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A true story for Memorial Day

It started when he wrote an email that said simply, “Love your blog. Can I please have a password?” From that brief, shy, initial correspondence grew a virtual pen-pal connection with one of our men in uniform deployed abroad — somewhere in the deserts of the Middle East. He couldn’t say where because it was confidential and who knows who was also reading those emails? But whoever was reading them was in for a tantalizing treat.

Lo wrote back, in her flirtatious, friendly way, and soon found out much more about her G.I. fan. He was twenty-two, married, one kid. He had been deployed for two years. His wife wrote to him frequently and he loved and missed her dearly. But she sent sexy pics only on occasion, and even then, they were more suggestive than explicit. He loved her, but he dreamed about Lo. He read the blog and studied her pics. He had hotwife fantasies and wished that his own wife would send a nude pic now and then with a note saying, “Please share with your friends.” But that was beyond the realm of possibility.

Because he was so shy around women, it took him a long time to get up the courage to write to Lo requesting a password to the protected posts. Little did he know how flattered she would be. Little did he know how she secretly had a fetish for men in uniform. She encouraged frequent correspondence, but, due to his rigorous duties and the limited time he got on the internet, he could only write back very brief missives.

Even so, he complimented her, flattered her, and reported on his “down time” — his “Lola Down” time, that is. Excited to the point of bursting, Lo sent him many explicit photos with little notes like, “Please be sure to share with your bunk mates,” or “Tell all the guys with you that Lola wishes them all to be safe, strong, and hard.”

After gaining his trust, the G.I. sent Lo some pics of himself and his family. Lo thought it was sweet and that his wife was truly beautiful. He sent a pic of her on their honeymoon in Hawaii where she wore nothing but a lei. Then he sent her the address where Lo could send him actual letters and such. She sent him a signed calendar, saying, “I’ve always wanted to be a pin-up girl.” She told me after the fact.

When she received a warm thank you from him, in which he told her that he posted it by his bunk in the barracks and that all the soldiers were commenting on it, she was thrilled! When he wrote to her a week later, saying that someone had stolen it, she was even more elated. She took it upon herself not only to send her pen-pal a replacement copy, but one for every guy in his battalion.

You can imagine her delight when he wrote her the following email:

“Hi Lola. All the guys say thank you for the calendars! They are envious of me because you have been like a hotwife to me. I ordered your book, Match, Cinder & Spark, (even though it’s really expensive in hardcopy!) and at night, before lights out, a bunch of us sit around on our bunks and we take turns reading HH’s stories about you. Last Sunday, we were given some R-n-R and we read the book in the morning. After reading it, five of us went to the showers. It’s one long tiled room with about fifty showerheads. The five of us were naked, under the hot showers, soaping up and very hard and horny from the story we had just read. I hope my wife never finds out about this, but as we were there, lathered and rinsing off, we all started casually grabbing at our cocks. Eventually we started jacking off. Someone grabbed the cock of the guy next to him and soon enough it was a full-fledged circle jerk. We came on each other and laughed and washed down, smacked one another’s ass, and got out of the shower much refreshed.”

Pretty soon Lola was getting emails from other guys in the troop and some of them told her how they had Tumblr accounts with their wives or girlfriends on which each would post something that turned them on or pics of themselves so that it was like virtual sex. They told her that they were including Lo’s Tumblr pics so that their wives could see what they like. Lo was thrilled to be the object of the attention of those couples — her virtual threeway.

After a few months of this sort of thing, Lo encouraged her original soldier to tell his wife about her website in the hopes that she would become more adventurous in their marriage. With trepidation he did and, we’re happy to report, she opened up to him like never before, admitting to all her erotic longings, fantasies, and desires. The grateful soldier thanked Lo and eventually his correspondences with her became less and less frequent. Hopefully the hot couple is blissfully reunited by this time.

Many thanks to all our men and women in uniform serving our country!

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