf I acquired on my trip to Paris. I love wrapping it around my neck when it’s cold to breathe in her scent. She looks at me innocently. Like a sacrificial lamb looking to be slaughtered by me. My tits wave in front of her face as her eyesight is taken away. She smacks her lips helplessly at my large nipples. I let out an evil snicker. There’s a part of me that enjoys denying her what she wants.

I can’t quite explain what we are. I love pleasuring her and then smelling my fingers afterwards. It’s a woodsy, musky scent in contrast to my lighter one.

“I want to play a little game with you, Bridget.”

“Yes, Liz, what’s that?” she asks me.

Her body is trembling just so. It’s incredibly hot. I play with her body. Fingertips trail across her naked skin. My sharp nails dig into her flesh. Little, beautiful red trails of heat appear on her hips. She gasps and gives in to my assertive touch. Her breasts are a small B cup versus my substantial, D size. Mine overflow as more than a mouthful and hers fit my mouth perfectly.

I’m tempted to float a nipple near her mouth. I want her to suck it in as I pinch her nipples between my thumb and index finger. I want to delight in watching her flesh stretch at my painful inquisition.

I resist the urge, but just barely. My lips brush against her side. She quivers beneath my warm breath as I breathe down to her hip bones. My lips kiss the areas I just scratched with a teasing apology. I’ve always found women to be such beautiful, graceful, gorgeous creatures. She is incredibly innocent looking right now. It reminds me of our younger years sneaking off to bathrooms to get each other off.

“I want to play a guessing game. Wanna play?”

“Do I have any choice?” she asks.

I love her sass and how much fun we have together.

“Correct answer, you don’t,” I say with a good natured laugh.

I can’t resist it anymore. I slide my body onto hers and press her smaller form deeper against the bed. She gasps in submission and I bring my mouth to her perky, erect nipple. My tongue darts out to caress the skin. She moans and tries to writhe against me. I push my body weight against her.

I suck her tit deep into my mouth. The sensation of another woman’s nipple against my tongue is addictive. It’s incredible how her body tries to open itself to me.

She wants me to fuck her while I worship this part of her. I’m surprised she’s not begging me to right now. I close my eyes and savor the feeling. Sucking tits is a thing I could do for hours and days. Until she begs me to stop and for me to allow her to cum.

I rip my mouth from her breast. I was sucking the entire flesh into my mouth. I breathe on the wet skin. The cool air of the room causes her skin to rise in goosebumps.

“What was that just now?”

“Your mouth.”

I move back to her nipple. I bite down with a firm pressure. She arches her back and pushes her breast deeper into my mouth. All I want is to flick my fingers against her clit at a rapid pace. To give her pleasure and release her from the restraints for her to return the favor.

“And that just now?”

“Your teeth,” she says with a moan.

“You like me biting your tits, don’t you? The harder the better? Because you’re my sweet little slut. Like when I pinch your nipples like this,” I say.

My fingers grasp her left nipple. I yank on the flesh and it stretches with my pull. Her body bucks into me again. I smirk and release it just as quickly. She rubs her legs together. I know she’s soaking wet. That’s good because I’m incredibly turned on by her reactions.

“Yes, yes. Bite them as hard as you can, please. Pretty please.”

The cold steel of a clover clamp greets my touch. It has two clamps and a chain attached to either one. I let the clamp bite into the sensitive skin of her left nipple. She writhes away from it. I pull on the chain and her movements still. A wooden clothes pin is placed on her right nipple as a contrast. It’s gentler and doesn’t sink into the skin as deeply.

“Tell me what those are.”

“A clover clamp… and something else. A clothes pin? The one pulls harder against my nipple when you yank on that chain.”

“Correct. You like it when I yank on your tits?”

She nods her head shyly. It’s adorable and I’m tempted to suck her tits again until she screams to cum. I remove them from her nipples. She lets out a sharp, deep intake of air and rears up into my curvy body.

I grab a toy vehicle. My lips curl up into a devious smirk. I remember when we were younger and I grabbed a nearby toy to play with her.

The cars wheels start a slow trek over her side. It rolls with squeaky, shaky wheels up to her tits. I make a circle and move down between her legs. Her mouth makes a perfect, beautiful O shape at my devious game.

“Get this one right and I’ll give you my tit to suck. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, I want them right now. I know what that is now, it’s a toy car.”

“Mmm, good girl, correct.”

I keep rolling the toy over her skin. She squirms underneath me in desperation. I leave it against her pussy. My body lifts up from hers and I balance my breast near her face. I make sure to brush my right nipple against her bottom lip. She tries to grasp it and I pull it away in time.

When I finally allow her to suck my tit she does it like she’s been starved. I can’t help moaning as she draws it deep within her mouth. I feel her tongue dancing against the tightened, bunched up skin of my areola. I’m rendered speechless. I cradle her head against my flesh.

This is just the beginning of my plans for torturing this beautiful, minx-like woman. In this moment I’m more than happy to be the one submitting to her possession of my skin.

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