I Love My Husband… Cuckold Confession

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I love my husband.

My husband is the light of my life. We have a strong marriage that has born us lovely kids. We have had our share of ups and downs, but tell me who hasn’t.

For the past couple of months though, something has been creeping into my marriage. Something I never foresaw. Some unexpected temptation; and I’m unsure of what to do about it.

It started with my husband. One night we lay in bed, tipsy, with the house to ourselves. We were indulging in some kinky foreplay. He was fucking me with one of my dildos when suddenly he said something I never thought I would hear from him.

He wanted me to have sex with another man. Not just any man; he specifically wanted me to fuck a black man!

I was so startled.

Why? For what reason?

I asked him these questions. He gave me weird, vague responses. Just kept saying he’d always wanted to see me in bed with another man, and that it would enhance our marriage.

We love watching porn together. He enjoys movies that feature group sex and interracial couples making out with each other. Yes, I’m aware of cuckold porn. But never did it occur to me that he was attracted to the idea so strongly that he wanted me to indulge in similar stuff. I didn’t realise until then that such cuckolding actions were carried out by real life couples out there. Believe me, I discovered plenty when I began researching it by myself. It intrigued me to think that my darling husband wasn’t the only married man out there considering such a thing.

He demanded an answer and at first I said no. Days later he asked again and still I told him no way. Why was he so relentless about it? I never got a straightforward answer from him; he always blushed with embarrassment when I confronted him with the question.

Months went by and we seldom raised the subject at all. We even stopped watching porn for a while, at least together. He would creep out of the room late at night while the kids were in bed and go slot in a porn DVD downstairs. A couple of times I woke up to find he wasn’t in bed, and went downstairs and found him masturbating to porn. He never raised the topic again and so nor did I.

I thought that would be the end of it. I mean, it should have ended right there and then, don’t you think?

Well, to my surprise, the thought remained stuck in my head. No matter how hard I tried not to think about it, explicit images kept flooding my mind. I’d see myself in a bar laughing and flirting with a stranger while my husband sat apart, spying on us. I’d rub my hand over the man’s crotch. I’d feel his penis become hard from my touch. Then he’d lean forward and start kissing the side of my neck and I wouldn’t stop him. I’d glance over at my husband and catch him looking at me. I would sit there expecting he would rush over and pull us apart, except in my dreams he never did. He just sat there watching… smiling.

Can you imagine the predicament I was in? I didn’t dare raise this dilemma with my friends for fear of what they might think… although I do have a cousin who left her husband for a younger, black man; but they were divorced by the time they hooked up, and the last thing I wanted was to lose my marriage that way.

But the temptation was growing. I couldn’t shake it off or let it go. Whenever I drove to work, or when I went shopping, I’d catch sight of white women sauntering about, looking so happy and proud next to their black men. Even when I observed white couples together, I’d focus on the wife and try to picture her cheating on her man, having a black lover on the side, and wondering if her husband knew. I’d go online and visit adult sites and read testimonials from white women claiming they had fucked black men and had the best sex of their lives. Some even declared that their husband had helped set them up and their lover had turned their partner into a willing submissive, and now the three of them were living the typical cuckold life.

I wondered if this was the same adventure my husband wants for us.

As much as I don’t want anything to endanger my marriage, I can’t help feeling more and more curious about this temptation and what sort of pleasures it might hold for us. I can’t quit the persistent dreams of my husband coming home to find me in the arms of another man.

What would be his reaction?

Would he get angry or love me even more?

Would he beg the man to climax inside me?

I’ve begun dressing raunchy. I bought myself some thong panties online, including a set of panties with the ‘Queen of Spades’ logo on it. Yes, I’m aware of what the logo denotes and I’m not ashamed of it. A week ago I wore it to bed and it drove my husband wild. He asked me how and when I got them and I told him. I came clean with him that night and told him about a guy who works in my office building who has caught my eye. Yes, he’s black and he’s married… but I don’t care, and he doesn’t appear to either. We have met for coffee so far and flirted innocently, but nothing more. But I’d love to make something of it.

My husband has given me the OK to go ahead. I just love him so much.

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