Good Girls Behave

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Part five: Pretty panties and role reversal

My ass was covered by a pair of fairly tight pale blue panties and my legs were encased in silky stockings as I sat cross-legged by the window. The sun shone on the spectacular surface of my new nightgown. Seconds stretched out to become minutes which gathered to become nearly an hour. My eyes watched intently through the window, waiting impatiently for her arrival.

My hands ran down my legs, gliding over the glossy sheer of my stockings. My fingertips danced over the surface of my new nightie. My stomach was churning with desire, creating waves of excitement and anticipation. The longing which grew between my legs sent electrical waves through me. I missed her. I wanted her home. The wait was nearly unbearable.

My fingers roamed across any skin my lingerie didn’t cover. They found something to distract me as they slid inside my panties. Having layers of fine lace and silk stretched tight against my body always kept me fully aroused. My fingertips sent sharp stabs of sexual excitement as they teased my soft cock hidden behind the sleek nylon. I guided my fingers further down to hold my cock. I sat waiting for the return of my lover while my first finger and thumb held the crown of my soft cock as if to comfort it with the promise of things to come.

It is never the same as when her fingers hold my cock. It isn’t the same as when her fingers coax my erection to grow stronger. Amanda had managed to change even that part of my previous life. My fingers were no longer enough to get me off. They weren’t her hands stroking my shaft with dedication and purpose. Her fingers did magical things; things I never believed were possible. My mind drifted along as my body stayed warm and ready inside my flowing satin nightgown for her to enjoy. Memories of unrestrained sexual energy scrolled through my mind, recalling the many times her hands had opened up the doors to my private heaven by drawing my cock up to full erection through a clutch of slithery underthings.

The sound of the car caused me to jump. I peered into the sunlight to see her stepping out. I had become totally dependent on this woman for my happiness. I tried to remind myself that I still had my own life, and Amanda was just one part of it. But I knew my thoughts of her became the place my mind loved to linger in most often. Our relationship had begun with such a sense of liberation for both of us. But now all I wanted was to please her.

The sound of the door sent a shiver down my spine, reminding me to remove my hand from my panties as I stood to greet her. We met in the doorway to the porch to share our kiss. Her knowing smile, as she looked me up and down, said everything I needed to hear. The gleam in her eyes, the mischievous sparkle, weakened my knees and made me grateful for Amanda being in my life. She reached out to wrap her arms around me. One hand held my neck while the other meandered down my satin-covered spine. The mere sight of me dressed in women’s lingerie was enough to erase all her cares.

Once in the house, Amanda put her case and purse on the chair by her desk, slipped out of her blazer, strutted over to where I stood waiting with a drumming heart, then lifted my chin so she could stare right into my eyes. This intensity was very familiar to me. This quick transition from capable executive director to domineering sexual partner had become our normal routine. Where before Amanda needed a little time, after work, to warm up to the role, now she was able to slip right into it like a pair of comfortable slippers. Once she and I were alone her control over me was exclusive.

Still staring at my eager expression, she slid an arm around my waist and gathered a handful of the gown I was wearing just for her. She pressed me against her, pushing on my back. Her energy was infectious. Her growing need played out as a series of fleeting expressions. She was silently deciding on which course of action we would start with, while I was thinking up other kinds of fun we might have before dinner.

Amanda’s hand left my back, leaving a cool sensation through the silky material. I became instantly aware of her fingers teasing my panties, the tips of them skimming the slightly bulging erection beneath. As her fingers touched my shaft a groan sounded. I wasn’t even conscious of making the sound. Once her teasing fingers slipped through the waistband she gently curled them around my length, sending shivers through my body. She loved it when I responded this thoroughly. She knew just how wound up I got waiting for her to arrive home. When her fingers tightened around me it caused my legs to tremble.

Satisfied at the effect she was having, Amanda pulled her hand out of my panties so she could release my cock from its silky prison. The shiny blue material bunched up as she pushed it down to just below my knees. The feeling of my free cock quickly hardening caused a smile to spread across my face. Knowing she created this powerful lust in me made us both grateful for the time we have been together. She stroked my cock until I was fully hard and throbbing. It must have been thrilling for her to be stroking me so casually while I moved my hands along her body.

Without realizing it, I began to grind my hips in time to her slow massage of my hardening cock. Waves of ecstasy throbbed along my erection as my breathing sped up. Even when I was choosing what things would help me stay aroused until she returned home, all I could think about was how wonderful it was going to feel when my erection would grow into a firm shaft of male arousal in her slender hand. Some couples greet each other with a peck or a wave when they return home from work. My sexual partner begins by getting me hard with her hand.

Placing her hands on each side of my head she used her most seductive voice to issue the first command of the afternoon.

“On your knees. Don’t touch. Hands behind your back,” she said, while starting to pull down her skirt. Once my hands were behind my back I looked at the way her eyes were holding mine, which nearly caused an explosion of lust to burst inside me. I bit my lip, trying to hide the smile threatening to appear on my face. I loved when she took control. I’d spent most of the afternoon waiting for her to bring her control back home. No amount of self pleasuring could match the excitement of actually hearing her instructions.

“Kneel,” she said again, tossing her pencil skirt and black half-slip onto the chair nearby. Kneeling on the floor in front of her, I’d never felt smaller or more powerful. I sat back on my heels, my hands behind me, with my gaze fixed on the beautiful pale blue panties right in front of my face. Hearing the excitement in her voice and knowing how much she enjoyed feeling my mouth against her pussy filled me with a strange combination of pride, pleasure, and love. My lips instinctively opened to let my tongue stretch forward as if to taste her. I was waiting patiently as she removed her silk blouse. Her strong firm body was mostly uncovered except for the blue bra and panties. I had selected my lingerie to match hers. She stepped around me as my anticipation filled up all the empty space in my already swirling brain.

Amanda used her pantyhose to tie my wrists. After tugging my hair until I looked up at her she bent forward to kiss my forehead.

“You really are my good girl.”

I love when she calls me her good girl. It’s a magical phrase which peels away the burden of male expectations about how I ought to behave or who gets to decide. All my life I was taught to be a man, to assume my right, to have things my way, to determine what kind of life other people were permitted to have. I was never comfortable being a man, the way it was taught to me. I love women. I wanted them to be loved. I didn’t think it was fair the way my mother had to deal with the children and the chores, handling a household only to see my father taking his leisure by staring at the television. I didn’t think it was fair my sisters were allowed to wear lovely slips and panties while I had to wear pants and cotton shorts. Amanda provides a safe place for me to slip out of my role as a male and spend some time enjoying the sensations I get from dressing in slinky and sexy outfits. We both know I am anything but a girl. She loves my naughty side, as much as I do — that I am sure of.

She came around in front again to place her hand on the top of my head. Arousal coursed through my veins as my heart pounded in my chest. Her eyes met mine, my mouth opened, and my tongue stuck out waiting to meet the object of her pleasure. My erection continued to throb in the open air with my panties still bunched just above my knees. The head of my cock rested on the tightly stretched waistband, getting some lovely contact with the lace to stimulate me.

Her fingers tugged her panties down and off so she could guide her shaved pussy toward my face. My mouth watered at the thought of her. As the tip of my tongue separated the folds of her cunt, Amanda betrayed a spasm of excitement. I relaxed enough to fully engage her feminine centre with my lips and tongue. While my tongue was probing deeper into her pussy I relished the taste of her. From that first night, when I confessed my secret, all the way to her own discovery of a hidden desire to demand what she needed, I had grown to appreciate the way she understood why kneeling in front of her was where I belonged. This was where I was truly free to be myself. She gave to me as much as I gave to her. The memory of all those nights we spent helping each other explore the deepest parts of our nature, bringing to light all the dark feelings we had hidden, and the many days we spent shopping for underwear suitable for my size and shape, reminded me of what we had built together. We had come to share a glorious and truly equal life together.

When she started shaking and shuddering I knew my licking was working her up to her homecoming orgasm. A few more soft licks followed by a series of slithery swipes across her love button soon had Amanda clutching my head while streams of her sweet juices ran past my lips to trickle off my chin. A drop of her come even landed on the head of my cock, striking a chord of arousal so intense my ears started ringing. I was in heaven while she was wincing with ecstasy. My cock felt a mile long with that cool drop drawing my entire being right to the tip. My achievement had me grinning from ear to ear. The wait was entirely worth every minute.

After her homecoming orgasm ended my wrists were freed, and my panties were back where they belonged while Amanda changed into a supremely enticing ensemble featuring fishnet stockings, a shiny red corset, long satin gloves, and thong panties with ribbons tied at the sides. It was the first time I had seen this outfit and my cock demanded I give it a few strokes of recognition from the visual stimulation she was providing. Her momentary acknowledgment of the effect her outfit was having was a sly glance in my direction when she saw the movement of my hand under my silk nightgown and panties.

We had dinner together while telling each other about our day. She’d been asked to give a talk at a conference later in the year and I told her about the report editing I had been doing all morning. After finishing dinner we enjoyed a very nice evening together. I was truly comfortable in my fine lingerie watching Amanda lounge for a while in her provocative costume. We watched a little porn as we cuddled together on the couch. Seeing various women slipping out of their clothes before fucking some guy was the attraction for me. Watching people fucking for the camera was not as arousing for me as seeing two or three women in heels and stockings step out of fantastic skirts, beautiful bras, and reclining on satin sheets in bikini underwear.

The longer we went into the night the more I wondered if we were ever going to get around to sharing a good fuck. Amanda liked watching the very large cock of her favourite film star in close up as it split the slit of each woman’s shaved pussy. I knew it got her hot so I didn’t mind it. She was fortunate she never had to resort to acting in porn movies. The undeniably bad acting along with the terrible dialogue would have been a waste of a talent like Amanda. She might have elevated some lame stories to being nearly believable, or given enough of a performance for the people watching to actually feel some connection to her. But despite her ability to suck cock and her gorgeous body there was never going to be a future for her in porn. The character she was following so closely played a no nonsense kind of private detective who used his good looks and his enormous cock to get women to confess things and tell him what he needed to know. Perhaps the movie stimulated me in a subtle way because, once we were in the bedroom, I felt a new impulse growing in my slinky panties. So, I acted on it. I hoped Amanda would go along with it.

I pushed her down on the edge of bed and stood over her. I looked down at her for only a moment before I could tell she knew what was happening. I was taking charge. I kissed her before I drew her face against my nylon covered chest. She could clearly see me getting rock hard in my panties. I used a line from the movie, trying to imitate the guy’s voice. When I let go of her head and instructed her to obey me she nodded her agreement without a single breath of a challenge.

I told her to take off my panties because I wanted her to see my stiff cock. She carefully slid my panties off, barely able to keep her hand from holding my erection. Then I told her to lie down on the bed because I was going to tie her up with the same pantyhose she used on me.

“You’re really going to tie me up?” she said, clearly surprised at the direction this was heading. From her position on the bed her outfit made me throb even harder with desire.

I took her hands and pulled them above her head, where I tied them to the headboard. I stood over her as I rubbed her nipples through her corset with one hand and inside her tiny thong with the other. I was so turned on seeing her this way I wanted to run my hands over every inch of her vulnerable body beneath me. I was feeling my power.

“You want to suck my cock, don’t you?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she replied, sounding a little uncertain.

“Beg me,” I instructed her, “beg for my cock.”

Using a voice she mostly reserved for role plays she repeated her plea more forcefully, “Please, let me suck your cock.”

“I dunno,” I teased. “I can do a pretty good job with my own hand. Maybe I don’t need your mouth.” I started to stroke my cock above her, grinning at the way she squirmed on our bed. She was looking up at it like it was the most important thing on her mind. Maybe she was imagining her movie guy hovering over her.

“Please let me suck it,” she continued, just to make sure I knew she wanted to be a good girl for me. My dream girl knew exactly how to add an extra layer of kink or arousal to any situation either of us might dream up.

I relented, of course. With my teasing over, I climbed up to kneel above her tits. Then I slowly lowered my hard length down toward her face. She sucked on the head for a while before I started to rock my hips back and forth over her mouth. Soon I was gently fucking her mouth with my stiff cock. This was different from the oral sex we normally enjoyed together where she did all the work with her fast moving tongue. Since I was in charge it became a game of penetrating her mouth with my erection. I resumed fingering her pussy while still fucking her mouth slowly. It felt wonderful. The power of it coursed through my veins while the thrill of it centered on the feeling of her lips sliding along my rippling length. I always got fully hard every time we shared our fantasies but this time I was so hard I could barely bend the shaft down toward her mouth. She might have been curious when she felt how stiff I was. She must have been aware of how much this new game had turned me on.

Amanda’s orgasm came upon her rapidly. I didn’t expect it would happen this fast but, then again, I’d never fucked her in the mouth before now. She apparently liked it. I could feel her whole pussy convulsing around my fingers as she came. I looked down at her stretched lips still holding my shaft. I bit my lip from the sensation of her body twitching with orgasm just as the head of my cock was getting slathered inside her mouth. My cock was still incredibly hard when I finally eased it from between her lips. I shuffled backward to where my fingers had been busy so I could get between her thighs. Then I mounted her. I rubbed my very stiff cock against her pussy, up and down, teasing, before letting it in.

“Please!” she gasped. This was a heart-felt plea from the depths of her need.

“Not yet,” I teased. “Maybe I will just play with it.”

“Please put it in!” she kept pleading, still unsure whether I was going to let her have my cock.

Finally I thrust forward until my entire length filled her pussy. She couldn’t move to pull me tighter. I could tell by the way she wriggled that she wanted to grab me and pull me down against her breasts. But I was the one in control. She was learning what it felt like to just let it happen.

The very first time Amanda learned about my secret life we discovered her deep need to take control. Once I was relieved of having to act like a man I unearthed a strange desire to be dominated by Amanda. But now I was the one on top. I was the one taking my pleasure from her body. Perhaps she would learn to love it the way I did. Perhaps it would merge with the many other discoveries she had made about herself, her body, and her sexuality from living with me all this time. With my stone hard erection fitted snugly into her pulsing pussy I remained motionless so I could bask in the new feelings I was able to make real.

She wordlessly moaned her desperation. She was always fair to me when she was the one in control so I felt it was only right to let her have what she wanted. So I fucked her steadily and deeply. I reached my hands down to hold her very firm thighs while I fucked her a little faster. I don’t know what came over me. I kept humping against her as I felt my release beginning to arrive. She squeezed my cock with her pussy just before I started coming. My cock never felt so alive as it did each time my come shot repeatedly from my whole body.

“Come… with… me!” I demanded in a loud voice while humping harder.

As soon as I barked the order she responded. I could feel myself floating in a cloud of lust as my cock burst its load deep within this wildly squirming woman. Amanda and I came again. I could feel the tight squeeze of her pussy around my pulsing shaft as we shared her third orgasm together.

After catching our breath I lifted off Amanda and began to untie her hands.

“I liked that,” she said candidly. “I’ve never seen that side of you before.”

She found my mouth and we kissed deeply, once again breathing and moving in unison. My arms went around her neck and hers around my waist as we stayed there on the bed, locked together in the sweetest embrace.

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