I’m All Yours

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18 and eager to learn…

The summer that I turned 18, my parents invited their friend’s son Michael to stay with us for a few weeks while he attended a training course in the area. He was about 25 I think, with a mop of curly dark hair and the gold-green eyes of a panther. He moved like a panther too, powerfully, intentionally, with no wasted movements and with a languid sensuality that was overflowing with animal magnetism. I’d never seen anything like him. He was friendly in a reserved way and a good house guest, but he didn’t say a lot and this only served to increase the air of mystery around him. I had a huge crush on Michael and watched him with fascination as much I could without seeming to stare.

I also had a boyfriend (if you could really call it that) who lived next door, named Scott. He and I fumbled at each other’s clothing behind the open door to his bedroom whenever we got the chance. We liked each other well enough but it was mostly a relationship of proximity and hormones. His parents had a strict “doors open with female guests” policy and so all of our kissing and groping took place standing up behind his door, out of sight of their prying eyes. We hadn’t gotten too far.

One or both of his parents were always home, it seemed and so were mine. I don’t know why we didn’t think to go into the woods behind our houses or something, but maybe neither of us liked the idea of dirt or bugs and there was no good way to sneak a blanket out. I’d gotten frustrated enough to go to the Adult Novelty store with my best friend to acquire a vibrator, and I used that to ease my highly aroused but otherwise frustrated pussy whenever I got home from Scott’s house. It was the best thing I’d ever experienced in my life, not just the orgasm itself, but the feeling of every sense being heightened and brought to a pleasurable crescendo. It was like my body was a musical instrument and I loved to play it until my whole body sang with pleasure.

Three weeks into Michael’s four week stay, my parents announced that they’d been invited to a golf resort and would be gone for the weekend. I had zero interest in golf and so had every good reason to stay home and sneak Scott into my bedroom. When I told him so, he was excited, but also concerned.

“What about Michael?” he asked. “Won’t he tell your parents, and even if he doesn’t, won’t it be weird with him there?” He did have a point, but on Saturday morning our dilemma was solved. Scott called me to tell me that his parents were also going to some social event and would be out of the house all afternoon. We could both hardly believe it! I would tell Michael, who usually hung around our pool on the weekends, that I was going to Scott’s to swim and that would be the end of it.

I saw Scott’s parents’ car pull out of the driveway at 1 o’clock and went over to the door to slip on my wedge sandals. I was wearing a bikini (for easy access) with a short skater skirt over it as cover-up. As I started to slip on my shoes, Michael came in from the pool deck and looked at me with an intensity that I usually only saw from him in glimpses or unguarded moments.

“Where are you headed?” he asked casually.

“Oh, nowhere,” I replied, attempting nonchalance, as I continued to slip the straps of my sandals on.

“Well, clearly you are going somewhere,” he replied, “because otherwise you wouldn’t be putting your shoes on.” I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but something in the way he said it conveyed more than a passing interest.

“I’m just going next door,” I said.

“To see Scott?” he queried.

“Yeah, we’re just going to hang out by the pool.” I tried to say it really casually but even though I was dressed in a bikini, I had the feeling he knew that wasn’t entirely the truth.

“Are his parents home?” was his next question.

“Sure, aren’t they always?” I hoped my quip would put an end to the questions.

“That’s funny because I just saw their car pull out of the driveway,” Michael said, as he took a few steps closer to me. He stood right in front of me then, a bit closer than is considered to be honoring personal space, and held my gaze with his feline eyes.

“You haven’t been telling me the truth,” Michael said matter-of-factly. He was right, but I wondered why he cared and why he was standing so close to me. “You deserve to be punished,” he said then. “Do you think I should punish you?” His voice was still firm and even but his eyes fairly glowed as he stepped in even closer.

I felt myself flush, with both embarrassment and excitement, as he just stood there looking at me. I felt somewhat overcome by the raw sexuality that was emanating from him, but I also didn’t really know what was going on here and I didn’t know what to say.

“I think I should give you a spanking,” Michael said at last. “Do you think you deserve a spanking?” He wasn’t touching me in any way, but he was standing as close as possible by that time and I could feel the heat coming off of his bare chest, warm from being out by the pool. A heat of my own was starting between my legs as I silently nodded yes.

“Come over here to the couch then,” he commanded, “and bend over my lap.” The thought of laying across his swimsuit clad lap was enough to make my pussy start to throb a little bit, but I did as I was instructed. He flipped my little skater skirt up above my hips and I waited to feel a slap across my ass, but instead I felt his firm hands pulling down my bikini bottoms — not just enough to expose my ass cheeks, but all the way down, so that the rosebud of my pussy was exposed as well. My brain and my senses were abuzz. Would he touch me there? Would he stick his finger in? I was pretty wet by this time, so aroused already from whatever game this was that we were playing.

While I was contemplating all of this, I felt the first spank land. It stung, but that encompassing sensation also reminded me of the feeling of my body as a musical instrument whenever I used my vibrator. He spanked me twice more and then lightly massaged my reddening cheeks before going to work on the other side. It was intense but I could also feel how wet and aroused I’d become, with both cheeks stinging and a faint heat rising up off of them.

“Tell me what you were planning to do over there,” Michael asked calmly, as he worked both cheeks with his hands, spreading my lips and my asshole a little bit in the process.

My brain wasn’t functioning that well by this time and I was having trouble thinking of what to say. “Nothing,” I mumbled, “I don’t know.” I wondered if he would spank me again for lying, but instead I felt a finger probing my dripping slit.

“You’re awfully wet thinking about all of that nothing that you were going to do over there,” he said with a little smirk in his voice, “but then maybe it’s just that you liked being spanked,” he added. “Do you like being spanked?” I nodded silently. “I found this in your room this morning,” Michael said, pulling out my vibrator from under one of the sofa throw pillows.

Once again I was both mortified and very, very aroused. He must’ve heard me using it. I wonder how many times he’d heard? Did he just hear the motor buzzing or did he hear me wimpering in delight as I got closer and closer to the wave of release? How much noise did I make when I came? I had no earthly idea, but he must’ve heard enough or we wouldn’t be here right now, with my bare ass in the air lying across his stiffening cock.

“Do you want me to fuck you with this, while I spank you some more?” he asked, his voice now almost a purr. I nodded yes again. Oh god, I wanted that so badly!

“I don’t know that you’ve earned that yet,” Michael said with authority. “First I want to know what you were planning to do over there.” I made a few false starts at words before he interrupted me. “Let me make a guess,” he offered, untying my bikini top and letting it fall away. “First, this was going to land on the ground, right?” I nodded, as he started handling my now exposed breasts, pulling a bit at my nipples. “Have you ever had your top all the way off for him before?”

“No,” I said a bit sheepishly, “his parents are always home. We just kind of reach into our clothes.”

“But you were planning to take it off when you got over there, weren’t you? Right away, before he’d even had time to pull at the ties. Am I right?” I nodded yes again. How did he know?

“And then what? Were you going to take it all off right away or make him work for it a little bit? Were you going to let him tease you and work his way up to it?” he asked as his fingers started probing my folds and and circling around my now soaking slit. I shook my head no, because I didn’t really know. I had no earthly idea what I would have done then. I hadn’t had long enough to really contemplate it and I was too inexperienced to have had a firm plan, but I knew what I wanted right now. I wanted him to put his fingers in me and I wanted him to touch my swollen clit.

As if he heard my thoughts, Michael asked, “Has he ever touched your clit before?”

“A little bit,” I said, “not really.”

“Spread your legs,” Michael said firmly as he pulled my bikini bottoms all of the way off, and I did. His fingers found my hot nub and began rubbing it, sending waves of pleasure through my whole lower body, while the fingers of his other hand slipped inside of me, first one and then two, sliding back and forth in a steady rhythm. I was naked except for my little skirt, which was up over my hips, and I could feel how hard his cock had gotten beneath me. The crescendo was nearing and I wanted to cum and then have him put his cock inside me, or spank me some more and fuck me with my vibrator… whatever he wanted to do with me, that’s what I wanted — desperately!

Just as I was finally cresting, the waves of pleasure washing over me and making me moan, just as I was about to completely lose control, I happened to look up to see Scott. He was looking in the sliding glass door and watching everything. I don’t know how long he had been there or how much he had seen.

“Cum for me, angel,” Michael said with a purr, and I did, arching my back and crying out in a loud voice, my eyes rolling back in my head as my sugar walls contracted and everything went momentarily black.

When I opened them again, Scott was gone, but Michael was still there. He helped me up from my prone position and sat me down next to him on the couch.

“What do you want to do next?” Michael asked me with a wry smile.

“Whatever you want,” I answered. “I’m all yours.”

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