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Part four: Playing the interview game

Our life together has become a real life adventure in being a couple. People often have us over for parties and celebrations. We entertain occasionally in our home. Friends meet our other friends and I am familiar with all of Amanda’s work colleagues. There are lots of actors and a bunch of crew people she hangs out with. She’s getting more work all the time and her popularity is just on the edge of being famous. All she needs is one big break to establish herself as a reliable actress.

I’ve been able to grow my own business as a consultant working mostly from home. My own friends can’t believe someone like Amanda is living with me. I get ribbed all the time about being the ugly boyfriend. I smile to myself when my friends act so envious. If they knew the secret to our relationship they might not be so accepting. Amanda is so sweet to all my friends they can’t get enough of her.

Our life has also become a series of fantasies where we nudge each other to try new things and explore our deepest sexual desires. The balance is tricky but we always manage to find ways to be outwardly normal and privately outrageous. Candy often makes an appearance when Amanda is feeling a particular need to displace her feelings through her alter-ego.

For my part I have never adopted a female persona. Amanda has always understood how these dress up games are just between the two of us. Her little games are nearly always set up to surprise me or to catch me unawares. They often start with getting me into a compromising situation and exploiting my uncertain reaction. When they do occur, which is somewhat rare, they provided us with an opportunity to bring ourselves back into alignment with each other by shrugging off the various frustrations in our life. These fantasy plays often appear when Amanda hasn’t worked in a while. She feels the need to switch to another persona when real life has her feeling anxious. Although some of the games are completely spontaneous and quite inventive, there are a few basic clichés she likes to bring back because they help her deal with her anxiety connected to whatever trigger produced it. They involve everything from full costumes to light restraints.

Amanda once worked in an office tower for an advertising firm. It was for some agency that buys media space for clients. They generally hire good looking women to be client reps because it makes a client more eager to do deals. Advertising is such a shallow business it tends to attract more than the usual number of creeps working out their power issues. It’s also where Amanda met her jealous and controlling former boyfriend.

She got really good at selling ad time because she treated it like a game. Her portfolio generated a substantial income in comparison to many of her colleagues. She was doing this kind of work while waiting for her acting work to start paying the bills. She was recognized for her enthusiasm and her competence at some company celebration after only eight months of working there. Once the speeches were done, the catering consumed, and the excitement was over, people drifted away until there were just a few clients and reps left, along with a couple of VPs.

It was this encounter, with a VP in his office on a higher floor, which gave her the germ of an idea for an “interview” fantasy. It wasn’t simply a reconstruction of a real event, but it was meant to work out the role switch she would have liked to use to put the VP into the submissive position so he could feel what it was like to be treated like a personal conquest.

It started with us sitting on either side of a big oak desk. Amanda would rise and come around the desk and stand over me. After questions about my cock she would order me to stand so she could examine it. I was usually dressed in slacks, a shirt, tie and jacket. Under that, however, was always some lovely outfit where my exposed cock would stick out.

She would kneel to undo my belt and open my slacks. Then she would feign shock at finding my silky tap pants barely concealing my truly aroused cock. Soon enough my pants would come off. She would stand again, take off my jacket and undo my shirt to expose my entire outfit to our empty office. She would then embrace me from behind while putting her hand around my properly teased erection.

Whenever we got to this part I dared not move until I understood which persona my Amanda was bringing to the game. I enjoyed the hint of amusement in her voice while she softly stroked my manhood while whispering distractedly, “What to do, what to do?”

Her scent would fill the room, adding another sensual layer of excitement to the fantasy. The way she leaned her terrific body against mine switched my logical brain off. My primate brain took over from there. It was always much more pleasant to surrender to her fantasy when she got like this. She would move her hand down my chest and over my silky intimates while her tongue traced a path along my neck. I was lulled into a light trance whenever her tongue played with my earlobe, and I squirmed in her arms when the tip of her tongue began to penetrate my ear in short stabbing licks. On this occasion she paused to whisper directly into my brain: “Do you want to continue with the oral questions?”

This was the fourth time we played “interview” and I was eager to enjoy it once again. She was always able to make me leave behind all the worries of my busy life by using her charms on me. I became more comfortable with her boss role each time we did this one. The fantasy it offered was a nearly universal male invention; attractive superior colleague takes advantage of man by seducing him in her office. Whatever it did for her seemed to let her come to terms with how to reverse the balance of power, if only in a fantasy. What I got from it was a spine-tingling sense of arousal where some powerful woman was ready to expose me before using me to take care of her sexual needs.

For her part in the play Amanda wore her hair up, her skirt tight, and her silky chemise against her bare breasts under her jacket. Her breasts jostled the material as she moved which had me eager for her jacket to come off so I could enjoy their movements even more.

I was not allowed to say a word, but I couldn’t help a small grunt from seeing her undress right in front of me. This sensuous performance was intended to charm my cock into rising. I loved the way she looked and how it made me feel. Sometimes I was given permission to touch her panties. If her mood was right I might get to enjoy the slithery movement of the material sliding around under my fingertips. I would see Amanda following the movement of my fingers with her eyes. It was a dance which worked to bring us both up into a state of arousal neither of us could produce on our own.

Sometimes she would play with herself by rubbing fingers on either side of her clit inside her thong panties. If she closed her eyes and started to moan I would know she was having trouble keeping herself in character. I loved the way she seemed to be floating away as she joined me with gentle movements of her fingers. During our last role play I squeezed my cock to make it harder and fatter. I kept one hand around the base and slid the other up and down the shaft while I watched her diddle her clit.

This time I was already thoroughly hard but still waiting for her to decide what our next step would be. One time she allowed my hands to roam all over her body so I could feel the sleek surface of what was under her business suit. It was a wonderful feeling. Her chemise was lifted away until her breasts were completely naked, leaving her standing in front of me wearing only her panties and stockings. The adrenaline rush, along with the growing buzz from the dope we shared earlier, had a powerful effect on my erection.

Each time we play out this game she makes small changes to her plan. I have to be alert to respond to anything she might bring up. It’s a bit of improvisation more than a scripted fantasy. She knows which parts of it thrill her the most so those usually stay the same. But for the rest of it I can never be sure what she’ll ask of me, or what she might decide I would like her to do. Even though my senses are fully alert my brain is still in ‘park’.

I always manage to look frightened at the beginning when she first touches me. Amanda can easily see how much I enjoy this by my growing erection as it emerges from under the leg band of my panties. During these little plays my pounding desire fills my body until it expresses itself by delivering mind-numbing orgasms to my willing partner.

When she gets down on her knees to wet the tip of my growing cock my early shivering arousal is calmed by her hands on my erection. Then her mouth works its magic to ensure I’m as stiff as I can possibly be. She often grabs my hip with one hand and my hard cock with the other as she masterfully twirls her tongue all over the sensitive skin of the head. Whenever she looks up at me I cannot believe the transformation. She has magically shifted from a look of forceful executive into a gaze of pure lust in a matter of a few seconds. She has me in a hypnotic mode where my sexy teddy mixes with her demanding tone.

She takes my erection from her mouth to throw me a devilish smile. Rising from between my open thighs, Amanda moves us to the desk so I can service her pussy until she is ready to fuck. She will sit on the edge leaning away on her arms while I tug her panties all the way off. This leaves her only in stockings and heels. Soon I am between her legs, licking her thighs with long wet strokes before I work my way slowly toward her pussy. I love spending as much time as I can with my tongue roaming her cunt. She helps me stay completely hard by wearing sexy outfits to stimulate my mind.

With each lick of my tongue I can hear Amanda giving a sigh of satisfaction. One time I raised my head a little to see her eyes closed, her mouth half-open, and a serene smile adorning her beautiful mouth. Any time I catch sight of her smiling while my tongue is exploring her warm folds it fills me with pride mixed with erotic anticipation. On this occasion my cock throbbed with desperate need while my stoned mind kept me very busy exploring her moist opening.

Once Amanda has decided I have teased her enough she commands me to stick my tongue between her pulsing pussy lips. I am always careful not to go for her clit straight away. I have to wait until she asks me — no, pleads with me — to go deeper. Shortly after I hear the call my tongue is swirling and probing everywhere except her joy button. I have learned to wait until she starts moving her hips around before I begin teasing the way she likes most. As soon as Amanda has had enough teasing she will grab my head to push me against her clit. I enjoy resisting her tugging before I finally lick and nibble her clit as lightly as I possibly can while my erection is screaming for some attention. When I hear her sighing louder with each breath I know it’s time to plunge my tongue as deep as I can into her opening. I managed to stroke myself a bit the last time we did this but I decided not to even try this time.

Once my tongue is inside, I arch it and flick it back and forth. So many months of crazy nights, so much sharing of our souls, and so much sexual satisfaction, has taught me how to give Amanda precisely what her body craves. Knowing how this will eventually end helps me refrain from going too quickly or being too forceful. As much as she seems to be wanting me to lick harder or more deeply I know I need to wait for the right moment when her controlling mind finally lets go so her body can receive her total release directly. When she’s ready her hands will hold my head tighter as I feel her body begin to tense up. This time her hips are going crazy against my face. Just when I sense she is about to come, I pull my tongue out, and raise my body over hers to point my straight rod of unstoppable need inches from her pussy’s juicy lips.

On this particular day her chemise is a rumpled patch of shiny nylon beside us on the desk. The gleaming material instantly captured my stoned attention. It momentarily drew my focus away from pleasing this woman. I was still hovering between her open legs with my pulsing cock ready to bring our “interview” to its inevitable conclusion. I was barely able to tear my gaze away from the wonderful rolling creases of the chemise gleaming against the shadows. I wanted to grab the silky garment and use it to satisfy my aching need. I must have been triggered into re-living my lust filled youth because my erection seemed to be urging me to reach for it. It was hers, not mine. It was part of her business wardrobe, not a delicate item for me to play with. But the impulse to hold it was burning strongly in my brain. I wanted to hold it around my stiff cock so I could stroke myself through the slippery material.

Then I heard her say, “Go ahead.”

It sounded like someone else was saying the words. She waited for me with open thighs. She followed my gaze as it moved from the undergarment on her desk down to her waiting pussy. “What are you waiting for?” she said like the superior she really is.

My eager cock was in position. I knew how wet and ready she was for me to start fucking. I never get tired of the way it feels the first time I shove my hard cock inside Amanda’s garden of delights. In a few easy strokes I am deep inside. I love how my cock gets harder and harder once I’m fully inside her. Today’s stockings, along with my satin teddy, helped me give her the fucking she demanded. Every once in a while I would push deep into her pussy then hold myself motionless. I loved the feel of her wet opening surrounding my hard length. My stoned condition amplified the emotions I felt until time almost stopped.

Amanda has only recently come to realize the effect her pussy has on my stiff shaft. Now she allows me to enjoy the feeling for as long as a minute before she demands I keep fucking her. It’s difficult to drag my attention back to giving my goddess the release she has been starving for. Only by fixing my stare onto Amanda’s beautiful face am I able to bring myself back to the task before me. Leaving thoughts of fondling her chemise to fade away I resume stroking my cock in and out. She offers me a soft, encouraging grunt each time I slide my entire length through her entrance. A few times I have added some friction against her clit with my wet thumb. Whenever I feel Amanda is drifting away into her own cloud of sexual arousal I stop fucking her. During these moments of realigning our sexual urges I hold myself silently inside her pussy to make her wait. The teasing makes her quiver under me. I get to feel her growing need to come from the way her pussy grips me.

Eventually the interview game must come to a close. Once Amanda demands an end to her suffering I increase my fucking. I am usually in the zone by this time and ready to take things all the way. The combination of feeling the full length of my wet cock gliding effortlessly in and out of her, with the subtle movement of my slinky teddy as I thrust against her, produces a sublime arousal unlike anything else. It’s the same every time. Perhaps that is why we’ve done it so often.

I soon feel the tremors in her body as she reaches her first orgasm. Her back arches, her legs shake and I feel all the sexual energy she has accumulated being released at once. She cannot contain her joyful giggles, although she tries to muffle them. I feel it was a stronger one for her this time. Whenever I feel her go limp I slow right down to a stop while keeping my throbbing length deep inside. Our combined excitement escalates our sexual arousal to heighten the sensations. I’m happy to delay my own enjoyment if it means Amanda is having the most amazing orgasms of her life. The slithering of my shaft through her puffy lips provides me with a locus of pure sexual stimulation. My outfit turns up the heat while her body provides me with the best visual stimulation I could hope for.

After Amanda has enjoyed as many orgasms as she can tolerate I am permitted to get my own release. It’s always a treat to have Amanda reeling, squirming and pulsing around my erection until she is fully spent. My hard cock is at a hair-trigger state of hardness when I can feel my pounding heart being shared with her grasping cunt. I imagine she can feel me throbbing in time with the intensity of my arousal. I wait patiently for her to recover enough to gasp her permission for me to come. My erection calmly pulses inside her wonderful pussy expecting the inevitable sound of her agreement. Once I get that signal I resume fucking her for my own release. With some of her other fantasy games it is my role to finish her by pounding my cock in and out like a wild animal. She requires me to drill her with the kind of self-absorbed sexual needs of a teenager. She wants a hard and fast release as a sign of her triumph over her fears.

On this occasion, my stoned brain wants to let my orgasm arrive with the same urgency as it usually does but with one unexpected difference. I’ll take my pleasure with slow and steady thrusts until it builds up inside me. I work myself up into a glorious state of shuddering erotic excitement while only stroking my cock gingerly from base to tip. Each glide out feels like I’m floating in a cloud of silk and satin. Each entry feels as if my erection is reaching deeper than before. The careful, steady and determined movement of my hips controls the pace, exacts a thrill, and gives me repeated moments of bliss. I am fully in the moment. I am fucking slowly to allow me the most fulfilling strokes we have ever shared.

Amanda might be caught up in her own thoughts while I’m fucking her, but this special moment is stretching out into long minutes of giddy, slithery, selfish fucking. At just the moment I can feel myself wanting to lose control I deliver a few more full-length strokes before I start to come. I grip her hips against my crotch then hold her tight, with my erection all the way inside, until I am motionless. I hear the blood in my ears while the repeated pulsing of my cock releases my come.

Each time we reach the end of this game I am caught off guard by the arrival of my orgasm as it rushes through me. Soon I lift myself off so we can embrace. She holds my head while searching for my lips. These kisses reflect the harmony of our shared experience. She returns both of us back to reality with each kiss as we calm down following such intense lovemaking.

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