Honey, I’m home!

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These past few days have been grueling. I pack my things and check out of my dreary, lonely hotel room, stuffing objects messily into my suitcase. The only thing on my mind is coming home to you. I drive faster, whizzing and whipping past cars like a convict on the run. I don’t stop for gas or food. I don’t stop thinking about your touch. Every torturous mile it takes to get back to you fuels me with burning desire. My pussy is so sensitive, the rumble of the motor vibrating between my legs adding tension. My impatient feet jitter up and down as I switch gears, taking my hand from the wheel to grip my pussy through my skirt, trying to calm the hell down.

When I finally reach the house, the sun is setting below the trees. Storm clouds blanket the sky. Rain drips down slowly, then faster and harder. It’s as if the very heavens are in sync with my bundled nerves. My plan is to run inside, but instead I stand there looking up at the clouds and welcome the cold drops to my face, cooling me down from the summer heat and the burning lust exploding within me. I close my eyes, my chest heaving. I can feel the water soak through my clothes, only the damp fabric and the door keeping me from your touch. I whisper sweet nothings to the wind, a silent prayer to myself in gratitude for all I have.

Suddenly, as if by some miracle you hear my faint cry, I see you open the door to meet me outside. You jump into my arms and I hold you close in my embrace, gripping your ass firmly as you wrap your legs around me. The curves of your body pressed to mine make my mind rush with thoughts to make me shiver. We are both drenched as our lips meet anxiously, as if they themselves are separate entities meeting again from a long journey. I love the taste of your kiss, your soft plump lips melting and pressing on mine. You are already making sexy little noises, moaning your want for me.

I carefully set you down as your tongue slides down my neck. We barely make it inside before we are ripping each other’s clothes off. There’s a trail of garments leading to the stairs. We are now in just our underwear, straddled on the steps. I take your hands in mine and kiss you earnestly. You crawl backwards up the stairs as I slowly crawl up towards you like an animal stalking its prey. No words are said, only the sound of impatient breath and wet slides and creaks on the wood. Thunderous rain clatters across the rooftop. The look in your eyes is screaming, “Come and get me!”

As we reach the top of the stairs, I have you pinned against the wall. I spread your legs around my waist and grip under your thighs. I hover my face over yours, making your lips hunger for mine once more. We are merely a foot away from our bedroom, but too lost in the thrill of teasing each other to make it to the door.

I reach around you to unclasp your bra. I take both lovely breasts in my hands and squeeze them together as I wave my tongue across your erect nipples. I nibble them lightly and lick between your breasts all the way down your stomach. I curl my tongue between your thighs and lick right through your panties. I gently twist my fingers around the string of your panties, making the lace part your plump lips over each side of the cloth. I lick the protruding flesh and suck on it, thoroughly drenching the garment with your wetness and mine.

There’s no stopping now. I have my lips suctioned tight, my tongue whirling rapidly, using the crotch of your panties to rub your clit back and forth. Your left leg drops. Your fingernails scrape the wall above your head. Your back arches as your hips squirm on my face, the echo of your moans filling the narrow hall. I bite the seam, moving your panties aside with my teeth, making room for my tongue to squeeze inside you. Your moans heighten to a squeal, your hands gripping my drenched hair, holding my head steady as you fuck my mouth. Your walls are so tight, I can feel the grip twitch around the tip of my tongue. I suck your clit powerfully, driving you to your peak. I drastically slow each intense lick, making your body beg for release. You bury my face deep in your crotch until I can barely breathe, my tongue lashing in and out of your soaked slot until you reach your momentous climax in a blissful scream of passion.

I lift my head up to catch my breath and dive right back in, nourishing myself with your wetness. You pull my face close and kiss me softly, then lick your juices off my chin and neck. I pull away to get back on my knees. You reach around me to unclasp my bra. I turn around and crawl across the room, towards the bed.

I stand up to try and climb on the covers, but you stop me, gripping my breasts from behind, licking and sucking my neck ravenously. Your teeth sink into my flesh, making me gasp. You smooth your hand down below the seam of my panties and slide your fingers into my soaked slot. Your fingers ease inside me. I can feel my wetness leak between my thighs. My knees buckle, struggling to stand.

You push me forward as I crawl on the bed. My face is buried in the sheets as you lift my ass up to your face. You pull my panties down to my thighs and lick a hot wet stripe from my clit to my rim, then back down again. Your soft full lips suction around my clit as the tip of your tongue circles in between. The sensation of your mouth has me melting and screaming into the covers. I rock my hips back and forth, chasing my climax. As soon as I am close, you push my hips away.

Suddenly, I feel your fingers enter me from behind, knuckle deep in my cunt, grazing my G-spot with your fingertips. You push deeper, flicking your fingers rapidly inside me. My legs shake and I moan with delight, taking in the sweet force throbbing inside me. You lean in and nibble my lower back, sliding your tongue down my ass. Your tongue circles my rim as you pound your fingers in and out of me. I am moaning and screaming through the sheets, thrusting my hips up and down, meeting the pressure of your fingers, ready to explode.

Then, drastically… you stop again. You slide your fingers out of me and give me a swift firm slap to my rear before turning me over. My chest is heaving in anticipation, my pussy leaking, in need of release now more than ever. I see you suck the juices off your fingers and slowly lean in, pressing your breasts to mine. You kiss me softly, as calm as can be while I am dying inside with want. You slowly kiss down my body, making my stomach flutter with every press of your lips. Your rain-drenched hair slides down my thigh, momentarily cooling my boiling skin.

You slide your arms under my thighs and kiss my pussy softly. I am so wet, I can hear each press of your lips. When you finally let me feel your tongue, I moan loudly. Then you pull away again and blow on my clit, making me go wild with impatience. I beg you for mercy as tears fill my eyes. My entire body feels like a loose cannon ready to fire. Then, you wrap your lips tightly around my swollen, overly-teased clit, and slowly press your face back and forth into me. It’s just enough pressure for me to reach the upper echelon of my orgasm. Suddenly, you squeeze your fingers inside me, and your pinky sneaks past the rim of my ass. I scream in pleasure as the intrusion tips me over the edge, letting my thunderous orgasm explode violently out. You graze your lips gently over my clit until every last pulse dies down, my hips shivering around your neck.

You rest your face on my thigh. I can feel the heat of your flushed cheek pressed against my skin. We lie in a heap of wetness, tangled arms and legs, sighing in satisfaction. I can feel the brush of your lashes as your eyes flutter closed, using my thigh as a pillow. Right before you fall asleep, you just manage to whisper softly, “Welcome home, baby.”

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