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By guest writer James Neil Clarke (aka, my James)

photo: Biuro Tłumaczeń

She walked into the bar a little under-the-radar, but her purse caught David’s eye. His family was in the trade, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on the designer — Versace, maybe? But what made it stand out was its size. Most women carried tiny bags into the bar, but this one was generously oversized. He knew women’s purses, he thought to himself. Great.

She was pretty, lithe, with flowing auburn tresses. Her little black dress revealed that she wore no bra; her breasts were firm and pert, and they bounced lightly as she walked in her high heels. She took a seat at a table with a cushioned bench from which she could see the full length of the bar. There was, at once, a lot to see and not a lot to see. The bar was in the garment district, a warehouse that his family owned. She was looking out into the cavernous club, looking for something. What was she looking for? There was hardly anyone there, and it was close to closing time.

David, the bar owner, was curious now, and not just about the bag. It was a slow Tuesday night, and the wait staff had gone, so he would take her order. As he approached, he got a better perspective. Her legs seemed longer from this angle as she crossed and uncrossed them. He couldn’t help but admire those legs. “Welcome to the Wearhouse. Can I get you something?”

She glanced up. “Gin and tonic. Tanqueray,” she ordered confidently. He turned to fetch her drink, thinking that she was a woman who knew what she wanted. She was more impressive than he’d initially thought when he spotted her handbag.

As he re-approached her table, drink in hand, her eyes met level with his this time. “G&T,” he said, taking in her features fully for the first time. She did the same, acknowledging David, which made him feel less ordinary than he normally did.

“Bilquis,” she said.

“Excuse me?” David replied.

“My bag,” she answered. “It’s a Bilquis. I saw you eyeing it when I came in.”

“Yes…” he stammered, caught off guard.

“I got it while traveling in the Middle East. I like to pick up interesting things. I’m Tess, by the way.”


“Why don’t you join me, when you finish up, David?” she offered.

“Yes,” was all he could manage. He fumbled for his keys, and hurried to close up. Was this really happening to him? He said goodbye to the few regulars and locked the door.

He returned to the table with two gin and tonics in hand, and Tess motioned him to sit across from her. “It’s after hours, so I’m going to get more comfortable,” she said. David nodded in agreement.

To his surprise, Tess slipped her hands under her now clingy dress, and she slid her tiny black lace panties down her long legs. “There,” she sighed with relief, “much better,” as she plopped them into his drink. “Now it’s a G&T&P,” she joked.

David’s eyes were saucers. This was a test, and he passed, when he took a big sip of gin and tonic and panties. Tess was pleased, and her breasts seemed to strain against the fabric of her dress. David was intoxicated with an otherworldly feeling, compelled to push past the table and come closer to Tess. She kissed him and unbuttoned his shirt, running her hand down his abdomen. He cupped her breasts, ample in his hands.

Tess pushed him back and undid his jeans now, pulling out his stiffening cock. With a broad smile she looked up at him, and eased him into her mouth. She worked the head of his dick, and it felt incredible to him. She popped it out of her mouth with a gasp and looked up at him with large doe eyes, smiling even more broadly this time.

“Damn,” he said at the sight, and she took his entire length into her mouth, enveloping his cock like he had never felt before. Her tongue gyrated in waves across the underside of his dick. He was worried he would come too soon. He beseeched her to stop, his cock near the point of no return, and Tess complied, but not entirely, as she lapped a few more times at his dick. David took off the rest of his clothes, mostly to buy some time to step back from the edge of orgasm.

Tess turned over and hiked up her dress, arching her back and throwing her shoulders forward. The motion accomplished the desired effect. Her round ass tilted in the air and her perfect pussy lips came into view.

“Damn,” David said again.

“Fuck me really deep,” Tess called, and he massaged her ass for a minute to enjoy the view and give his dick a chance to calm down. He slid his hand down to her pussy, and she bucked slightly, purring to his touch. She was slick and wet.

“I’m ready for you,” Tess said. David’s cock slid in easily, and she arched further. His hands swirled her ass, and in a daring move, he wet his thumb and swirled it around her asshole. Tess liked that, and said as much, with an approving, “Mmmmmmm.” Then, to his surprise, his thumb slipped in easily, and he fucked her in the pussy harder, as his thumb fucked her in the ass. Again, he felt that feeling in his cock as it pounded inside her silkiness.

“Damn,” he said again. He pulled out of her trying to catch himself just in time, panting.

“Why don’t you use that mouth for something more than saying, ‘Damn’?” Tess said. Then, she rolled over lifting the hem of her dress. Her pussy was cleanly shaven, and it pouted up at him, exposing a hint of pink. Her legs seemed even longer as he parted them fully and dived to lick her.

“Ooooh, that’s nice,” said Tess, as David’s tongue lapped against her pussy. She pushed his head further into her, and his tongue found her clit. “Ahhh,” she moaned, hips shifting to invite his fingers in to rub her G-spot. David’s tongue and fingers worked in tandem on her clit and G-spot. Her clit swelled with each flick, and her wetness intensified. David inserted more fingers into her, which her gushing cunt took easily. He sucked at her clit hard. David thought he heard fabric tearing. This chick is tearing her clothes off, he thought.

“Damn,” he let out, catching his breath before he redoubled his efforts on Tess’s clit and G-spot. Her clit was really swollen and flushed red, and a puddle formed and spilled over David’s upward-turned palm.

Tess scooped him up, cradling him to her bare breasts; her dress, what was left of it, in tatters beneath her. Her heels nowhere to be found, only stray strips of black leather. Tess slid her hand down to rub her clit, and her nipples stood erect.

“Suck them, baby. You know you want to,” she said, her voice filling the room. David held her left breast in two hands and pressed her nipple into his mouth, drawing it back and forth rhythmically. His hands formed around her smooth skin, his thumbs just touching her areola, which puffed and swelled.

“I want you inside of me,” Tess’s voice boomed, and she grabbed him with her right hand. Things didn’t make sense, but he didn’t care. It felt good the way she held him. David was stiff and erect. His cock ached, and he felt the feeling again of needing to come. He plunged into her, wetness all around. So warm, so soft. All around. Cool air hit him in the face, and then the warmth, the softness, the wetness. Again and again.

Tess fucked herself with David’s whole body, while she rubbed her clit in big circles. He was good, she thought. Stiff and erect, like a good toy, and this time, it was David arching his back to angle toward her G-spot. His cock sprang free between her second and third fingers, and as she fucked herself, David got that feeling again. About to come.

Tess was too. Her breathing was intense, and her pussy gushed more, filling David’s mouth with her hot juices. He drank them down gulpingly, like a man dying of thirst. More than he could handle. David tensed and writhed as Tess plunged him into her again and again. She cried out, deafeningly. Waves of orgasm crested through her pelvis, her ejaculate squirting like a fire hose. As David’s lungs burst from Tess’s nectar, he came, spraying his load hard for the last time. Tess worked David inside her until the feeling subsided. She let out a sigh, and tossed David’s lifeless body to the side like a rag doll. She breathed in cool air, which brought her back some.

Another moment passed, and she looked for her purse. Finding it, she tried the clasp, which seemed too small for her fingers. Another moment, and the purse sprang open easily. Tess reached her hand inside to pull out a pair of high heels and a little black dress, which she wriggled into. She stepped into her heels, and checked herself in her little compact mirror. She ran a hand though her hair and reapplied her lipstick. Satisfied,Tess picked up her purse, found David’s keys, and walked toward the door.

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