Lavender Dreams

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It’s funny how such a simple scent can cause my mind to wander. Your smell takes me to another dimension, another world. It causes me to fantasize about you, even in the bright presence of day. I close my eyes and suddenly I’m lost in the sweet scent of your hair, the feel of your wavy locks caressing my face, and the memory of your touch between the sheets.

Your scent is engrafted within me, rooted deep in my bones. All my thoughts lie powerless as I drown in your sweet ocean. The slightest hint of lavender soaks my thighs. I instantly long for your body to be close. It causes me to twist and turn in this bed until the covers crumple, hoping to feel the shadow of your embrace in the linen. I will lie here until you return like a loyal pet, playful and eager. Eyes wide in excitement, tongue out ready to taste your flesh in greeting.

There you are! Just in time and always on time. You straddle me on the bed as I press my face to your neck and smell your sweet perfume, the origin of my yearning finally revealed. The curves of your beautiful collarbone flex as I kiss them. Your soft moans vibrate through your skin and rumble my lips as my fingers trail down your waist.

You are so delicious; my first instinct is to bite you. I graze my teeth over your flesh like a predator, threatening to eat you whole. Then, I purr softly on your skin like a kitten, causing goosebumps to rise with every slight touch. I press my face even closer and inhale your scent, my yearning for you slowly being fed. Your supple lips meet mine, your soft breath warming me. Lavender dreams heed my carnal clarity.

I push you back and spread your legs wide. Your pussy is dripping wet, just aching to be licked. I spread your lips apart with my fingers and dip my tongue inside you. I lick up your slit slowly, spreading your honey over as it leaks across my tongue.

Two fingers in the slot and one in the rim as I trace your clit with my lips. I breathe on it and tease it with the tip of my tongue as my fingers probe deeper. Your temperature rises and your thighs shiver. Your hands reach down to grip the back of my head, hoping for quick gratification.

But you know me better than that. Grip all you wish, but I’m in control. Beg all you want, but I will not pander. I lick your clit even slower now, whirling my tongue calculatively, waiting patiently for your walls to grip my fingers even harder, yearning to cum.

I press my tongue firmly on your pussy and move my neck back and forth between your legs. Your hips rock up and down on my face as I suck you gently, your fingers trembling through my hair. Your moans grow more desperate now, the sound of surrender, a plea for mercy — music to my ears.

I lift my face a moment, elongating the sweet torture, just to see what I’ve done. Your pussy is swollen and dripping, your clit erect and purple, like lavender dreams as it hardens on my tongue. I softly lick it and see it jump. I gently wrap my lips around it and taste your approaching climax. I tongue kiss it, making your hips tremble viciously. Your wetness trails down my chin, your walls gripping so tightly my fingers can barely move inside you.

I push harder and deeper, using my elbow as an anchor. I keep my lips pressed to your pussy as the tip of my tongue swirls slowly around your throbbing clit. Your body convulses into a tremendous explosion! Your pelvis lifts me up off the bed as you thrust on my face, letting every last throb escape in a blissful scream. I slow my pace, softening the suction, catching every beat between my lips. My own pussy throbs in connection to your body’s reaction.

I lift up smoothly and bend you over, face down, ass up. I dip my tongue in your ass and hook my fingers deep in your pussy to catch your G-spot, your walls still fluttering from climax. I flick my fingers hard and fast, feeling your pussy tighten again. You are screaming and cursing into the pillows as you cum powerfully again, spraying a jet of wetness all over the sheets.

I pull your body towards me as I massage your pussy gently. I hold you close from behind, breasts pressed to your back, letting your body calm from shaking. You kiss me, soaked in sweat, breathless. I wrap my arms and legs around you like a human blanket.

Then, I slide my fingers inside you again. Gentle strokes, in and out slowly, playing with your wetness. Your head leans back to rest on my shoulder, your hands press over mine as my fingers dive deep inside you.

I moan softly in your ear and lick the sweet sweat off your neck, gripping your breasts with one hand as I fuck you senseless with the other.

“Damn baby,” you whisper sexily, “I don’t think I can cum anymore.”

I reply in action by cuffing my fingers firmly inside you, shaking my palm over your clit until I prove you wrong. I am relentless. I don’t stop hitting that spot until I feel another orgasmic rush flow through you.

You sense my tension, my quickening breath, and my heat. The soft pressure of your ass thrusts on my pussy, rubbing me in all the right places. You swirl your hips firmly on me, grinding your ass on my pussy. I slide my fingers out of you and grip your shoulders, hanging on tight as I try to keep up with your sensuous rhythm.

I press my face to your back, mouth open, eyes shut tight, grinding my pussy on your ass until I cum, screaming! Blood rushes to my head, my vision blurs. I moan as you dance on my lap, my pussy pulsing uncontrollably.

You turn over to face me, spreading my knees apart, revealing my trembling cunt. I am helpless to your gaze. You lick firmly up my clit, curving the tip of your tongue as you reach the top. You tease all the way up my middle, right to my mouth. I taste myself on your lips, making me desperate to cum.

You hook my legs over your arms, spreading me out wide. Then, you press your pussy on mine. Firm wet slides until I feel my climax drawing near. I arch my back and clench my stomach, preparing for the inevitable. You lean in and kiss me passionately, the soft motion of your tongue in my mouth weakening me even more.

You feel me coming close. My legs tremble around you. As soon as I am about to come, you slide down. You place my hands behind your head, letting me grip your hair. You fuck me slowly with your tongue, then lick sensually up my clit. It only takes moments of this, and I’m coming hard all over your mouth. Your soft lips suck the throbbing out of me until I have nothing left.

I pull your face close and suck your tongue. I kiss you deeply with my arms wrapped tight around you, relishing the blissful feeling of your weight on me. Just breathe into me. Let us slip back into lavender dreams. Let the sky fall for a day. Nothing else matters, only you and I, only us.

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