Fuck me until I can’t stand…

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This man has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. It’s long, thick, and smooth; the kind that would be a perfect mold for a dildo. I look forward to his company whenever he’s in town, and prepare carefully for our dates. My make-up must be perfect, although I like it when he smears my lip gloss. I drink nothing but pineapple juice the day before, so my pussy tastes sweet.

Date night at last. I was dressed in lace lingerie, a black silk robe and heels to welcome him at the door. His almond eyes lit up at the sight of me. He was wearing a simple button-up and slacks, muscles stretching the arms of his shirt. As he stepped inside, I pulled him close and kissed him with lubricious intensity.

I could already feel his cock stiffening against my pelvis as his firm hands cupped my rear. He lifted me up and walked steadily to the bedroom with my legs wrapped around his waist. We didn’t stop kissing on our way to the bed. The scent of his cologne filled me with lust. I wanted him right then and there; but I have yet to take control during our playtime. He is very dominant and also clever in bed. We’ve hooked up a few times, and he’s always managed to surprise me with his creativity.

He set me down on the bed and lifted my feet to his chest, slipping off my shoes. He rubbed the soles of my feet and waved his tongue across the tips of my toes, his mouth so warm and soft. I felt my pussy tighten as he circled his lips around my toes, one by one. He licked his way up my legs slowly and kissed my knees, then parted my thighs. When he saw the split crotch of my panties peeping open, his eyes lit up. I’d wondered if they were a little too trashy for his taste, but now I glowed under his lustful stare.

“Spread your legs for me, beautiful,” he smiled. “Here. Hold this.” He handed me the end of his tie for me to hold tight as he ate my pussy. I loved the way his tongue felt on my skin. The gentle pressure of his lips around my clit drove me crazy. He took his time, trailing the tip of his tongue up and down my pussy and sucking my clit gently.

The edges of my panties were soaked now, and he slid them down with his teeth. He gave me a teasing bite on my inner thigh. I wound his tie around my wrist and tugged him closer, so his face was pressed hard against my crotch. My other hand gripped the back of his head, as I thrust up and down over his face. He shook his head rapidly from side to side, making my pleasure reach an extreme peak. Then he whirled his tongue around my clit until I came powerfully on his mouth. I was moaning and gasping. I wanted his cock in me so badly.

“Please, fuck me!” I begged. “Fuck me until I can’t stand!”

He bit his lip in lust at my graphic command. He couldn’t get out of his clothes fast enough. I slid off my robe and bra, and he moved on top of me, letting me feel his whole body, skin to skin. I guided his cock inside me, my juice easing the way as he stretched me open.

He worked me in an offbeat rhythm that felt like his shaft was massaging my inner walls. I didn’t know when he was going to thrust back inside me deeply. There were shy seconds of just his tip breaching my cunt, then he would thrust inside me with great intensity, unexpectedly. He wet his fingers and circled them over my clit slowly as he made me wait for his cock to thrust again. My thighs, wrapped around his waist, trembled in anticipation.

I held his face close and kissed his panting mouth, then slipped my thumb between his lips. He nibbled it as he swiveled his hips, grinding into me. I could feel a second orgasm rising rapidly, even stronger than the first. I held on tight to his muscular ass. Drops of his sweat dripped onto my neck. I tipped my head back, my eyes shut, my head swimming. He rammed into me steadily, then faster, until my orgasm exploded through me, my pussy clenching around his cock. He made sure not to pull out until every spasm had run its course through me.

When the last wave subsided, he turned me over. I could feel my wetness soaked into the sheets as I got on my hands and knees. He gave both my cheeks a nice even slap as I lifted my ass higher. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down my slot, smearing my juices all over my pussy, then eased back inside me. His cock fit even more perfectly now that I’d come twice. He fucked me slow and deep from behind. I felt like my whole body was melting with pleasure.

He gripped tight around my hips and fucked me harder. I pushed my ass back, meeting his pounding pressure with my full weight. Loud smacking sounds of flesh on flesh filled the room. My arms were shaking, now struggling to hold me up. I sank down, face pressed against the damp sheets, and he hooked his arms under my thighs. The bottom half of my body was elevated, my legs spread wide in a split. His cock went even deeper inside me. I didn’t think I could take it all in this position.

I clawed at the sheets as he fucked me harder, his cock aimed perfectly at my G-spot. Our orgasms built in unison. He fucked me faster and faster until he came full force inside me, his groans reverberating through the room. His final thrusts squeezed a powerful climax out of me, catching me by surprise. My pussy pulsed all around his throbbing cock, as his cum spurted inside me. My entire body was shaking.

He lowered my legs back down onto the bed and slid out of me carefully. I was dishevelled and drenched in sweat and cum. He turned me over and gently kissed up my body, all the way to my mouth. I was having trouble seeing straight, my head spinning and body exhausted, but I could make out his gorgeous smile.

“Now, I want to see if you can stand,” he laughed.

It amused me that he had taken my words so seriously. But sure enough, when I tried to get up I was unsteady on my feet. I should be more careful what I ask for.

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