Grande Pike with a Side of Orgasm

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photo: SexArt

Will that complete your Starbucks order?

“Grande Pike with a half pump of caramel and room for half and half?”

Damn, he remembered. I hear myself laugh and say, “Yes, thank you.”

“I’m Trevor by the way,” the yummiest barista in the history of ever says.

“Sarah,” I say back to him as I hand him my hydro flask to fill.

“Can I get you anything else?” he asks.

Yeah, I’d like a slice of you warmed up, I think to myself, but I just shake my head and say, “That is it for now, thanks.”

“For now, huh?”

Damn it. words are hard. I blush as he hands me back my cup and I beeline for my spot in the corner. It is snowing outside, the kind of snow that falls in big fat flakes and makes the world seem eerily still. The low yellow lighting of the coffee shop mixed with the smell of beans is a tantalizing combination. I settle into my spot to work on my homework and take a sip of my coffee and I feel myself smile into the cup as it fills my insides. Trevor has the combination just right.

I’m doing my best to work on my paper, but I cannot seem to focus. Every time I glance up, I accidentally find myself making eye contact with Trevor. He seems to be staring into my soul or something. God, I’m so horny. Probably why I cannot focus. I decide to get up and stretch my legs and get more coffee.

I walk up to the counter and Trevor turns around to greet me, “Sorry Sarah, I just started a fresh brew, it’s going to be about ten minutes. But if you leave your cup, I’ll bring it out to you.”

“Oh, perfect thanks,” I reply. Just the nicest.

Trevor appears at my table a while later and I reach out to grab the cup from him and as our fingers brush, we lock eyes and the world seems to slow down and sparks shoot straight to my pussy. I blush and shake away the gutter thoughts that have entered my mind and say, “Thank you.”

He, staring at me now rather strangely, asks what I’m writing about and I start to explain.

An hour and a half later we are in a heated debate about the Irish potato famine and I’m laughing at something Trevor says. My birth control alarm starts going off and I realize that Starbucks has long since closed and we are the only two left.

“I’m so sorry, I did not realize you closed so long ago.”

Trevor chuckles and I realize he has stood up and is standing close to me, the proximity is radiating heat. I turn and he is inches from me as he says, “I’m going to kiss you.” His lips are inches from mine and the world seems to slow for the second time tonight.

He brushes his lips against mine ever so slightly and a shiver rips through me. I want him. He leans back to look into my eyes in question, I respond by wrapping my hands around his neck and pulling him back to me. I crush my lips to his in a fever and he opens his mouth to let my tongue explore. I push him back into the booth and climb on top of his lap, my tongue still exploring his mouth. His hands run up my calves, my thighs and stop to wrap themselves around my ass. We’re making out like crazed high-schoolers. Tongues twisting, hands running everywhere, Trevor’s currently are up my sweatshirt playing with my nipples. Thank god I ditched a shirt and bra today. His mouth moves from my lips to my jawline and then down my neck, biting and nipping the whole way. This is glorious.

He stops all of a sudden, grabs my face in his hands, looks me dead in the eye and says, “I want to fuck you, Sarah.”

Smirking I reply, “and I’m going to let you.”

All of a sudden, we are moving, Trevor the barista just picks me up like one picks up a cup of coffee and carries it to the sink. He walks us behind the counter, through the swinging double doors and into the back. He plunks me down on the counter and I hear, “Take off your sweatshirt.”

I love being commanded. I happily oblige him and drop my Duke sweatshirt to the floor, my nipples ripe and hard, partly from Trevor teasing them moments ago and partly due to the chill in the air.

He leans back against the counter opposite me and drinks me in. I notice a stiff erection through his khakis. My turn to command. “Take off your pants Trevor,” my boldness only slightly surprising me.

He smirks as he undoes his belt, takes off his shoes and drops trou in the back of the Starbucks, revealing his beautifully stiff cock. I hop off the counter onto the floor and walk toward him. I kiss him and trail my tongue in his mouth and move my lips to that perfectly defined jawline as I slowly lower myself to my knees. I love sucking cock. I take his perfect head in my hand and extend it so he can see his length as I lick it base to tip, circling my tongue around the head and lapping up the precum along the way. I hear Trevor groan as his hands find themselves in my curls. I lightly take his balls in my other hand and give them a gentle squeeze as I slide him all the way into my mouth, letting him tickle the back of my throat before releasing him.

Slick with spit I suck his cock like my life depends on it. I feel his thighs start to tighten in anticipation and I slow down. You don’t get to be done yet. Giving his balls one last loving squeeze I stand and slowly take my pants off as Trevor stands there, panting and staring at me.

I walk backwards till I run into the cold stainless countertop and slide my undies to the floor as I hop up on the counter spreading my legs open and allowing him to get a full view of my pretty pink pussy. Fuck, the cold counter feels good. His smile is wicked as he walks toward me and instantly falls to his knees in front of me. He kisses the inside of my right knee and trails his tongue up to my lady lips, they are pulsing with anticipation. He takes his tongue from the bottom of my lips and leads a trail to the top of my clit where he flicks it with a powerful little whack. I’m the one who now has my hands in his curls as he slips his entire tongue inside me, lapping and sucking at my wet sugar walls.

I’m moaning his name as he looks up at me and slips a finger inside me as he continues to lick my clit. I’m grinding against his fingers and I can feel my orgasm building inside me. He adds a second finger, looks me dead in the eye and feeling my building orgasm makes another command: “Cum for me Sarah, cum in my hands.” I buck against him as I flood into his fingers, orgasm racking my whole body.

He doesn’t stop there, he brings his mouth back to my aching pussy and moans as he licks me up. Still rolling from my orgasm he stands and slides his fingers in my mouth letting me taste myself; the sweet and salty taste makes me more wet and I bring his mouth to mine to share the taste as our tongues dance.

He pulls me off the counter and turns me around, my ass now against his rock-solid erection. He leans me forward and smoothly slides into me from behind and we both moan in unison. The feeling of his cock is perfect, the just a little too big feel, stretching me ever so slightly. He grabs my hips and I brace myself against the cold stainless steel and he starts to thrust into me. I love it from the back. He is hitting me right in my g-spot, I squeeze my sugar walls around him, making him moan even harder as he digs his fingers into my hips. He reaches one hand around and starts to rub my clit and I throw my head back against his shoulder and moan as his mouth is suddenly on my neck as well, biting and nipping at my earlobes. I am in sensation overload, his cock, his fingers, his mouth all at once is too much for me. I am about to surrender to another body ripping orgasm when he whispers in my ear, “You ready baby?”

His breath in my ear intoxicates me further and I murmur back, “Are you ready?” With one last thrust I explode, yelling his name. I feel him start to empty himself into me as I call his name.

Mind numb I melt into him and we collapse to the floor. The room smells of coffee and sex as we lie panting and dripping with sweat surrounded by coffee bags. He brushes my curls out of my face with a softness I was not expecting. He leans his forehead against mine and tenderly kisses my lips while murmuring, “Oh baby.”

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