I Caught Sarah . . .

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My name is Jerold and what I’m about to tell you is real. I know it because I witnessed it.

My fiancée and I were one month away from our wedding and we were both excited about it. Sarah and I were high school sweethearts and I had been dating her for five years now. Though our sex life left a lot to be desired and it was mainly because of me. I have a five-inch penis—you have no idea how pathetic that sounds but it’s the truth. Also, I usually can’t last longer than a handful of minutes in bed. Sarah was always supportive though. She kept insisting she was satisfied with me. Bullshit. The look in her eyes whenever we got done making love held nothing but disappointment.

I’ve had cuckolding fantasies ever since we started dating, probably due to my lack of skill in bed and my overall submissive attitude in our relationship. However, I doubted whether a cuckold relationship was even a possibility because of her upbringing in a very traditional family. But I still held out hope. When you’ve got a tiny pecker like mine, hope is the only thing that keeps you going.

One Saturday we headed to the mall for some shopping and ended up in a clothing store I knew she would spend quite a bit of time inside. There was a TV with a sports game on in the front of the store, and I got distracted by watching the game. I told her I would meet her in the women’s clothing section in a minute. I finally came back to earth and realized 15 minutes had passed so I made a beeline to where I thought she would be. The problem was I couldn’t find her. I went round and searched the entire women’s section three times and she was nowhere in sight. I even checked the dressing room but nobody was in there.

Finally I saw an office door that was slightly open. I didn’t think she would be in there but I was passing by and figured I’d take a peek. I cracked it open and poked my head inside. What I saw changed my life and marriage forever.

A store employee was lying on the floor with his pants off and there was my fiancé on all fours with his dick completely engulfed in her mouth. I froze. I had no idea what to do.

Sarah was making love to his cock with her mouth!

She was deep-throating him, something she had NEVER done to me!

And this guy was a black man who was probably about eight or nine inches, too! She was really enjoying sucking his cock. And I, ashamed as I may have been, was enjoying being able to watch it just as much, as the hard bulge in my pants made evident. Watching her lips slide up and down his now wet and shiny cock was so thrilling to me.

A dozen questions alarmed me: who was the guy, really? How long had he and Sarah known each other? Did he know she was engaged… did he even care?

After a couple minutes of slow cocksucking, Sarah started to really pick up the pace as the man put his hand on her head and forced her to bob up and down on his big black dick. I could tell by his body language that he was getting close to cumming.

He got to his feet and repositioned himself so that he was jerking his cock right into Sarah’s mouth. His breathing kept getting quicker and finally I saw his balls start to tighten up as the first spurt missed her mouth and hit right above her upper lip. He adjusted himself to make sure the rest of his cum reached her mouth safely. When it looked like he was finished, she put her mouth on his cock, sucking and draining his pipe of whatever cum he had left. This made her spill a little cum out of her mouth and it dripped down her chin. I watched him pull out of her mouth, which gave her time to swallow the load that had just been shot in her mouth. Sarah wiped cum off her face and I watched her lick her fingers clean too. I could barely contain myself as I could feel my own cock oozing what seemed like gallons of pre-cum in my pants.

Sarah stood up and kissed the guy on the cheek, thanked him, and headed towards the door. I quickly hid behind a clothing rack as she exited the office and headed towards the front of the store. To say I was stunned by everything I had just seen would be an understatement. I’d just watched the woman I intended marrying weeks from now blow a stranger’s cock and swallow his load. Always when I’d begged her to do it to me, her response was that cum was disgusting. Today, I’d caught her acting like a total cum-slut for a man I’d never seen before…

And I loved it!

I realized that Sarah would probably be looking for me so I quickly headed to the front of the store and pretended to wander about. When I finally found her, she had a big smile on her face as I played dumb and gave her a big kiss. Boy, could I taste that cum on her lips! I took her hand and we walked out of the store together as a happy soon-to-be married couple.

Did you enjoy it? Then clap for it and maybe we’ll get Sarah to tell her own side of the story next time.

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