Guiding Her

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photo: MetArt

You will listen and obey my commands.
I will not hurt you in any way.
The pleasure that you’ll receive….
You’ll see.
First, I want you to undress in front of a mirror.
Now look and tell me just how beautiful you are.
Next, I want you to start to touch every inch of your curves. Enjoy the feeling. Can you feel me?
Play with your lovely tits. Make those nipples nice and hard. Work your way down your hips. Grab that fine ass and smack it for me. Harder. I said harder. That’s my girl.
Now, I want you to run a finger up and down your wet lips. Tease your clit. Do it until you want to cum.

Now stop.

Do you have your nipple clamps? Put them on and tell me how it feels.
Does it feel good? Are you aroused?
Ok. Now you can go back and play with your wetness again. Use those fingers to penetrate your desires. Tease that clit and stop just before climax.
I know you want to cum and you will…eventually.
You have that plug that you like…lube it up and slowly insert it into that fine ass. Not all the way in. Go almost all the way in and almost all the way out repeatedly. Use your other hand to finger that sweet pussy. Taste yourself and tell me just how sweet you are.
Stop just before you cum, but keep that plug all the way in.
Take your palm and spread your legs and smack that pussy. Harder. I said harder.
Tell me how does it feel? How wet are you now? Do you want to cum for me?
Beg me.
I want to hear you.
Now ram that ass hard and finger yourself until you’re dripping and don’t stop until you’ve cum multiple times for me and your knees are shaking.
Show me how much you enjoyed it. Don’t be shy. Tell me if you did as you were told.

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